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Roden 1-48 T-28B Trojan


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The Black Monster is done and off the bench. It was such a MOJO sucking build that I felt overwhelmed when I scanned the stash.

I was looking for a build that will go faster and smoother and hopfully better matches my skills so a good outcome can be reached.


I hope the Roden T-28B will fit the bill. The model looks nice, part count is good and the subject interesting. This is my first Roden, so I'm not in for a surprise.


Some box and sprue images:




qzBQ1Gkl.jpg 6JIG7JVl.jpg

I will be building the Marines version - I like the colors and do not fancy an all Yellow version. It's gonna be my first experience with an almost all white.



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Here's a quick update - this one comes really fast - just 10 days after the previous one.


As I wrote above - the kit was selected as sort of a relaxation from the intense Mosquito build. Selecting a Roden kit as a relaxation from a flash infested Revell sure sound like not such a sound decision.


For some time now I try to build two kits at any given time, so I can make better utilization of time, and paint - so this kits joins the 2 X P-400.

When one build is done and I start a new one, I would have started to work on the cockpit of the new kit, maybe some other simple glue-and-sand items and then switch back to the other kit. In such a way I keep the overall order of builds.

Well, I did start with some work on the engine but this kit, while far from an easy fit, was fun and here I am, after 10 days with the kit ready for the paint shop!.


So here's, and update before I go back to the 2 x P-400 - order must be kept :)


This kit has its quirks and fit issues - so at first I was a bit put down. I also decided to keep AMS to a minimal (can't commit to a full OOB, but I'm trying)


Weird engineering that makes you break parts while removing the from the sprue:



Weird fit anyone:

Y8XhhD5l.jpg wL02CAPl.jpg



I though the engine part needs some sanding and removing - WRONG. I stopped after checking references - should be done in the opposite order :(




Keeping AMS to a minimum I decided to just paint the exhaust red-brown and not treat them to the full process I try to use in the last builds. I later on dry brushed with some yellow. I also drilled the exhaust pipes (can't help it)

a2lCbwDl.jpg lMOojus.jpg?1


 I used Alclad II burned metal, some dry-brushing with silver pencil, the engine front was painted some gray-blue that I use and later all was washed with a wash.
The overall part breakdown and most of the engineering are quite good IMHO. The wire harness could be thinner though.



Next came the cockpit:


Paint scheme was researched a bit - and I opted for a darker shade of gray. I also added a breaker panel and some prominent red emergency pull buttons.

The weird engineer hit again with both sticks breaking in the same position when being cut of the spruce. Some cursing and creativity were used following that incident.




The IP's decals are a nice touch and adhere nicely



Keeping with the 'AMS to min' - I used some tape, paint and silver pen for harness



Detail was picked up with paint and a 10g lead weight was added as well:



The emergency light at the back of the cockpit was sriller and painted:



Packing all together:

JOHwkfEl.jpg k8prWCwl.jpg


7tv5jojl.jpg mw8nOF0l.jpg


2MKCfHvl.jpg ptF2qwLl.jpg




Some detail was also picked up on the fuselage parts:



Flaps, ailerons and rudder were all glues. I opted to cut the ailerons hinges a bit longer as I find it hard to believe that in their original size they can function. 

The engineering here resembles the stories we tell young engineers about the difference between a nice idea / concept that looks nice on paper and solid design.

The flaps on the other hand looks like they could actually work and be position in a down position in a solid way.




Extra weigh was also added to this part. The instructions call for 25g - I put 30g and hope its enough and that it won't break the front wheel.



The location pins on some parts are just notional - so I added some:

wT8wnuUl.jpg FdJ5HyEl.jpg


Landing light:



Closing the fuselage turned out to be more complicated that expected.

I started with gluing the cockpit to one side, which is what you'd expected. Had to quickly undo that since some parts of the cockpit block the other part of the fuselage from being put in place and also the cockpit lacks any definitive locking or positioning pins.

I turns out the cockpit needs to be added after the fuselage is closed.

I engine needs to be flues first, followed by the fuselage, the cockpit, then the lower part and then the wings.

Fit is anything from decent to hellish


9aErTtrl.jpg 6fnPUcal.jpg


McfH0ncl.jpg 8Lot84Zl.jpg


Lower part just put in place (no glue) when fuselage parts cured:

nNb2HGtl.jpg  IcRIgFil.jpg


Cockpit glued in place but needed some additional support



Talk about weird engineering:

McOcSH5l.jpg BeN5v1Ol.jpg



But finally - its was all done, puttied (here and there) and sanded:


aKIOvHKl.jpg KPIWZEal.jpg

Pv88eRyl.jpg dvgLsC5l.jpg



This turned our to be a blitz of a build - at least up to this stage.

Mostly enjoyable I must say - so it did serve as a MOJO replenishment and AMS was kept to a minimum. Now I have some energy to go back to the 2 X P-400.


Comments are welcomed as always















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  • 6 months later...

It's hard to believe almost 6 months have passed since the last update.

Part of that was the holiday season we had in April-May and part due to a very ugly period at work, at the end of which I had to leave and look for a new one. That part is still a work in progress.

The kit has been sitting almost done - bar a final spray in dull kote, for about 3 months now.

Today I finally got to clear the bench, touch up the compressor and shoot that final coat of matt varnish. The final touch up is not that good, but I had to get this kit off the bench and start getting back to sitting and building. The last couple of weeks have been really a bum and I hope to get some bench time and raise my spirits. 


The build itself provided a lot of firsts, a couple of ups and a couple of downs. 

I won't bother you all the details, but just summerize the main points:

- I had some problems with the primer. Need to sort this one out once and for all.

- Painting a whole bird white proved to be VERY challenging. Not sure if I got that one right.

- Poised the tail and the front wheel a bit on the side.

- Front windscreen painted a couple of times - it was hard to get the exact color right.

- Struggled with the side wave black strips. Tried to use a template and ended up masking using the good old eyeball Mk. I.

- Used a red marker to paint the red lines along the landing gear doors etc'.

- It was hard to decide on the exact shade and make of the Red parts. References are so diverse. Settled for the Tamiya one. 

- This bird wants to be a tail sitter so bad. Had to put a lot of liquid weight into the front wheel-well. The wheel is feeble - I hope it will last.


Some pictures - I will prepare an RFI, and post it, sometime in the future - I promise.






NvA3V7Sl.jpg BeIax6el.jpg


u9ioEAtl.jpg RpuWeDhl.jpg








erpy3ykl.jpg 3t5pXggl.jpg


ULBrZmYl.jpg b1HdyL5l.jpg




ONzlBGyl.jpg cHDm6ENl.jpg


WCiLyg0l.jpgWluJdMPl.jpg  sBJHFtRl.jpgySSqWIFl.jpgFkHgyl7l.jpg




Comments are welcomed as always






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