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'Dresden: The Fire and the Darkness'. Sinclair McKay

Steve 1602

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I've just finished this book and can really recommend it. It's an incredibly well written, comprehensively researched and moving account of the attacks on Dresden in February 1945. 


The book charts the history of Dresden, culture and people and describes the decisions leading to the raids. The human story is covered from a number of angles, from Dresdeners to aircrew, from decision makers to refugees. I found it thoroughly compelling.


I've always viewed Dresden as a morally ambiguous attack and I recognise that it polarises opinion; I did find that McKay presents an extremely well balanced story and I certainly feel I understand much more about it now. Above all I think I was left with a sense of the power of reconciliation.


It's definitley made me add Dresden to the list of cities I want to visit - the description of the rebuilt Frauenkirche alone has put it on my bucket list.



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