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Sea Skua - Lynx and RN weapon trolley


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I have exhausted my google searching capabilities looking for one of these and I feel I may be beaten.

Even Hannants don't do one.


Does anyone know if a kit is available in 1/32 for the Sea Skua weapon trolley we used to use on the flight deck to wheel out and load to the weapon carriers?

its the yellow one for those that are not familiar


Im okay at modelling, but to build something like this from scratch is way beyond my capabilities



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Depending on how far your budget stretches, you may wish to see if someone can make a 3-D CADD model of it and print one out for you.


I’ve had a few items like this done up for me by the Shapeways crew and they were fantastically detailed.


Examples of what can be done are: 






Good luck!


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