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  1. I'm actually going to try this stuff. My brother used it on a project and the results are pretty impressive https://creativepaints.co.uk/collections/hydrochrome-and-hydrochrome-extreme-paint-kits
  2. So a friend asked me to paint a bust of spiderman but in chrome. he has seen a lot of stuff on Etsy and asked if I would do it. I said yes then didnt realise what i was into as i am doing other bust figures but in realistic paints. I am planning to use Alclad chromium paint. Using this though will just make it all chrome look, and for detailing the lines in the mask etc i wanted to black them to make them pop . i would normally do a black one shot and then dry brush the chrome look on but Alclad is an airbrush paint so I am not sure of the paint sequence. he doesnt want the chrome "look" that is just silvery paint, he wants a realistic chrome effect but detail lines to show. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. haha oh gawd no, it would have to have melted through the body and burned through the desk to be completely irretrievable for that.
  4. I do have an errant amount of time to spare now, as I snapped an important part during assembly and its scrubbed. I have had to order a new sprue from revell so I will have plenty of time on me hands now as they are quoting up to 6 weeks seeing as we are now out of Europe lol
  5. Thanks Mike Funny you should say that but its literally just gone in the bin! Somewhat from anger but I cant use it anymore if this is the result
  6. So I settled down for an afternoons crafting and used some ZAP thin CA. and it leaked out the part, and glued my damn thumb to the top of the kit I am half way through. I am about 140 hours of work so far and really cannot contemplate scrapping the model and dearly want to salvage this mess! it was so badly stuck I had to soak a cotton bud in acetone to get my thumb off the model or it would have ripped my skin. So....now I am left with this abortion! I have left it to cure off and hope it will harden but I am just after some tips on what to do to fix this mess to a point it wont notice too much under layers of paint. I don't know where to start. Shaving it with a knife, dremmel it, keep sanding with sticks until my arm falls off Any tips? Did I mention I hate thin CA Glue...oh yeah i did!
  7. Hey Mike I am doing the HMA8 version in WIP. The HAS 2 was a really old version and I served in HAS3 GM types. I am not sure, but dont think the weapons carriers changed that much over the years as the skua/stingray/Mk 11 Depth charges were still in operation before the lynx was sent packing for the wildcats. I was winchman during weapon loading and a WL rating. (bombheads of old) so I had to do the maintenance on those. I will try and help as much as I can but the memory fails us these days
  8. Latest Part to the build Rear cabin The seats were easy, and using the eduard PE kit fixed the seat belts. I was not overly impressed with the mounting of these just in thin air and they are the wrong colour. They were never grey they were either black or orange but it is what it is! I scratch built the MS5 5 man life raft on the stbd side seat. and weathered the flooring up. The floors used to range from "slippery silver" to "filthy dirty black sandy gritty non slip paint that takes skin from your flailing extremities " I've decided I dont want the inflatable 4 man seat in the cabin. the kit gives a pristine out of factory version. in my experience they used to deflate a LOT, and take on a saggy old bagpuss look. it used to make the sides fold in and the kit also doesn't have the blue seat patches. My attempt to weather it and paint the seat colours looked awful and overall it looked too new and half bottomed.
  9. Awesome detail. Just checked the Anyz site and unfortunately they are no longer shipping to the UK. Real shame as some of their stuff looked great
  10. latest iteration completed. This is now with the EW equipment fitted. The cables and plugs were bloomin annoying and had to walk away for a few minutes but eventually got them stuck. Next to start will be rear cabin internals.
  11. So since being made redundant last year, I spent some of my money on something I had intended to to do for many years , just not had the space to do it in. So this is my first ever in depth build to the technical level I have always wanted to do. its the Revell HMA8 Lynx in 1/32. I am using Eduard PE kits and eventually it will be folded version on a deck. feel free to constructively critique as I love to learn new ways of doing things
  12. Cheers mark Exactly what I was ooking for as it helped with the cables and plugs
  13. Cheers shippers awesomely helpful. Brought back a few memories, especially the door cutouts. Left in 93 so bloomin long time ago. Served on Brilliant flight during the GW1 unfortunately left after due to personal reasons.
  14. aww damn, there goes the credit card Thanks mate
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