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Airbus A320Neo Upgrade Set (MD14441) 1:144


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Airbus A320Neo Upgrade Set (MD14441)

1:144 Metallic Details




The A320Neo is an upgrade of the original A320 and first flew in 2014, offering New Engine Options, hence the suffix Neo.  Revell’s kit has so far been boxed in Lufthansa livery, who use Pratt & Whitney engines for their fleet, although with an extra sprue other options could be considered.  This upgrade set arrives in a small card box, and inside can be found some resin parts in a clear foil bag for protection, plus two frets of thin gauge Photo-Etch (PE) brass, with the folded instruction sheet providing extra protection for the set.  It provides a full refurbishment of the kit engines as well as other parts around the airframe, with emphasis on superb detail.







Picture shamelessly stolen from Metallic Details’ website.  There are more to see there if you follow the link below.


Construction begins with the overhaul of the engines, replacing the kit fans with a three-layer arrangement of blades that are centred on a resin bullet, with scrap diagrams showing the correct direction of rotation of the blades when inserted into the cowling.  The kit strakes are removed from the cowlings and are replaced by a more in-scale version with two parts in a T-shape, the top of the T forming the base that is glued to the cowling.  A gridwork part is applied to the engine pylon, and at the rear a pair of C-shaped baffle inserts are added to the bypass exhausts, with all of the above being carried out for each of the two engines.  On the top surface of the wings there are two bumps removed and replaced by two small PE parts inserted into small holes and set perpendicular to the wing surface, plus a set of eight static wicks for the tips of the flap fairings and at the wingtips.  More static wicks are included on the elevator tips and at the trailing edge of the “sharklet” fins at the tips of the wings that improve fuel efficiency.


There are a number of blade antennae around the airframe, some supplied in resin and some in PE, plus a few small raised panels around the nose and some windscreen wipers for the canopy.  The nose gear is augmented with PE scissor-links and additional details such as more detailed gear bay doors and landing light rings.  The main gear bays are detailed with a two-layer skin  in the roof of the bay, with new scissor-links and brake hoses for both legs.




Metallic Details never disappoint, and this set fits into statement perfectly, with lots of detail added to a genre of kit that doesn’t always get the attention of the military subjects when it comes to aftermarket.


Very highly recommended.



Review sample courtesy of




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