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Kovozavody Prostejov LVG C.VI

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Brought this up in the WW1 section when I questioned the colours suggested. I will never attain the high standards frequently posted on BM but here is my interpretation of Black 7 as a taster. The kit is fine as far as dimensions go and has enough vents, foot rests and hatchs to satisfy my curiousity. The suggested colours are wrong as it appears all operational aircraft sported either five or four colour lozenge on the wings. Varnished ply seems to be the norm for the fuselage. Very glad to have finished this one as it got dropped just as I had finished rigging the wings. Instinctively caught it between my knees and you can imagine the result. Luckily most of the wire remained attached to something which made reassembly a little easier. One wire had to be cut out and replaced with another replaced with heat stretched sprue. Used Almark four colour lozenge which went on without any bother and will leave the experts to argue which brand is best. Apart from the colours advice my only criticism would be that the rear cockpit is a little sparse. I added a seat, mg mags and a scratch camera and then hid everything by adding crew from the spares. Regards, Steve









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