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More paint colour info needed.


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Hi Guys,


Once again I am asking if any one knows if the following colours are available and if so who makes them. Failing that, can any one advise on what  the equivalent colours might be. 

The colour numbers are FS-34226, FS-35042 and FS-35200.


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FS 34226 is the closest FS equivalent to the British BS 283 grey-green, you can find it in pretty much every paint range Alternatively Lifecolor makes this exact colour in their acrylics range.

FS 35042 is the non specular sea blue used on USN aircraft during and after WW2, again it's available in most paint ranges

I don't know of any use of 35200 but it's listed in many modelling colour charts as similar to Tamiya's X-14 (that however is gloss while 35200 is matt)

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