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  1. Hi everyone, can anyone tell what the correct cockpit colour is for the Sukhoi SU-30. Trumpeter suggests Intermediate blue. I have a bottle of MRP 049 Light grey blue (Modern Russian interior colour). But is there a specific blue colour? thanks.
  2. korean


    Hi Guys, Would any one happen to know what colours are used on modern U.S. Navy ships. Particularly the hull colours and superstructure Also what model paint is available? I use all sorts of paint so just need to know for example what would the paint number be from say Tamiya or MRP, you get my drift. Here's hoping, Korean.
  3. Hi Chris,


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  4. Thank you Sir, The information will be most useful. Korean,
  5. Hello, What percentage would I have to increase my instruction sheet to for a 1/32 scale model. The instruction sheet is the standard Revell sheet. Not one of the new style sheets I might add. The model is the 1/32 UHU-219. Thank you. Korean.
  6. Hi Every one, Could some one tell me the correct colour for the Revell 1/32 Lynx Mk8 Helicopter. Thank you in advance. Korean.
  7. Hello, I am currently working on the Revell 1/32 Arado single float plane. Just want to check on the final paint colours. Revell quote Matt 45 which is an Olive green is that right? I know Tamiya do an olive green XF-58, so do Mr Paint RLM- 80. What I really need to know is, is Olive green the right overall colour? as it seems to me to be a sort of RLM 02 colour. Your help would be most appreciated on this matter.
  8. Hi Mike,


    Am I allowed to re-join the buy and sell area? I shall read the rules and follow them.




  9. Hi, Thanks very much. Korean.
  10. Hi, can anyone give me a equivalent paint for Vallejo model colour 963 which is a medium blue. Korean.
  11. korean


    Hello, I am building the Kinetic 1/48 Taiwanese Tracker. I am almost up to the painting stage. Colours quoted are from the Mig range of paints. I rarely use acrylics so if anyone can help I would be most grateful. I'm after the equivalent in enamels or lacquer based paints. The Mig colours quoted are, MIG-047 MIG-056 MIG213 MIG-227 Thank you, and to all Britmodellers have a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year. Korean.
  12. Hi Guys, Once again I am asking if any one knows if the following colours are available and if so who makes them. Failing that, can any one advise on what the equivalent colours might be. The colour numbers are FS-34226, FS-35042 and FS-35200. Korean.
  13. korean


    Hi all, Thanks for all your help guys, I really appreciate it. Korean.
  14. korean


    It's the scheme that's on the Kittyhawk F-5F box, the 1/32 scale one.
  15. korean


    Ok It's for the F5-F In blues and greys, not sure what era, but what is the currant scheme?
  16. korean


    Hi, can any one tell me what the colours are for the F-5F aggressor aircraft? they look like blues and greys.
  17. Hi Everyone, Calling for one or all paint colour experts. I have a number of FS colour numbers I need to know what colours they are and where to get them. If they are in different paint ranges then that is not a problem, I would prefer lacquer based but acrylics would do just as well, so here goes. FS-25042 FS-35237 FS-36187 FS-36495 FS-36375 FS-36118 The other colours in need information are from MIG productions could some one tell me what colours they are and maybe again what their equivalents might be other paint ranges. MIG-213 MIG-227 MIG-086 I know it's a lot but your help would be most appreciated. Thank you all in advance. Korean.
  18. korean


    Hello all, Does any one know if there are decals available for the 1/32 Tamiya F-15? Korean.
  19. Hello there, Is there any thing out there for the Revell 1/32 Tornado. I have a flight path conversion set as I wish to make a GR-4. Any thing else decals, etch, etc.
  20. korean


    Hi, yes I agree with you, but even the national insignia blue looks black. Korean.
  21. korean


    Hello, I have the new 1/48 Tomcat from Tamiya, and what a super model it is. My question is this, I would like to do the scheme from VF-2 Bounty hunters, the colours for this scheme is red, white and blue strips on the side of the fuselage and tail. On Tamiya's decal the blue part of the strip appears to be either a very dark blue, almost black, Can any one shed some light on this. korean
  22. korean


    Hello, Is there a manufacturer that produce's decals for a 1/32 Tornado GR 4 from 15 squadron ? Yours Korean.
  23. korean


    Hello, Could some help me in regards colours for the RAF Typhoon. I would like to use Mr Hobby paints and therefore their number. Barley Grey. Dark Admiralty Grey. Ocean Grey. Flint Grey. Korean.
  24. korean


    Hello, Would any of you Navy fans have a patch for VA-76 they would be willing to let go? korean
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