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Vought OS2U Kingfisher - Warpaint Series No.111 - Guideline Publications


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Vought OS2U Kingfisher

Warpaint Series No.111





When the US Navy arrived at Scapa Flow in 1917 they were surprised that Royal Navy ships of all sizes carried down to Cruisers carried a aircraft for spotting duties. This was soon remedied, however most were biplanes which had to then be replaced by newer monoplane aircraft.  The 1930s saw a flurry of designs put forward for a replacement. The Kingfisher was one such design from Vought. The aircraft would feature innovations such as spot welding which was designed in conjunction with the USN to create less drag; in addition the aircraft would feature spoilers and drooping ailerons which increased the wing camber to create additional lift. The aircraft was armed with a forward firing .30 calibre machine gun, while for defence the rear gunner had a pair of .30 calibre guns on a scarff mount. The aircraft could also carry two 100lb bombs or 325lb depth charges.




The first aircraft were delivered in 1940 and some were at Pearl Harbour when it was attacked. The aircraft served in its float plane guise which most of us know but also served with a wheeled undercarriage as well. Aircraft served in all areas of the war conducting training, scouting, Search & Rescue, escort duties and shore bombardment. As well as with the USN the aircraft would serve with the Royal Navy, Royal Australian Air Force, Russian Navy, Cuban Naval Aviation, Chilean Navy, and the Uruguayan Navy all under lend lease. Post war aircraft also served in Mexico, and The Dominican Republic.




This volume of Warpaint is the standard A4 book with 45 pages. It features substantial pages of colour profiles featuring all the users. The book is illustrated with many photographs including period colour ones where they could be found. A small section at the rear of the book shows detailed pictures of the air frame, and there is a listing of available kits, decals and other aftermarket parts.





This series of books is now well over the hundred mark and still going strong. This is another great book and is Highly recommended.




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