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AT-ACT detailing

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Good evening folks I got the Revell AT-ACT for my birthday (along with the Star Destroyer). Now while these are very toy like I actually really like what Revell have managed to do for this price. But the AT-ACT is rather devoid of detail.



So I thought that detailing this chap could be quite fun while I await the redesign of my studio/workshop, as I don’t want to start anything too complicated before the move. I had a quick look through the Rogue One visual guide book which has a couple of decent shots.




I still thought that it looked a little, under-done so I went looking online and found some pictures of a couple of Hasbro toy versions which were very much more detailed, lots more greeblies.





So one question is: are there any detailed pictures from any of the other visual guides or other Rogue One books that show different versions of the AT-ACT?
Another question is: do I take the detailing from the Hasbro toys and use that as a pattern for my Revell AT-ACT?
I rather like the extra detailing in the toys but would it look too busy as this scale?
Any and all help is, as always, greatly appreciated.




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I think the Hasbro version looks far too busy and has lots of detail that isn't on what you see in the film. Also its proportions look all over the place. Though the cargo container looks a little better, you could aways drill out the hikes that are meant to be there and then back them with some plasticard as they look pretty deep on the 'real' thing. 


The Revell kit is missing some detail at the front of the chassis, under the neck. There's a thing that looks like a big idler wheel of of something. There's a drop in replacement available from shapeways that can fix that I believe. 


Just my two penneth worth like, based upon your photos and without me going upstairs to look at my version. 

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