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  1. I got some of this a couple of years ago but it was called "oyumaru" and it was from Japan. I found for one part push moulds for small pieces like a space marine shoulder pad or rhino door detail it worked very well when used with Milliput. I could never get it to work with a two part mould. There are several tutorials on youtube, if memory serves this was quite informative: If for no other reason than the use of lego as a reusable box
  2. emodels had it stock for nearly an entire day before it went to out of stock, although that may very well have been human error to put it up for sale and not just pre-order like everywhere else. As for the speed of sale I think the WIP's of the Zvezda here and across the greater realmspace may have piqued the interest of many a modeller
  3. Wow The photos from the article have gone into my reference library
  4. I've been hiding in passive mode for a while but had to surface today. I know this is all over the net but I couldn't find it here. Behold the Revell Imperial Star Destroyer! https://www.revell.de/en/products/star-wars/star-wars-episode-iv-vi/id/06052.html?utm_campaign=Revell%2BNewsletter%2B04%25252F2017%2B%252528EN%252529&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Mailingliste-EN Funnily enough it seems to have sold out everywhere, I haven't scraped enough pennies together for it yet anyway I just hope its not a limited run!
  5. You utter bar- steward !! I've not been here for a little while, just catching up and I see this and my heart skips a beat - I scroll down to see more pics and there is that blasted seasonal greeting! Damn you Major Well played Major, well played Oh Bandai please do a B
  6. Good evening folks I got the Revell AT-ACT for my birthday (along with the Star Destroyer). Now while these are very toy like I actually really like what Revell have managed to do for this price. But the AT-ACT is rather devoid of detail. So I thought that detailing this chap could be quite fun while I await the redesign of my studio/workshop, as I don’t want to start anything too complicated before the move. I had a quick look through the Rogue One visual guide book which has a couple of decent shots. I still thought that it looked a little, under-done so I went looking online and found some pictures of a couple of Hasbro toy versions which were very much more detailed, lots more greeblies. So one question is: are there any detailed pictures from any of the other visual guides or other Rogue One books that show different versions of the AT-ACT? Another question is: do I take the detailing from the Hasbro toys and use that as a pattern for my Revell AT-ACT? I rather like the extra detailing in the toys but would it look too busy as this scale? Any and all help is, as always, greatly appreciated. Cheers MD
  7. I saw this pop up on facebook earlier http://www.pacificrim2-movie.com/news/first-look-at-pacific-rim-uprisings-new-jaegers I loved the first film and would love to get the PLAMAX Gipsy Danger Model Kit but it is way outside my wallets range. Who knows if the second film is very popular Revell or one of the other bigger companies could pick up the licence and mass produce them thereby lowering the cost… a guy can dream
  8. Very nice! I've got the old AMT(? I think) version of this hiding away somewhere but I think it may have to stay buried and I'll get this bandai kit. I love the base, very well made and very evocative of Endor
  9. Seriously nice job my friend I will echo the others, that is some very nice blending. Very well done
  10. Thanks for the testing @MajorClanger I used some alclad a few years ago when I was first starting with airbrushing, I didn't know anything about them and really just liked the result - I was doing the moebius cylon. I really, really wish I had read a lot more beforehand Since then the alclad has lived in a box somewhere and I became a fully converted acrylic user! Who knows when I have completed my airbrush station remodelling I may dig them out but my eyes are constantly drawn to the vallejo metal colour range
  11. Andy you constantly amaze and inspire! He looks fantastic and the base just adds the perfect finishing touch to him. Very well done
  12. You must have a very steady hand to do the writing on the open page. Is the base wooden or did you paint it to look like wood? Either way it does look very good. He looks awesome!
  13. Not wanting to drift too far from my caveman character but can you get these little fella's in different grits? I can see them lasting a lifetime if you are only using them on styrene or resin, just use a stiff toothbrush to "dress" the file when it clogs
  14. Wow that's amazing! I wonder if you did it over a gloss black how shiny could it get? As for different colours could you put a filter colour over it? Maybe a burnt sienna ink for a brass like colour... experiments are calling
  15. As I don't want this little fella to crack and explode on me I went the acrylic route and got some of Vallejo's model wash. This is all very new to me as I've never really done any weathering before, except with some ultimate clay wash. So I got a couple different greys, oiled earth for dirtying up the gubbins and the panzer grey wash as its a very grey model. It doesn't look great. My goggle-fu didn't find any tutorials for weathering grey camo so I just me chucking a couple of the colours down, but what am I doing wrong? Any and all help is gratefully received MD
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