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AZ Model Spitfire Mk.IXc "MTO" #7390 missing parts


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I purchased this kit last year and did checked it like I always do, but until now when I pulled it out of my stash in order to build it, my kit is missing two parts;

# 11 transparent part (canopy) and P1 pur part (cockpit floor).

Wondering if anyone else here has had or have similar issues ?

I've already sent email to the address mentioned on the kit but no response so far.

Any help or info would be highly appreciated.


Teemu Haajanen

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Thank You cossack for the reply and sorry about not so good service that You received.

Fortunately my experience was quite different; I got answers on both of my messages and I was told that they have posted the spare parts.

Mr. Jan Polc himself replied my messages.

So case is finished on my behalf.

Thank You AZ Models and Mr. Polc.

Best Regards

Teemu H

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