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  1. Zvezda have a mixed bag of lots in their catalogue,many of them from the old Russian companies. However, their new moulds are up there with anybody's ; e.g. The 1/48 Pe2, La5 , yak 3 and the 1/72 mil 24 , mil26. Revell re box a few of their newer kits ,and also special hobby , eduard , and hasegawa
  2. with a centreline tank fitted,can anyone please suggest a typical underwng load for the F5 as used in vietnam
  3. I would very much appreciate that.its the decals for the storm shadow i'm struggling with.last night my mate gave me the other version of the sheet,but the storm shadow stencils are missing!At the moment I'm on my third chemo session, so get a little confused in the normal run of things,so thankyou in anticipation,stepan
  4. yes kit no 04568 decals;kit instructions for kit 04568 I have checked the instructions available on scalemates,and they are also wrong!
  5. Just bought this re-box .Not interested in the commemorative aircraft.I have an original complete decal from the original boxing no.04568,and downloaded the instructions from revell.None of the numbers correspond to the numbers on the decal sheet,and the mass of stencilling is going to be a problem.Have contacted revell ; they say they can't help.Has anyone else come across this?
  6. could someone please recommend a suitable colour,preferably available in the uk ? Iwant to build a couple of russian aircraft,and am not sure whether it should be grey,silver or a mix
  7. thankyou very much; they just look WRONG!!

  8. Just got this new kit.Looking through the instructions, is it me or are they showing the underwing pylons back to front?
  9. thankyou very much,arrived safely,much appreciated,all the best,stefan

  10. thankyou ery much,in advance.is there anything i can possibly help you with?stefan

  11. hi;I'm desperately in need og 2 rear gun transparent mounts for a dragon ju88,been trying to get spares from dragon for 8 years.lawzer has posted that he sent you  load of ju88 parts last week,and you might need need those 2 parts

  12. Think hataka make a set; i've tried the lacquer and acrylics and they're both good. They're usually available on ebay
  13. Am thinking of building a saudi ground attack aircraft. Does anyone have details of the overwing and underwing pylons?
  14. thank you very much,i will try to follow up
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