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Decals for Mosquito Mk.IV and Mk.VI. 1:32


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Decals for Mosquito Mk.IV and Mk.VI
Eagle Editions 1:32


For many years those modellers who chose to build in 1:32 scale were limited in their choice of Mosquito kits to build, particularly injection moulded kits. Now, in this golden age we have the choice of two super. Modern injection moulded kits of the Wooden Wonder. EagleCal decals have now released two sets, one for the HK Models kit and one for the Tamiya kit. Both are contained in zip lock bags and come with an A5 pamphlet, which opens out to A3 size. The decal placement for the models are mostly in colour with large side views, smaller top and bottom views on one side, plus the stencil placement and aircraft colour call-outs on the other. Each of the two sheets in each set are beautifully printed, in register, nicely opaque and with a thin carrier film, of which there is very little as the decals are quite closely cropped.

Set EC#167 is for the HK Models Mk.IV and contains five aircraft options but with stencils for only one aircraft. The Options are:-

  • Mosquito Mk.IV, DK310, LY-G, Grim Reaper of No.1 PRU, August 1942
  • Mosquito Mk.IV, DK333, HS-F of No.109 Sqn 1944
  • Mosquito Mk.IV, KB195, AZ-B of No.627 Sqn, June 1944
  • Mosquito Mk.IV, DK337, GB-N, Uncle Sam, of No.105 Sqn, May 1943
  • Mosquito Mk.IV, DZ415, AZ-Q of No. 627 Sqn, Early 1945



Set EC#169 is for the Tamiya Mk.VI and contains four aircraft options, and again one set of stencils. The four options are:-

  • Mosquito Mk.VI, HR551, UX-P of No.82 Sqn from the Summer of 1945
  • Mosquito Mk.VI, HP913, SM-W of No.305 Sqn, November 1944
  • Mosquito Mk.VI, NS927, SM-C of No.305 Sqn from Autumn 1944
  • Mosquito Mk.VI, MM403, SB-V of No.464 Sqn, September 1944



As with the P-47 decals I reviewed some time ago, these are so well printed it seems a shame to actually use them. They have almost a vibrant quality that you don’t often see, even on aftermarket sheet. Whichever option you choose, they look like they will be nice and easy to use and will look great once flattened with a good varnish. Very highly recommend.

Review sample courtesy of

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