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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Folks here are some photos of my recently completed Eduard 1/48 Fw190 D9 Weekend Edition completed as Red 18 from I/Erg.KG(J) found abandoned in 1945. The kit itself needs no introduction I'm sure, this one was rescued from my stalled projects shelf where it had lain for a few years with only the first stage of construction having been completed. I decided it was time it was completed so set about it in March. There is a WIP here for anyone how is interested http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235000419-eduard-fw190d9-red-18-iergkgj-completed/ ‚ÄčThe kit was painted using Mr Paint acrylics from Slovakia, a first use for me and I am very impressed with them. Another first for me was the use of AK Interactive's Extreme Metallic paint for the NMF underneath the wing, this was also excellent stuff to use and I'd happily recommend it to anyone. The national markings and unit number/markings were painted on using Montex Masks with the stencils and serial number coming from an EagleCals sheet. In addition to the Quickboost exhausts and HGW seat belts I also added some details including the nav lights made out of stretched clear sprue, the brake lines, aerials and the undercarriage indicators on the top of the wings. Brass rod was also used to replace the outer section of the cannon barrels. My thanks to the BMer's that helped me with my questions about this aircraft and it's colour scheme, as always I'm humbled by the generosity of my fellow members. Any comments or suggestions welcomed Duncan B
  2. This is something I've been working on for almost a month but is nearly completed now so this isn't a traditional WIP but I though I'd show some of the build photos anyway. This is the Eduard Weekend edition of the Fw190D9 which I was originally going to build right out of the box however when I saw a profile for Red 18 I was hooked. It turned out that I found 4 or more different profiles for Red 18 so this is a bit of a pick'n'mix of them all. I had originally started building this while away on holiday a few years ago but it soon became obvious that I should have taken something a lot simpler with me so after completing the first stage I stopped and put it back in the box which is where it had stayed for the last 3 years. So this is roughly where I set off from three weeks ago. The instructions would have me glue the rear of the engine, the supports and the firewall together as one piece before joining the fuselage halves. I just couldn't see how I was going to get that to work so I fitted the firewall to one fuselage half then fitted the supports and the rear of the engine to the firewall once it was set. This also helped align the fuselage halves which were slightly warped on my kit, possibly due to them having been stored off the sprue. I knew most of the detail of the rear engine was going to disappear once closed up so took another photo of it as completed, I was quite pleased with the way it turned out. And the cockpit, I hate detailing cockpits but didn't have any after-market bits for it other than a set of fabric seatbelt that will be fitted at the end of the build. The firewall and rear of engine in place From underneath... ...and it starts to disappear About this time I noticed that there was something a bit odd to my eye with regards the supercharger air intake. To me it looked like it had been moulded upside down or as a mirror image. In all the photos and drawings I've seen the shorter side is on top. Here's the mirror image, I think that looks better Anyhow there is nothing available to replace it that I could find so I had to go with it. (I've only ever seen this problem mentioned in one review of the kit so it's something that either isn't a problem or hasn't been picked up by many people) I don't normally build my kits with anything open but I'd heard a lot about closing up the gun bay doors on the Eduard Fw190s. I decided I'd give it a go on one of the gun bays anyway and have the rest open. After some dry fitting I thought it would be easy enough to fit the wing root gun cover to the top half of the wing before fitting the whole wing to the fuselage. The cover needed some sanding to get the fuselage side of it to fit snuggly into the fuselage but I had no problems cutting out the upper wing part and gluing the cover in place, I didn't even need any filler on it. The rest of the build went smoothly enough although I did have to sand the back of the wing spar to get one of the upper wing halves to fit, ironically it was the wing that I left the gun bay open. Other than the fit of the wing to fuselage I had no problems worth mentioning. I've read that the front of the fin is too wide but it looks fine to me so I left it alone. As I mentioned earlier while looking for information on which type of canopy to fit I found that there were at least 4 different colour profiles in the various books and decal options I had seen. I knew which colours that the production batch it came from used so at least I could confirm that the profiles were all variations of those colours. After some assistance from a couple of BMers (and an expensive purchase of the JaPo books ) I decided to go with (mostly) the EagleCals version of the colour scheme, I painted the flaps RLM76 whereas EagleCals leave them in bare metal. From the only photo of the underside I've seen it looked like the flaps were missing anyway. I painted the underside of the wing with AK Interactive's Extreme Metal Aluminium which went on beautifully smooth and shiny, too shiny for what I wanted in fact so I toned it down with matt varnish sprayed onto various panels in varying densities to get some variation. This worked really well however I didn't get a photo before I moved onto the next stage of weathering the NMF. To give the NMF a weathered look I sprayed a very thinned down version of the RLM76 I'd been using onto the various panels to give them an oxidised look, I might have taken it a bit too far but I was aiming for a worn look. I then sprayed some very thinned down smoke over the panel joins. Here is the underside as it is now with the painting and oil wash completed In the various profiles they all agreed that the front of the fuselage and power egg was painted in RLM 83 Dark Green, some then went with RLM 83 over all the fuselage and others with RLM75 or 82, I decided to go with the RLM75. The profiles showed the wings to be either RLM83/75 or RLM83/82, again I went with the RLM 83/75 version as per EagleCals, this version seemed logical to me as this aircraft was built early in the mid production run at FW Marienburg according to various references which also stated that the colour schemes changed from 83/75 to 83/82 during this production batch, ok, it's a guess! The paints used were Mr Paint (from Slovakia) over their grey primer. I wanted a really worn looking effect as the photos showed it to be far from pristine so I sprayed some of the AK Interactive aluminium over the leading edges, along the wing roots and up to the cockpit and then used the salt technique to mask it off before commencing the top coats. I also painted the hatch on the port side of the fuselage with RLM75 as some photos appear to show it darker than the RLM76, it adds visual interest even if it might not be factual. The National and unit markings were sprayed on using Montex Masks, very fiddly and a bit nerve wracking but worth the effort, the red 18 was left slightly 'chipped' intentionally to fit in with the other 'chipping'. I didn't use their serial number mask on the fin though as it appeared to be too big compared to the photos. The stencils and serial numbers came from the EagleCals decal sheet. I didn't add the wing walkways as none of the profiles showed them and I couldn't see them on the photos (and also because they are a PITA to do). An oil wash was applied using various shades of AK Interactive and MIG washes and has been left to dry which is where I am at now. The next stage will be to seal all that in with a clear coat then do the detailed painting and weathering followed by the final assembly. So I'm hopeful that I'll have this finished before the Aberdeen Modeller's Society club meeting next week. Duncan B
  3. Hi Folks, here is the result of my recent WIP thread completed on the evening of Hogmanay (New Year's Eve in Scotland). This is the Airfix 1/48 scale Messerschmitt Bf109E1 completed as White 4 of 1/JG20 based at Brandenburg-Briest in early September 1939, by the 9th of September it was operating out of Sprottau for the Polish campaign. The decals are from the Topdrawings Messerschmitt Bf109E book by Kagero however I used Montex masks for the national insignia. I wanted to try some different paints for this one and Jamie at Sovereignhobbies was kind enough to give me some Colourcoats enamels for the main colours used on this build, RLM02, RLM65, RLM70 and RLM71. I also used Mr Hobby acrylics for the darker patches where some over painting had been carried out on the real thing. WIP can be found here for more details: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234992989-airfix-148-messerschmitt-bf109e1-1jg20-sept-1939-completed-31st-december/ Duncan B
  4. Here is my next venture into 1/48 scale, the Hasegawa Bf109F painted up as Eberhard von Boremski's F4. The kit was very easy to make, I added the external stiffeners to the rear fuselage as I was originally going to be making another aircraft but had a paint issue so changed my plans quite late on. The photos I saw of this aircraft indicate that it might not have had the external stiffeners but they are there now. Painted with my usual Mr Hobby paints. I used decals by EagleCals and Montex masks for the Balkan crosses. I used the photos in the Luftwaffe Colours Vol. 3 Sec. 4 for inspiration although I didn't follow them exactly as the demarcation between colours should have had a slightly softer edge to them in reality. Only light weathering (except for the prop as I got a bit carried away with that!) as the photos were taken while the Unit was re-equiping onto these aircraft although the wing roots did have a lot of mud and dust visible. Duncan B
  5. After what seems like a long time (because it has been) I've completed my ICM Bf109 F4 as a Jabo of JG53 using Montex Masks and decals, painted using Mr Hobby acrylics. The kit includes an engine however I didn't have a lot of luck getting it to all line up so made it closed up. I used a colour profile in Kagero's Monograph Series Bf109F Vol 2 as the basis for the paint job. My first attempt at using Montex masks for the Balkan crosses, I didn't fancy using the supplied Swastikas though. I'm not sure I'd bother with the masks if I was to do it again. I replaced the kit's wheels with spares from an Eduard bf109 and that supplied the bomb and rack too. I hope you like it. Duncan B