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Found 15 results

  1. 1:32 WNW Albatros D.Va Pheon 'Jasta 17' Decals Jagdstaffel 17 was formed in October 1916, and went on to produce many well known aces before the Great War ended in November 1918. Pheon decals produced a fabulous sheet in 2015 depicting many of their aircarft Reviewed here. I resolved at the time to build aone of them, and promptly ordered an Albatros from Wingnut Wings. Work got underway, but the project suffered delays due to work commitmnets, and work was only resumed on it a couple on months ago. I was torn between Hubertus Rudno-Rudzinski's 'Gisi' and Rudolph von Esebecks
  2. Fokker E.V 1:32 Miko Mir with Pheon Decals The parasol winged Fokker D.VIII was the last of this companies aircraft to enter service before the end of the Great War. Originally designated the Fokker E.V. it was an agile little machine with a parasol wing and rotary engine, much like some of the early machines from the start of the Great War. It might have had greater success, had it not suffered from poor manufacturing standards. After barely two weeks service in August 1918, The E.V. had to be withdrawn due to failures causing the wing to disintegrate in flight.
  3. Jasta 18 Fokker Fighters (Albatros & OAW D.VII) 1:32 Pheon decals Going back a few months from March 1918, Jasta 18 had been under the command of Rudolph Berthold since August of the previous year, and he had worked hard to bring the men up to the standard he required. Having built up an 'esprit de corps' and formed an effective fighting unit, he must have endured personal turmoil in March 1918 when he was promoted to command JG.II. Consisting of Jastas 12, 13, 15, and 19, his new command would mean leaving Jasta 18 and all that he had worked so hard on. So in brief, what he did wa
  4. Salmson 2A2 1:32 Pheon Decals Whatever attracts modellers to their specific area of interest, few would deny that markings form a central part of that attraction. Military units from as far back as history recalls have always sought to build their own identity and distinguish themselves from each other. On a personal level one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning a model is choosing its colour scheme and the markings for it to wear. For an aircraft modeller, the Great war of 1914-18 offers perhaps the greatest range and variety of colour schemes and unit markings than any other peri
  5. Jagstaffel 30 Volume 2 1:32 Pheon Decals Jasta 30 was formed in January 1917, and remained based at Phalempin in northern France until virtually the end of the Great War. For most of this time the commanding officer was Hans Bethge, a 20 victory ace. Bethge was a little unusual as he survived for fourteen months in this role, before being killed in action in March 1918. Few Jasta commanders lasted this long. The unit commenced combat operations with the Albatros D.III, progressing through the Albatros D.V and D.Va, the unloved Pfalz D.III and D.XII, to the much sought after Fokke
  6. Jagdstaffel 17 1:32 Pheon Decals [Edit] Completed build of option 5. Albatros D.Va serial u/k, Hptm. Rudolph Freiherr von Esebeck, Douilly (?), March 1918. Here [/Edit] Jasta 17 is perhaps best known through its 36 victory ace, Julius Buckler, who rose through the ranks to become it's commanding officer in the last few months of the Great war. He was a popular and effective leader who instilled an esprit de corps amongst his men. Buckler wrote a book about his war experiences 'Malaula! The Battle Cry of Jasta 17' which can still be readily found via in
  7. This is the superb Hannover Cl.II from Wingnut Wings, coupled with a lovely set of decals from Pheon. Reviews can be found here - Hannover CL.II Pheon Decals In brief, the Hannover was designed around the observers machine gun, to raise it high and give it the best possible field of fire (as was the Bristol F2b Fighter) including forwards over the wing. The biplane tail was to keep the span short and increase the field of fire rearwards to each side. It was a very succesful design and popular with its crews, soldiering on until the end of the first world war. What can be said about Wingnu
  8. I've finally reduced the number of builds on my workbench to a sensible level, so feel justified in making a start on this, the Hannover CL.II from Wingnut Wings. Review is here of The Kit And here of the Pheon Decals Getting it all together, this is where we start; I'm looking forward to this!. A start was made by removing the fuselage halves and then all the interior components in the order they are needed. Everything is prepared by removing moulding lugs and and scraping any slight seams, and then storing all the components in zip lock bags according to the numbered stage of the assemb
  9. Pfalz D.XII 1:32 and 1:48 Pheon Decals 1:32nd scale sheet 32030. 1:48th scale sheet 48022 The Pfalz D.XII was a development of the earlier D.III, and shared a similar fate in that it was outperformed by another manufacturers product. With the D.III is was the Albatros DV that was considered to be the better aircraft, while the D.XII couldn't compete with the superb Fokker D.VII. The major developments applied to the D.XII were a nose mounted radiator and replacement of the sesquiplane wing arrangeme
  10. Jasta 18 Vol. 2 Raben's Ravens 1:48 Pheon Decals Background This set follows on from Jasta 18 Vol. 1 Bertholds Boys covering the 'new' Jasta 18 under August Raben. The story starts with Rudolph Berthold, commander of Jasta 18 being given command of JG II in March 1918. Consisting of Jastas 12, 13, 15, and 19, it would have meant Berthold leaving Jasta 18 and the men he had formed into an effective fighting force. In brief, what he did was rename Jasta 18 to Jasta 15 so that it formed part of JG II and went with him. At the same time Jasta 15 switched identities
  11. Jasta 18 Vol. 1 Berthold's Boys 1/48 Pheon Decals Background As with much of aviation history, I find that the characters involved can be as interesting as the aircraft they flew. All types of personalitly can be found, and amongst the sternest of these was Rudolph Berthold. A slight looking man, he had joined the German infantry before the start of world war one, but by its outbreak was an observer with FFA 23. By January 1915 he had undergone pilot training and was back in FFA 23 flying twin engined AEGs, before moving on to the Fokker Eindecker. In February 1916 he scored his
  12. Hannover CL.II 1:32 Pheon Decals Hot from the printers is Pheon decals latest sheet to complement the recent Wingnut Wings Hannover CL.II. Sealed in an A4 ziplock bag, you know by the weight of it that you are getting more than just a decal sheet, there's also Pheons original research crammed in there. First up is a paper sheet showing all twelve options in side profile, which immediately hooks you into homing in on which ones you like most. Under this are four full colour sheets printed on thick glossy card showing each option in larger scale and more detail, and the last one sh
  13. Gloster Gladiator RAF & International decals The last biplane fighter to serve in the RAF, and the first to be armed with more than two machine guns. The Gloster Gladiator was the pinnacle of British biplane fighter design and gave many a pilot a taste of the more advanced features such as landing flaps and enclosed cockpits they would soon experience in the soon to arrive monoplane fighters of the very late 1930s. During the early years of WW2, the Gladiator served the RAF in the UK, France, Norway, Africa and the Mediterranean, where for lack of anything else it held the line be
  14. Sopwith Snipe Post War RAF 1:32 Pheon Decals The release of Wingnut Wings Sopwith Snipe in 'late' form opened up the possibilty of post war colour 'Silver Wing' schemes, and indeed the kit does provide a couple of options. As the Snipe was selected as the mainstay of the post war fighter squadrons there are many more potential schemes, and Pheon Decals have come up with a comprehensive sheet to cover them. Printed by Fantasy Printshop on A4 sized decal paper, first impressions are excellent. The colours look to be spot on, and have good opacity. Where there is a doubt about original colo
  15. What ho Chaps! I thought you might like to see progress on this build, which will be used in a review for Pheon's Gladiator decals- finishing the model in a slightly controversial scheme. But more of that anon... Roden's Glad has been around for a few years now, and is not a bad little kit, if you can cope with the rather messy 3 part cowling, and slightly underwhelming cockpit. I've rebuilt the cowling to correct a few issues I think it has ( namely the too wide front cowl circumference, and the rather iffy exhausts on the underside). If you have the model - compare them to the pics here:
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