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  1. Must be time to start another from the list of Sci fi scratchbuilds that are lined up in my head. Back to the Ma.k universe again for a meld of various plastic bits and pieces. In the foreground is this toy walker, 50p from the car boot sale. The idea was to combine it with a Helicopter fuselage. That would create a thin skin troop carrier. In the end I went in another direction. First I removed the 'shield' on the front and cut down it's supports. Last month @theplasticsurgeon donated an old Revell 1/32nd Lightning for an upcoming Kreiger Falke Scratchbuild. Very many thanks again, Tim. I mostly just need the booms for the Falke, so I had the central pod going spare. Hmmm, what to do? See those guns in the back there? they just might get fitted later. Oh look, a headless chicken (ish) It took a little cutting and shutting to get to this point. Weird, innit? Now the pod is upside down to do this. So, do I make a cockpit in what was the underside? Or go A.I. Robot killer? I think it may well end up A.I. Here I've trimmed the 'wingtips'. They'll be finished off with droptank halves. And I cut a slant in the nose. I do have the original clear nose but want to do something different. That's where it stands (ahem) at the moment. Taped up and balanced on the desk. Further progress depend on chores and the cold in the manshed. We shall see. If anyone can think of a better name than 'headless chicken' I'd be interested. A German word would be best. I want to greebly the legs a bit, make them less toylike. As always, Your comments are very welcome. Cheers for now, Pete
  2. At the last, pre Covid Southwell model meet I met a very nice man who'd built some large Space 1999 Eagles. We got talking, as you do, turns out he had some unwanted, part started kreiger stuff. A price was agreed and later a box arrived. Two boxes inside it. In the boxes were sprues, some parts off sprues plus some spare kreiger bits and bobs. Scale is 1/20th. Two Armoured Fighting Suits (AFS) Heinrich and Gustav. There are many types of AFS. Some even operate in Space or on the Moon. Maschinen Kreiger started as a comic book years ago based on designs made up from bits of model kits and depicts a war 800 odd years in the future. Search Kow Yokohama for more. I've had a sort through the boxes from time to time & finally gotten around to giving them some lurve. Boxes. Boring, but full of Kreiger goodness and fun. Is this an arm I see before me? BTW, the names refer to the machines. Not the operators. Exhibit A to Z. Gustav in the foreground. Just to show you what's in these things. Legs, arms and half a bloke. The two bigger parts are the main body, Pre kreiger use they were the fuselage of a Hughes 500 Helicopter. The yellow is highlighter pen applied straight to the plastic. It dried okay and will do for a primered interior. Here we have the Gustav. The body assembled by me and repaired as it wasn't in the best of health. Thin bits had cracked. The giant shoulder pads on the bloke are part of the machine, holding him in place. Your arms would fit under these and into the machine arms with controls in there. Your legs into the machines legs. Fit is generally click and play, so TET is the go to adhesive. Hey! The Guys are in town. Heinrich on the left has a very '70's moustache. Fine pair of goggles, Gustav. Gustav jocky also sports a chest Camera/Mic' made from a 1/76th tank flash suppressor. Greeblies rule, Dudes. The Heinrich cockpit, Snug eh? The upper half was repaired using black plastic card. The plastic was very thin indeed. The white card on the front is there to hide the joint and the horizontal bit is to add depth, I added bits of coloured wire in the cockpit to brighten it up. But you won't see a lot when it's finished. Some joints have shields. These are hip shields. On the right, top, as supplied. Non flexible attachment points. Cut them off and replace with guitar wires. Hey presto, springs! Bottom right, for want of a better word, crutch shield. On the left is what passes for an engine on these things. Think hydraulics and a Vespa engine. Yeah... On the right, what was the Hughes windscreen is now the cockpit access. I've added the white card to look like a field mod. It's for extra protection. The 'grille' was (I think) ship railing. I also used Meng nuts & bolts. The loop for lifting it open. And then paint happened. Tamiya acrylics. I mixed up shades of rust (A common thing with kreiger) and slapped it onto places where wear would occur. Then some shades of desert camouflage were thinned and applied. Only to be dabbed at with a bit of kitchen towel a minute or so later. before it dried. This gave a great mottled, well worn effect. A spur of the moment idea that worked. The engine parts in the foreground attach to the machines back, BTW. The screen is tinted. You can't see a lot through it. I polished it with a type of T Cut. And that's yer lot for the moment. Thank you for looking, Comments are, as always, very welcome. Cheers, Pete
  3. This is a Maschinen Krieger S.A.F.S. Space Type R "PROWLER" from Wave. The Prowler is one of my favorite SAFS variants and I had a lot of fun building this kit. I added missing wires on the arms and legs, re-sculpted the joint covers with green stuff, added weld beads, textured all of the parts, and replaced the kit head with a resin offering from Brick Works. This is set to be published in an upcoming book from Lincoln Wright with other space and lunar based MaK subjects. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  4. This is the 2021 boxing of the S.A.F.S. Type R "Raccoon" from Wave. This is one of my favorite Ma.K designs and I was really looking forward to doing it, however, I was never quite satisfied with my chosen base colors but instead of binning it or stripping and repainting, I just pushed through. I started to make a scenic base for it but since I wasn't really happy with the direction the suit was going, I decided to save it for another project. This was finished a little over a week ago and looking back at it now, I'm a little more happy with how it turned out. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  5. It's about time I started another post, and it's another big build. I've previously built two other Sternails (A small garage kit was available in Japan years ago) and there are images of other scratchbuilds on the net. Here's a link to my last build. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235072311-sternail-ausf-d/&do=findComment&comment=3667426 That one was built using a frame made from thin lengths of wood. It took a long time to do. This time I had a cunning plan.... Here's a picture of a picture of someone else's scratchbuild. This shows mostly how the nose should droop. Unlike my build above where I opted for something different and called it the Ausf D model. Yep 64cm long! Same model to show the nose again. I like the ghostly effect, good lighting. And here's my Ausf D in it's normal habitat. Hanging up in the mancave. I recently acquired a large picture frame from a skip. Part of the frame was broken, but the rest of the wood, around 15mm x 23mm strips, were nice and straight... Gorilla wood glue and clamps came into play, resulting in this top section. I then created the rest of the fuselage by laminating more of this wood, infilling with balsa. Later the whole fuselage will be covered with plastic card. So it will be a lot stronger (though heavier) than the last one and should be a quicker build. Here I built the sponsons at the back from thin strips of wood. In this case I used industrial superglue for instant results. You can see the laminations of the fuselage in this side shot. It will all be sanded smooth before I glue on the card. A top shot showing what a mess it looks at the moment. Again, the 80 grit sandpaper will clear that up. And, the drooping nose. Alien, anyone? This afternoon I smothered the nose in P-38 car filler, aka Bondo. The sponsons (on the original build) carried 1/35th T-55 tank turrets. It's a bit expensive to buy two kits just for the turrets, so I used what I had in the spares boxes. My thanks to those who donated their unwanted bits and pieces. On the left, above, a 1/35th turret. On the right, what I created from 1/72nd bits. About the same size. That's a modern tank upper hull with a Panther engine deck inserted and a turret from a Sheriden?. I replaced the cardboard prototype in the above shot with plastic card. Then used more to build the odd shaped front structure. Of course I needed two of these assemblies. The more or less finished article. The corrugated hose was a Biro spring coated in Elmers PVA glue. I seem to have accidentally created an Elephants trunk! Yes, the black bit is from a steam engine. These tank bits were all put together a few weeks ago as I pondered how to build the fuselage. I like skips! Next up, lots of rubbing down and then more plotting and planning. Plus rummaging in the bits boxes. Thanks for looking. As always, all questions, suggestions, donations, are welcome. Stay safe, Pete
  6. I've finished my second model of 2022, Wave's P.K.A. Ausf.N1 "Nixe," which was released for the first time in plastic back in 2018. I'm a big fan of any of the Ma.K suits that have windows to see the pilots, and this is no exception! I started building this kit on January 15 and finished on January 22; one full week from start to finish! I added the weld beads with Tamiya epoxy putty, cast texture with Mr Surfacer 500, and replaced the polycap material hoses with metal coil springs. It's painted mainly with Tamiya paints and weathered with primarily oils, with a few enamels here and there. The base is a wood block with bits and bobs I added to approximate an urban environment. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  7. Recently, I was asked by Lincoln Wright to contribute to an upcoming English-language series of books based on the Maschinen Krieger property. The first book, due out soon, is based around the MK44 series of heavy suits. The second book is based around the space-type designs, which is where this Luna Gans will fit in. The forthcoming book will have a complete step-by-step of the building and painting of this kit. In the meantime, comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  8. I just wrapped my 21st model of the year, this awesome MK44H-0 Whiteknight "Prototype" in 1/20 scale from Hasegawa as part of the Maschinen Krieger property. The kit was pretty much built out of the box, with the only changes are the replacement of the kit vinyl tubes with metal coil springs. It was textured with Tamiya putty and painted with AK Real Color and Tamiya paint. I weathered it with Ammo Oilbrushers and enamel effects. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  9. It's been a while since I built my last Falke, and that one ended up in Gulf (ish) racing colours, so here we go again with another. For those that don't know, here is a link to a boxtop picture of the Hasegawa falke. I do have one in the stash, but I prefer scratchbuilding. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/2/6/0/101260-27767-98-pristine.jpg I usually change the basic design of the original and this case will be no exception. BTW, These can be built using a 1/48th P-38 and a 1/32nd car. I bought a built 1/32nd Revell P-38 off the bay some time ago. I think it had been stuck together with candle wax as it was partially disassembled when it arrived. Which is actually a good thing, given what I was going to do to it. I think it only cost me about a tenner. Modelling on a budget. love it. This is the 1/25th shell of a Chevy Beretta. An American car from around 1990. I think I built it about 20 years ago. It will form the main body of the Falke. The original used a small Japanese Sports car model which is long out of production. (I think). Whatever, I wanted a wider cabin than usual. Mostly, all you need of the P-38 is the booms and bits of the wings. Cut off the back of the boom, then cut the wings to keep the Turbo Supercharger housings. These housings will be filled with greeblies, while the booms will be turned on their sides. Having cut off the wings we are left with gaps in the sides. I've used off cuts of wood and balsa to partially fill the gaps. I then mixed up some Milliput and made worms to close them off better. Glue on the wing offcut and squish down the Milliput. More Milliput (and spit) was used to fill and further smooth out the gap. Remember, this will be the top or bottom surface. Once dry I can file/sand it all down and use Humbrol filler to finish off. I'm not bothered about losing surface detail at this stage. Those red intakes you can see will be faired in with a slope of card and filler. The wheel well doors will be refitted and any gaps filled. I probably won't get back to this before the weekend so the filler will have plenty of time to dry. Thanks for looking. Comments and Bourbon biscuits are always welcome. As are suggestions for a final paint scheme. Pete
  10. Here we go again! My last build was the Star Wars wall display, but for this one I'm sliding back to the kreiger universe. A stray comment on another thread led to the donation of an ancient built Airfix SRN1 Hovercraft by @TonyW. So very many thanks to Tony, and now lets see what I'm going to do with it. I saw a kreiger 'skimmer' type attack craft some time ago and quite liked it. I've stolen the word 'Spindizzy' from the James Blish 'Cities in Flight' Sci Fi novels of many years ago. Time to combine the two I think. After I'd stripped off all the unwanted bits of the model I was left with this basic form. This too was disassembled, various blobs of ancient tube glue were removed & mating surfaces rubbed smooth. Here are a couple of the removed air ducts and various other bits. After a good search of the spares boxes and various combinations of parts (Ooer!) I think I'm settled on this. Or something very like it anyway. The front is at the left here. The ribbed items may look familiar? They are from a Star Wars Slave One, cut in two. The oval bits to the right are pencil sharpeners. The driver sits here between these two shields. It may even be an armoured fighting suit (AFS). And from the back, the dome contains an Anti Grav unit, while the sharpeners provide steering thrust. They will be mounted higher and will use air sucked in via the big central fan. So far I think it all makes engineering sense (which, to me, is an important issue on these things). I think I do need to add fuel tanks somewhere though. Household management is in decorating mode, so modelling time may be short in the near future. I only get time at the weekends as it is. Please bear with me if this build stretches out into the future. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Cheers, Pete
  11. 1/35 scale S.A.F.S. Mk.III Raptor for what is my 17th completion for the year! The armor color is AKRC Egyptian Desert Sand and Tamiya Field Grey, with AKRC Russian Cockpit Turquoise as the interior color. It's weathered with AMMO enamel washes and Oilbrushers with AMMO enamel mud effects for the mud/dirt on the feet. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  12. I had this kit partially built for some time now and last week I decided to knock it out for what would be my third completed model of 2021! It was painted with AK Real Colors and weathered with enamels and oils. Comments and criticism welcomed!
  13. I see that it's only eight days since I posted my last RFI. Damn this furlough! This one started when I was cleaning up the garage and found an old Butane lighter. I immediately thought, hover bike. So here we are.... I made up a small diorama to put things into perspective. The main body is the old lighter, that's a Christmas tree bauble as an anti grav generator and Yamaha forks at the front. The panniers are the fuel tanks (there's a gauge on this one) and there are airbrakes on them too for steering. The rear spoiler is ex Porsche 911. Front winglets are ex Lysander. The figures are from Tamiya pit crew sets. The sunglasses on the rider took ages to do as they were so fiddly. His dispatch case is off a large Harley model. For the camo I daubed two shades of green onto the white primer and then used Humbrol Maskol to roughly cover them. A couple of coats of home made sand yellow later and as I started to remove the Maskol it took the yellow with it down to the primer in places. As this would have been built from lightweight materials and not steel, there is none of the usual kreiger rust. So the peeled paint cancels out the lack of oxidation. These were front forks on a Yamaha. That manifold in the centre channels bled off engine thrust up them and out of the front to help to slow this thing down, along with the airbrakes. The headlights are ex 1/76th Panzer, wing mirror from the spares box and by the manifold the odd shaped block contains the drivers instrument screen. The strap on the drivers dispatch case is copper wire. I used large pliers to 'texture' it. The camo sheet is tissue wrapped around scrap wood. Fuel filler caps are home made. On the RH side. Not sure what the bulge in front of the pannier is for, or the pipes under it. But it felt right just there. The footrest (on both sides) is mounted on an engine access panel. The rider was wearing a baseball cap. the helmet is Milliput. There is a green pistol holster and a small intake on this side. The anti grav ball is the same size as that on a Falke. That uses P-38 turbo superchargers to exhaust the gases. Here I've used a Yamaha (or Harley, I can't remember) drive shaft set up instead. The back end with the jet nozzle. It's probably ex space ship but I'm not sure what. A close up of the RH side shows up the holster. It's just laminated plastic card. Markings are from the decal spares box, weathering is all my own work. Many thanks for looking. I always welcome your comments. I enjoyed the build and look forward to the next, (probably another kreiger, sigh). If you missed it, the build is in the Sci fi WIP section. Cheers, Pete
  14. Suddenly this afternoon it all came together, so I've taken lots of pictures in the hope that someone out there will like it, and may even be inspired to have a go themselves. The basic fuselage is strips of wood glued rather like a balsa aircraft and covered in plastic card. The nose section was a 1/32nd Puma, first built decades ago. There are original Sternail models out there. probably less than a dozen all scratchbuilt, I did one years ago. This, the Ausf D. would be a development of the original. Scale is 1/35th. It measures out at nearly 70cm. call it 2 feet 3 inches in old money. Nose armament, Laser/plasma? You decide. The wasp decal is from a Messerscmitt Bf110 The yellow/green decal is supposed to be a bit like the WW2 defence of the Reich markings. I used two decals overlaid. To the left of that is the airlock door for the WSO (Weapons systems operator) or GIB (Guy in Back). Lots of other access panels can be seen. The RH comms pod. RH thruster turret. See those silver balls on the blade pitch change arms. What's the name of that game where grown men run around woodland firing these pellets at each other? I'm not entirely happy with the solar panels. Black paint over silver, But they'll have to do until I think of another way to do it. They do look pretty battered and worn though, in typical kreiger fashion. That thruster in the middle is an Aircraft rivet type called a Rivnut, or rather, it was. As seen on Wessex radius arm mounting plates. There's another one under here. And I cut the middles out of 1/25th steering wheels and glued them to the Sherman drive sprockets on the scanner, above right. The left side featuring the pilots airlock door. The docking probe is visible on the right. Meteor sheild (Puma door) and Comms pod (Mascara compact lid & card) LH main horizontal steering thruster turret (King Tiger) LH gun close up. Various Panzer bits. The convoluted jobbie is a Biro spring wrapped in PTFE tape. EDIT - I forgot to show the engines, so here you are.... So, there we go. It's been a fun build and due to being stuck at home it's finished months earlier than expected. I hope you've seen something you like and I welcome your comments and questions. Thanks for looking, Pete
  15. Having just finished the Sternail earlier today, I was eager to start something else. At the Southwell show last year, I met a man who sold me some kreiger armoured fighting suit stuff. A part started Gustav and bits for a Heinrich. I opened the box, checked all the parts (arms and legs part assembled) and thought, Hmmm, put it together, paint it, done. Too easy. Or...... I raided the spares again. Found the remains of an Airfix Gazelle I built decades ago. The suits, as seen above, are based on the Hughes 500 fuselage. So, what if I use a Gazelle? The Hughes models were 1/48th. this is 1/72nd. So I might get away with a 1/35th figure inside. Or, go for 1/20th and make it an automaton. Arms and legs etc? I have these cheap Japanese robot kits in weird small scales, I may as well adapt & use these parts. And a search through the rapidly depleting spares boxes gave me this little lot. I'll have to see what I can do with them. Let the fun begin! Stay tuned and thanks for looking in, Pete
  16. And here we go yet again. I built a Sternail about eight or so years ago for a friend in Saudi. As far as I know it's still somewhere in the Middle East. Must be about time to build one for myself. And not just any old Sternail either. This time I'm doing a two seater. BTW, What's a Sternail? I can post this one here because it's the one I built. At rest here in a garden just outside Riyadh. I've been stockpiling kit bits for quite some time, some were earmarked for this build. I did get a Hind off the bay but it turned out to be too small, so I've rethought the nose. Here's a sketch I made eight years ago. It shows how I built the last one and I'll do the same this time. A basic wooden frame covered with plasticard. (And filler!). Not my model but it shows the size of the beast. This is 1/35th scale BTW. You may notice the T-55 tank turrets holding thrusters at the rear. I don't have any this time. But I did have a couple of King Tiger turrets in a spares box. Go with what ya got! I bought some scrap Airfix Steam engines off the bay a while ago. On the far side of the top here is a wheel from a Battle of Britain class while closer to you in the piston assembly? from a Mogul. Other parts are mostly ex tank. Except this bit. The back. It's the tender rear plate upside down. Now if an X wing can have a loco fire box at the back, then I can use this bit! More train and tank bits. This side will be the lower one. This is the front. Tank fender, the rest of the tender rear and half leaf springs from an engine. Another view of the top. I've filled a couple of the holes on that big wheel and still need to rub it down. The brass rod above it isn't yet glued in place. The two turrets/Thruster housings. The side nearest you will be the upper one. Obviously as the turrets were identical the big wheel won't be uppermost on both. Ah well. I said the Hind wasn't going to cut it. (Unless I can find a cheap 1/48th Hind quickly). Back around 1984, when I was in Germany, I built a 1/32nd Puma. Having worked on them at Odiham I put a lot into it. It's been in a box for decades now and time (and my then building skills) haven't been kind to it. So it's being reused on this build as the nose section. It's a bit wide as is so I'll dismantle it further and cut out 10mm or so from the centreline. And, after a very enjoyable Sunday, mostly in the Mancave, this is where I'm at. I've asked in Wanted for a 1/48th F-14 or F-15 fuselage to use in this but no joy so far. I may have a way of getting along without it but it won't be so easy. Next up it's time to look at cutting some wood for the basic framework. As always, Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome. Thanks for looking, Pete
  17. And I'm back again. A new year and a new build. The intention was (note the past tense) to scratchbuild a Fledermaus, which is a rocket propelled kreiger flier. Our man in Kalamazoo aka @Tzulscha very kindly photographed his, along with a ruler (f'nar) and I was all set to go. But, I don't have the correct rocket nozzles and, well, once I'd had a look in the model graveyard, the gears started turning in my head. Never a good result for the current plan in mind. Here's a fledermaus anyway.... https://houseofqueeg.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/fm-w042.jpg In the model graveyard I found a Skycrane that I'd built in the seventies. Not common nowadays, but not worth saving as it was, so I set to and dismantled it. Another of my slightly out of focus pictures. In the foreground is the skycrane. Behind it, some kits that may or may not, donate plastic. The basic idea (at present) is to build a 1/20th flier that should look something like the lovechild of a Stuka and an Apache. With VTOL. Possibly a two seater. We'll see. Another blurry pic'. But what you have is the fuselage upside down with a 1/20th seat and pilot body. This should show the basic layout. Ah, that's better. I removed the canopy and boxed in the nose so I can fit 'sensors' etc as on the Apache. The u/c seen here may change, (who am I kidding?, it probably will). The plastic card is 1mm, picked up from Access models in Newark last week (well, I was delivering beer to the pub 2 doors away) it will add strength to the fuselage, top and bottom. Also, it is around 1mm narrower than the fuselage. The idea being that it will give me something to glue the sides to. When I figure out what I'm going to use, that is. So, there we have it. Progress will no doubt be slow due to work and weekend chores, but hopefully it will get there in the end. Goodness knows what it will look like by then! And, Drache, BTW, is German for Dragon. I don't think I've used the name before on one of my builds. And I'm sure Focke Achgelis will forgive me for stealing it. Thanks for dropping by. Comments and offers of leftover Christmas pudding are always welcome. Pete
  18. Here's one I started earlier, Since early September to be precise. I'd wanted to build a kreiger Fledermaus which is a rocket propelled device, but couldn't find a kit at a decent price. I have boxes of bits and old completed kits, so I set out to scratchbuild one. But it evolved into something else due to the lack of rocket nozzles. The basic form of the model is from 1/32nd Phantom, 1/72nd SR-71 and Heinkel He177, with engines from a 1/48th A-10. Maingear is 1/48th TSR2, Nosegear and cockpit 1/32nd Me262. So what we have here is a subsonic delta winged night fighter mainly used for hunting down the Falke anti gravity fighter. (Probably. This will be 800 years in the future!) We'll start under the nose with a pair of cannon. On your left, the brown jobbie is a much modified sensor/ECM pod. Now known as the Helldog tracker system. On the right, a slightly modified 60's? missile, Now, the Lucifer. Together they are a Hell of a system. One pylon is bare, so he's fired one or they're short of ammo. The Lucifer again, plus various intakes. The chipped leading edge is very thin self adhesive tape under the paint as an anti erosion measure. Maingear, nicely splayed for roughfield performance. TSR2 with C-130 wheels as balloon tyres. Brakelines are stretched sprue. Those vents reveal that this is part of a SR-71. Various other greeblies can be seen too. The A-10 engines have been dressed up with various vents and scoops and I've done some rust effects on the intakes and exhausts. Despite care I've got silvering on various decals. I can live with it though. They could be stickers peeling off in real life? Clear, start one! Quite what that bloke is going to achieve with that CO2 cylinder in the event of a fire, I'm not sure. The pilot (ex Airfix Porsche 917) doesn't seem to care. Someone seems to have taken out a chunk from the chine here. (Blame the crew ladder). Another shot of the Helldog. Plus rather muddy tyres. The paint eroded down to the tape. Which seems to be doing it's job of protecting the leading edge. And finally, the satellite link dome. This whole nose is actually an He117 so that was the astrodome. WIP link here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235060505-der-nachtfalter-moth-another-bits-box-kreiger/ Thanks for looking. It's a little rough in places and the panels I scribed don't really show up much but, I had hours of fun and it cost virtually nothing! As always, comments, questions, parts donations and offers of work in Hollywood are always welcome. Cheers, Pete
  19. And here, at last, pictures of the beast in it's finished form. A quick resume' first though. The Star Wars Slave One ship has always looked like a Hovertank to me. I managed to get one cheap 'with parts missing' from kitsforcash. A cut'n'shut job on the lower hull gave me the basis of the tank. The spares boxes & two cheap Airfix Tiger tanks gave me the rest. The figure is Rolf. He is the tank commander. A little short for 1/48th perhaps, but he is only about 18. He was in an Aircraft kit long ago. I just wonder, how noisy would this thing be? Forget stealth! The skirt is Tiger Tank tracks. No points for spotting the Panzerfaust, a common item in the kreiger world. I think the radiator behind Rolf was originally a non slip surface. Frontal armour was added. Well you would wouldn't you? The main bit is 1/24th Typhoon. Just above the Harrier thruster (now a steering nozzle) in the bin, is spare skirt. (Always useful) (fnar) Last weekend I did a final mist spray of rattlecan white primer. Maybe I should have done another close up of the rusty exhaust. The gun is metal. I can't remember what it was originally used for. Yes, the step by the radiator is bomb fins. The Cowcatcher on the front is another bit from Slave one. The Tiger engine decks are obvious. That's a Stalin wheel in the middle of it. Oh yes, Airfix Matador roof and Panzer IV idler wheel. Other bits ex spares box. (Or Tiger). I forgot to include pictures of the underside and all it's lift fans. Too late tonight, I'll add them tomorrow. Thanks for looking. As always, comments etc are very welcome. There is a WIP thread in the obvious place. Cheers Pete
  20. You either know about the Kreiger universe or you don't. I do and I like the mechanical side of it. I also enjoy scratchbuilding kreiger stuff, even though I have a stash of the Hasegawa kits. My favourite is the Falke and it's variants. And this is yet another of my builds along those lines in 1/20th scale. Basis of the build is parts from a Revell 1/32nd P-38 bought as an old build some time ago from another BM member. The central unit is a part started Porsche 911 Speedster bought from Kits for Cash. The Anti Grav units are half ping pong balls (12 for about 3 quid on line). The GPU was a small Japanese van. The figure is from a Tamiya F1 figure set. Various other bits came from the spares boxes. Images (at last) via imgur. I'm not the best photographer though! Overall view. Helmut is trying to fix the Falke. GPU plugged in Here you can see the fan unit on the side. Ex Airfix Porsche 917 built circa 1971. They slot into what was the u/c bay. Hence the colour scheme. Oh, Flug, German(ish) for fly, is Gulf backwards) Helmut is touching up the sensor here. Don't tell him it's a P-38 elevator mass balance. Underside rear. The rusty thing is a P-38 turbo supercharger to exhaust the anti grav unit. And the fwd anti gravs use 1/32nd resin Stuka night exhausts. The cannon was an undercariage leg. Central filter? was 1/24th typhoon. The engine (1/32nd Phantom exhaust) plus other bits. Plus Helmuts' test box. (Tamiya F1 kit) Seat and belts (tape) the quilting is milliput. Obvious here is the Porsche rear end. The flappy jobbers are ex Airfix 1/24 Typhoon engine bay panels donated by another BM member. The ladder is various bits. The GPU is perhaps overweathered? (ahem) Again bits of Stuka form the exhausts which I've sort of tried to emulate Tiger tank exhausts. Ignore the elastic band, glue was setting! Comments are welcome. I'll stick some WIP pics up if it helps you to visualize the process.
  21. EDIT JUNE 2018 - To see pictures please google sternail. Any pictures of the ship in a garden are of this build. There is also a photoshopped image of the ship with clouds in the background. Yeah, thanks Photobrokit. Pete And there's more! This one I built about a year ago, I think. There are, In the Ma.k universe, Two types of Sternail. Both Space going and operated by the opposing sides. One is large & grey, The other smaller & white (usually) So far as I know, there are only a few of these around. The small white one can be had as a garage kit (I think) But this one has to be scratchbuilt, using the few bits of information on the net. It ended up at 65cm long. So, This is a 1/35th scale, Single seat spaceship (The door is on the left side. Yes, those are Russian tank turrets at the back. This is as close as I could get to the original by Kow Yokoyama. The other models aren't armed, But I built this for my mate John and he wanted missiles. Now, Ma.k is part styled on WW2 Germany. (Markings, some shapes etc) So, Based on the Rucksetz? used by the Luftwaffe to add weapons to say, Fw190's, I 'bolted on' a couple of homemade ones. Actually a modded blue steel & a TSR2 missile! Pictures are by Johns wife, Maria. Many thanks. (Photobucket wouldn't do all of them to 640x480 for some reason?) The basic frame is model boat type wooden strips. Add a 1/48th F15, The Turrets, Drop tank halves for the hump, Various other bits, LOTS of filler & plasticard and hours of rubbing down & painting. Markings are a deaths head near the bow, Then a German Tornado sqn badge. the blue & white stripes are because John is a Scot. As always, Comments are welcome. Pete
  22. Given the interest in my completed builds I thought that maybe someone out there might want to see just how I come up with these things. This one will be a small walker built using whatever I can find amongst my redundant kits & bits boxes. No prizes for guessing the origin of any of those bits! I can tell you I started with a SMER 1/48th Swordfish that I bought years ago just for the floats. I chopped off the tail section and added a Wessex nose to the front. Engine unit goes on the back and tank bits on the side along with (I think) Buccaneer drop tank halves? The grey part on the right will go under the main body and was tank mudguards. The odd bit in the foreground is ex 1/24th Fw190. Next we move to a rear shot. You can see that I'd used an Otaki? Fw190 cowl to cover the Swordfish cockpit and the cowling now contains that 190 gearbox piece inside an oval ring which was part of the air intake from a muscle car. You should also make out the cupola with it's ring of vision slots and some grey tank bits along the sides. At the front I added a kubelwagen engine bay and binoculars with a crashbar. And a grey hatch has appeared on top of the nose. next up is a side view showing another tank bit added to the side. One either side actually, and at the rear bits of Sherman suspension have gone on to add interest. On the extreme right you might make out a chrome wheel which will be the pivot point for the main body and which fits into the cutout that you may just see under the body. In the foreground, meanwhile, is what I think is an Airfix Boeing Vertol cockpit floor. I have two of these which will be modified to become the feet. (I've had these for over 40 years!). And finally for now you get a better view of that wheel (From an ancient drive by wire remote control car) That and the grey bit will go on top of the white box you can see. In the foreground are what will become the upper pivot points for the legs which will go either side of the white box. The pictures aren't the best, I only have a little Nikon (fnar!) but my fumblings may inspire someone else to have a go at this subject. It keeps me going, and there aren't any rivet counters to criticize you! More soon (I hope) thanks for looking. Pete
  23. Here are some more that I've built over the last few years. Like the original they are all based on a car with aircraft bits added from the spares boxes or kits obtained cheaply. Another desert Falke variant, this is to 1/48th and started life as a Porsche 911. Intakes are B-26 1/48th. The gun is the inside of a permanent marker pen, engine is bits with a truck wheel on the end! Yes, those are Tiger tank turrets, over 40 years in the spares box! Now they are swiveling thrusters. Next, inspired by Pacific based Corsairs etc, this one is Airfix Jaguar based with P-38 intakes as per original Falke. Next, NOT a Falke variant. This is a true bitsa. Fuselage P-38, floats Swordfish, outer wings F-15 tailplanes! Pacific island based, anti shipping aircraft/ground effect flier. And, if you have fliers, you will need SAR. And who needs rotors when you have anti grav units? Based on a BO 105 (already used in the kreiger universe), the intakes are He 219, tail unit He219 (ish) Hope you found something you liked. I've been meaning to post these for ages! Thanks for looking. Pete
  24. As requested, here are some more of my scratchbuilds from the maschinen kreiger universe. An earlier build of mine, sternail, can be found on here by using the search box at the top of the page. Oddly, the ma.k universe has two ships called sternail. The first here was inspired by the LUM Camel. The body was built from the caps of three deodorant cans. The cockpit is a pencil sharpener. Legs are a balsa and plasticard sandwich. The feet came out of old hardrives. Everything else is from bits boxes. Next up, this one was inspired by the Heinkel UHU (ish) Again the cockpit is a pencil sharpener while the main fuselage was a 1/20th F1 car. The swiveling rocket motor here on the side was another type of pencil sharpener and the radome on the spine was a make up compact. Other parts are from the spares boxes. Pencil sharpeners? Here they are in their natural state. About 30p each, bulk bought in Riyadh. Nest one is based on a cheapo Russian helicopter kit bought decades ago along with part of a missile for the tail, I added drop tanks and the green bits are ex Nimrod sonar buoys. And then we come to the Jaeger Sau (fighting pig). Based on a Hasegawa submersible model which I turned upside down. The ring of fuel calls around the back was a child's bracelet I found in the street. There is a long probe on the RH side. That was a Smirnoff swizel stick but is now a linear accelerator with an ammo feed at the rear. If you look closely you'll see the carb setup from a Kubelwagen on it. More Nimrod sonar buoys are fitted too. The two sensors on the front are mounted on B-17 ball turret swivels. The black 'aerial' was a rotor blade. In a secret location in Lincolnshire.... Finally, this may not be very clear as yet but is the latest WIP. This will be another walker and is based on a SMER 1.48th Swordfish. Plus yet more bits box bits. Hope you enjoyed this lot and thanks for looking. Regards Pete
  25. My first RFI on here for some time. I'm enjoying scratchbuilding variants of the Falke and other kreiger universe machines. Mostly because I'm cheap, and have boxes of spare parts! I do have the real kits but somehow this is more satisfiying. Basic kits were a Revell 1/24th Ferrari and a pair of RAH-66 Comanches. In the last shots you can see the xmas baubles used for the anti-grav units, the 'intakes' for these are halves of missiles. All other bits are random spares. Scale will be about 1/35th. Anyway, comments etc are welcome. Main view, I moved the main anti-gravs to the rear to aid maneuverability a smaller one would be in the bulbous nosepiece. The 'engine' is part of a Shuttle booster rocket with added greeblies. (Including 1/35th binoculars) Close up of the nose. The guns are the original tail lights with added tube. The Comanche fans would aid in combat. Underside. The rocket tubes are homebuilt, the NLG 'foot' is from an old FROG Blenheim while the strut is from a motorbike kit. Those exhausts to the rear are quickboost for a Ju87. Better shot of the tubes and exhausts. The 'intakes' for the anti grav units are halves of a missile from a Typhoon. In the raw. Parts origins obvious now eh? Thanks for looking. Pete
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