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  1. I finished up model number 14 for the year over this pastweekend, which was the fantastic M1A2 SEP Abrams in 1/72 scale from Flyhawk. It was a fun build that's really got me into the swing of braille scale armor. It was painted with AK Real Colors CARC Tan and weathered with a couple of AMMO of Mig enamels. The kit I have came with a pine plow, but I decided against using it on this kit; I'll pick up another one and build it with the plow since it looks so cool. I'm also happy to report that I gave this tiny model to the superintendent on the job that I'm working on, who was a tank driver in the Army that spent lots of time driving around a real one of these. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  2. I've recently gotten into 1/72 scale armor and started off with Takom's double boxing of the FV432 and Chieftain Mk.V. Out of those two, I decided to start with the diminutive FV432, which was an interesting build and painting challenge. The kit itself was so-so, more complex than it had to be in some areas but with a high level of detail. I painted it using AK Real Colors NATO Green and NATO Black, slightly modulating the base colors, and then weathered using Ammo enamels and Oilbrushers using a reference photo of one of these vehicles on maneuvers that was covered in mud and dirt. I have a bunch of other 1/72 armor in the works as well, so this is just the begining! Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  3. Thanks! The markings are of my own choosing to represent my favorite army from the tabletop wargame Flames of War and are not meant to be historically accurate.
  4. I recently finished up the new Border Model Crusader III. This is one of my favorite tanks and it was quite a fun build, plus it was quite a departure from all of the drab green vehicles that I've been painting lately. The tracks are Friulmodel and the stowage is from Legend Productions, Panzer Art, and Value Gear, along with scratch tarps. It was painted with a mix of Tamiya, AK Real Color, and MRP paints, and weathered with Mig Productions and Ammo by Mig enamels. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  5. I finally managed to finish off this Tamiya ISU-152 that I've had laying around with just the base color and markings on it for over three years! I added an Aber metal barrel and Friulmodel tracks, but the kit is stock otherwise. It's finished with MRP and Tamiya paints, and Ammo pigments and enamels. If I had built and painted this more recently, I would have masked and painted the markings, but I wasn't comfortable doing stuff like that 3+ years ago. I would also like to add that this is the [lucky number] seventh model that I've completed this year! Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  6. I have no doubt that this will be another stunner! I'm looking forward to following along.
  7. For kit number five(!) this year, I went with the Fine Mold's 1/48 scale TIE fighter that I've had laying around in the stash for years. This coincided with the launch of the Plastic Posse Podcast TIE Fighter Group Build, which is a scale modeling podcast that I am a cohost of. I also added the ParaGrafix photo etch upgrade fret to replace most of the surface details. The kit was painted with AK Real Colors, Tamiya, and a little bit of Alcald for the solar panels. The only weathering was done with Ammo Starship Wash enamel. I haven't painted the stand yet because I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  8. I had this kit partially built for some time now and last week I decided to knock it out for what would be my third completed model of 2021! It was painted with AK Real Colors and weathered with enamels and oils. Comments and criticism welcomed!
  9. Completition number two of 2021 is in the books! I've had this Dragon StuG.III laying around for at least two years so I decided to finish it up. The base kit is Dragon 6891 with a CMK transmission, Aber metal barrel, Masterclub tracks, and Miniart figures. It's modeled after a picture taken of a StuG III captured by the 104th Infantry Division during the Battle of the Bulge. It was a fun build and I look forward to it making the trip with me to the IMPS National Show in Las Vegas, NV later this year. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  10. Thanks mate. I pretty much followed Mike Rinaldi’s example in his TankArt 2 book in regards to the tracks.
  11. Thanks! Yes, the headlamp brush guards are PE and are included on the quite extensive PE fret included with the kit.
  12. First completion of the year is in the books! This model was actually started in the spring of 2020 but it was relegated to the Shelf of Doom until I pulled it out after the start of the New Year and finished building it. It's almost all OOB save for the Masterclub tracks and Aber metal barrel. It was a fun build that allowed me to try some new techniques. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  13. You definitely should! It's a fun technique that gives such an interesting result and it especially helps with things painted in a single color by making it way more interesting.
  14. Thanks mate! It’s essentially the hairspray technique used for chipping, only in this case it isn’t representing chipped paint in the normal sense, but instead it’s meant to simulate worn and distressed paint.
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