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  1. Allow me to introduce NT7-S, a 1/12 scale GNK-series power droid from JPG Productions; painted with Tamiya, AK Real Color, and Vallejo paints; and weathered with 502 Abteilung oils and Ammo by Mig enamels. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  2. This is the 2021 boxing of the S.A.F.S. Type R "Raccoon" from Wave. This is one of my favorite Ma.K designs and I was really looking forward to doing it, however, I was never quite satisfied with my chosen base colors but instead of binning it or stripping and repainting, I just pushed through. I started to make a scenic base for it but since I wasn't really happy with the direction the suit was going, I decided to save it for another project. This was finished a little over a week ago and looking back at it now, I'm a little more happy with how it turned out. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  3. I finished up this great 1/10 scale bust from Nuts Planet and it was a lot of fun. I tried to experiment with armor modeling techniques in the finish instead of taking a more "painterly" approach, which was fun. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  4. Thank you! Yes, the decals come with the kit. Kow Yokoyama, who created the property in the early 80s, was heavily inspired by WWII aesthetics, particularly German aircraft.
  5. Thanks! I believe it’s supposed to be some sort of laser gun.
  6. I've finished my second model of 2022, Wave's P.K.A. Ausf.N1 "Nixe," which was released for the first time in plastic back in 2018. I'm a big fan of any of the Ma.K suits that have windows to see the pilots, and this is no exception! I started building this kit on January 15 and finished on January 22; one full week from start to finish! I added the weld beads with Tamiya epoxy putty, cast texture with Mr Surfacer 500, and replaced the polycap material hoses with metal coil springs. It's painted mainly with Tamiya paints and weathered with primarily oils, with a few enamels here and there. The base is a wood block with bits and bobs I added to approximate an urban environment. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  7. Recently, I was asked by Lincoln Wright to contribute to an upcoming English-language series of books based on the Maschinen Krieger property. The first book, due out soon, is based around the MK44 series of heavy suits. The second book is based around the space-type designs, which is where this Luna Gans will fit in. The forthcoming book will have a complete step-by-step of the building and painting of this kit. In the meantime, comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  8. I finished up MiniArt's Austin Armoured Car late last year. Overall, it was a good kit and a fairly typical MiniArt experience: lots of tiny and unnecessary pieces but overall good fitment. I assembled the interior but ended up skipping out on painting it. Comment and criticism welcomed as always!
  9. Thanks Andy! The decals put up a helluva fight but I prevailed… for the most part. There was one or two spots on some of the leg stencils that had a bit of silvering but I think I was able to hide it well with some weathering.
  10. I just wrapped my 21st model of the year, this awesome MK44H-0 Whiteknight "Prototype" in 1/20 scale from Hasegawa as part of the Maschinen Krieger property. The kit was pretty much built out of the box, with the only changes are the replacement of the kit vinyl tubes with metal coil springs. It was textured with Tamiya putty and painted with AK Real Color and Tamiya paint. I weathered it with Ammo Oilbrushers and enamel effects. Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  11. Thanks! Mike’s work was definitely a big inspiration for the weathering on this. I’ve also been fortunate to be chatting with Mike and he really helped guide me in the right direction when it came to working with pigments!
  12. Thanks mate! I agree with you on the rubber blocks. It’s too late I think for this one, but next time I’ll either get the pre-worn T51 tracks or just do it myself.
  13. Thanks! Yeah, that’s the best I could do with the tracks on the sprocket unfortunately.
  14. This is the new rebox of the Asuka M4 Composite Hull kit with the "Last Chance" markings and a few updated/corrected parts. The tank belonged to Company B, 762nd Tank Battalion and took part in the Battle of Saipan (15 June – 9 July 1944), which also featured the largest tank battle between the United States and the Empire of Japan. Aftermarket was minimal, just a DEF Model rotor shield and metal barrel, Master Model M1919 barrels, and Panda Plastic T51 plastic workable tracks. The kit was painted with the Mr Color OD modulation set and various Ammo/Vallejo/Lifecolor acrylics for the details. The markings were masked and sprayed. It was weathered with Ammo Oilbrushers, Ammo enamels, 502 oils, and Ammo pigments. And yes, the taillight was painted after I took these photos! Comments and criticism welcomed as always!
  15. It's not a sculpture of a tank, it's a wedge section of a scene. In this case, it's the tanker's knocked out tank that he's advancing from while raising his Thompson.
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