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Found 13 results

  1. One of the next Jetmads projects is a 1/32nd Republic F-84F Thunderstreak resin kit. Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php/?id=100057836780108&story_fbid=928779255726625 V P.
  2. Jetmads X-3 Stilleto is plagued with serious 3d print layer lines in areas that are readily visible, disclaimer on the instruction sheet notwithstanding. So I've spent a bunch of time, and money for a solution. This post focuses on parts such as the landing gear doors, the pilot's seat hatch, and the ejection seat itself. I've only begun to remove parts from the print supports so we'll see what the future brings. My theory was that if I could find a UV curing resin that flows easily (not too thick) and self-levels, I could lay that in to fill the lines without ruining the surrounding details and with minimal sanding especially in areas to tight to sand effectively. So here's what I learned: it works. It's fussy and can be hard to get it to work consistently. But you can always wash it off and do over if you don't cure it. I found two resins that work well for this, both made by Solarez. The Fly-Tie Thin Hard formula is clear and fairly thick but it levels nicely. The Ultra Thin Bone Dry Black is thinner and sort of black. I learned that these can be mixed, and can be thinned with lacquer thinner. You need to use plenty of extra cure time if you do. So here we have some results on the landing gear doors and pictures of the pilots hatch and seat Thing is, all of these rivets are just too big. Given that the whole idea was to preserve them, now I'm thinking it'd be easier just to sand them off, deal with the layer lines, and then use resin rivet decals or maybe Anyz 0.35mm resin rivets (these are about 0.4mm). Maybe I'll just take this result and move on because right now my enthusiasm for this kit isn't urging me to go all out on it. It might just need to be a "do a neat job" shelf display item. There is no good excuse for this poor print quality. Jetmad's disclaimer that they are "genuinely unlikely to be notice by the naked eye" is nonsense. What is worse, anyone who mentions this on the Jetmads Facebook page has their comments deleted, and they are banned. I am disappointed with this, to say the least. Although Jetmads clearly puts a lot of care and effort into these kits, the end product quality is not what it ought to be. Banning people who've purchased this kit for expressing reasonable complaints is very bad form, particularly when the Jetmads business model is based on pre-selling unproduced kits sight unseen. How many sales would be lost if people like me saw good photos of the actual product? I've been unable to find a single build or in-progress build of this kit and I wonder why. Disappointment and buyer's remorse come to mind as a possible reasons. Fixing this stuff is a pain in the butt and a waste of time and effort. I wish they had cast more parts and printed fewer because their casting is very good. There are some very nice aspects to this kit to be sure, and I've always wanted an X-3 so here we go. Main landing gear door. Main landing gear door with resin laid on. This is the Hard Black formula. It's actually purple, like Sharpie ink. Nose gear door with resin laid in. This is the Hard Clear formula. After priming with MS1500 from spray can, including the pilot's hatch. Untouched main gear door included for reference. So this worked pretty well. A problem with this method is the meniscus effect, as the liquid resin tends to climb up around the base of whatever raised surfaces it finds, particularly the rivets giving them a soft look and making them look larger than they really are, and they are already much too big. Here is the ejection seat. Those rivets belong to an old steam boiler. References:
  3. After the JA37 Viggen (link), Jetmads is working on a 1/32nd Saab J35 Draken resin kit. Source: https://www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/posts/927187554870197 V.P.
  4. JETMADS is to release a 1/32nd Douglas X-3 Stiletto resin kit Source: https://www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/posts/544703189785304 3D renders V.P.
  5. Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php/?id=100057836780108&story_fbid=836310411640177 V.P.
  6. A 1/48th Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune resin kit is in project by Jetmads - ref. 400205 Sources: https://www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/posts/760241394898148 https://www.jetmads.com/product-page/1-48-p2v-5-neptune V.P.
  7. Source: https://www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/posts/pfbid02EsFZDAqgLmZd2MBJUTx1KW33JW71YgRNA5AMMzBRpqptU3qL3APQki4CxsWtKZQol V.P.
  8. Source: https://www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/posts/719105009011787 Time will tell. Update: It will be a I confess, I would have preferred the Jetmads announced 1/48th Boeing B-47E Stratojet kit, even in resin... https://www.jetmads.com/1-48 Maybe next time. V.P.
  9. In 2022 Jetmads is to release a 1/32nd McDonnell FH-1 Phantom resin kit Sources: https://www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/posts/950570759198543 https://www.jetmads.com/product-page/1-32-fh-1-phantom Douglas X-3 Stiletto thread is here: link V.P.
  10. Jetmads is to release a 1/32nd Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor resin kit. Source: https://www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/posts/999547414300877 V.P.
  11. So in my ItPsv 90 build thread I mumbled about possibly going for multiple entries in this group build, and as I hoped something did show up in the mail a little while ago. Now I do seem to be a pretty quick builder overall, but being my first 1/32 kit ever and clearly being a Project™ of the likes I haven't been involved with with since I built Revell's Vasa (including hand painting every nail head along the hull sides) I haven't really got a clue if it'll be done by Christmas or not. Oh well, if not I'll just have to do the jaunt of limited glory over to the regular WIP board (where we already have a build ongoing, saving me from being the first to walk into the potential minefield of this kit). Building basically only 1/72 and 1/700, this is one massive bird. Just over twice the size of a 1/72 one, imagine that... The box had clearly not been treated very gently in transport, but looking through things it seems the onyl damage suffered was possibly a bit to the tow bar (which I have no itnent of using anyway) and the apparently customary broken wingtip. A clean break luckily, and I found the missing piece in the box, so easy enough to just glue back on. As per my own habit I started out with the ordnance. The gas tank halves appeared to have flattened a bit from perfectly round, and unfortunately 90° out of phase with each other. Matched up on one side the called for a good bit of putty on the other. No retail nearby so puttying and sanding could be done with impunity. The 3D printed fins got a quick bit of sanding to remove the layering texture before being glued on. Next, missiles. These have resin bodies with printed bums and for the Rb74 also printed noses. As I was chopping away to separate the casting blocks I noticed a bit of an air bubble just under the skin on one, holding it up to the light... Oh dear. On removing the casting... flange this then turned into an actual hole, and attempts were made to fill it in with relatively runny filler, but as it turns out that softened up the thin edges around it and now it'll be a relatively involved job to fix it all. Add in the extra chunks of resin you can see on top of the main body over to the right, which are also present on the other three to various degrees, and I've simply gone and ordered some Eduard replacements (they're largely license built AIM-9L) and downgraded the kits ones to plan B. The clear nose parts on those also seem very cool, so that's a plus. A quick comparison of parts vs shipping cost had me toss in some AIM-7E as well in case they'd just happen to be better looking but otherwise interchangeable than the Rb71 (aka license built Skyflash) in the kit. Front fuselage's next. I decided to look into any major sanding/carving/filling jobs there first before getting started on the cockpit. Some initial scouting showed first some peculiar creases in places. Luckily they're all ridges extending out form the surface and with the 1/32 sized detailing means it's easy to sand off. (The same appears to hold largely true for most of the 3D-printing texture found here and there on the piece.( Let's just hope it isn't a sign of massive internal stress that'll rip everything apart in a few years. Looking inside the intake trunking has tabs that should slide into slots in the fuselage. Looking at those slots and the general intake area of the main fuselage part... This won't be a shake-n-bake. Also, I've noticed that the inner wall wee see there at the rear of the cockpit and kinda rear of the wheel well, well, I dunno if it's also where they had the master split in two or if it's just that the wall in question shrank a bit much after casting but around the lower half of the fuselage we have a bit of a general depression on the outside centred around a pretty clear line just outside of the wall. Good thing I got a new tube of filler recently. Time to start making dust.
  12. A 1/48th Boeing B-47 Stratojet resin kit is in project by Jetmads - ref. 404701 Sources: https://www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/posts/760241394898148 https://www.jetmads.com/product-page/1-48-b-47-stratojet V.P.
  13. After the D-558-I Skystreak (link & link) Jet Model Aircraft Design Studio (JETMADS) is to release a 1/32nd Douglas D-558-2 Skyrocket resin kit - ref. 355821 Source: https://www.jetmads.com/product-page/1-32-d-558-ii-skyrocket V.P.
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