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  1. You are welcome. I hope to see You on New Years Cup in Belgrade this December!
  2. Hi Nikola. Thanks for compliments. So... canopy. I clean it first with mild soap, then polish it with Tamiya rubbing compound (superfine) to make it really shiny. Masking: I usually just take the easiest way and buy precut masks - usually from Eduard. But I also mask the canopy from inside too. For that, I use tamiya tape and make an inside mask a bit larger than outside one. It is a tedious job. Painting: Remember to apply paint in really light coats, don't flood the canopy with paint as it could creep under the masking tape. So slowly build up layers of pain
  3. Well, not really as they come in pretty large segments. Preping the surface before applying them was the most tedious job as the surface needs to be perfect.
  4. Good day friends! Here is my latest work, Oldie goldie P-47D Razorback from Tamiya. Superb kit, no major fit issues. This is the first time I've used HGW positive rivets and although they demand some extra work (filling already made rivetholes on the kit), the result is well worth it in my opinion. I used Eduard PE set, Quickboost engine, CMK resin wheels, HGW seatbelts, stencils and positive rivets. Decals are from Kitsworld, although the insignias were airbrushed. All the paints used are from MRP, weathering was Ammo affair (oilbrushers, washes, dust effec
  5. Hi, here is the model I've completed last year. Tamiya's F-14 with added extras, Brassin cockpit and armament, some PE from Eduard and Furball decals. Painted with MRP paints, weathered with AMMO weathering products.
  6. From brassin range of missiles. It says that they are 9M's on the packaging.... Don't tell me this are wrong. I'm not touching this kit anymore...
  7. Not at all! It's always good to get a comment from an expert. And i actually found that missing tail antenna. Thanks! Didn't know about this either!
  8. Well, this is a mistake, but i guess only a couple of experts would be aware of. I hope you won't be a judge judging this model in a near future
  9. Thanks for poiting that missing antenna. Will fix that. As far as HUD goes, I didn't have the right PE HUD, so was forced to make it from scratch - so i guess it is not 100% correct, but I couldn't do it any better.
  10. Hello, it has been a long time since my last post on this great forum, but life is sometimes just too hectic to build models. But I've managed to finish this one off in under 7 months. Tamiya F-16C block 25/32 kit, with some extras: Aires F-16C/D wheel bays 4439, F-16C cockpit set 4364 and F-16c block 25/32 exhaust nozzle. Wheels are resin ones from wheeliant, armament and bombs are brassin items. I added Master pitot tube and angle of attack probes and HGW RBF tags. Model was painted with MRPaint colors, weathered with ammo products. Enough blabbering, here are the photos
  11. You will love this kit. I've built it a while ago and I've enjoyed every singe minute during the build. I actually wouldn't change the exhausts as they are really good from the box, but the wheels should be changed for the resin ones.
  12. You need a tripod. And You also need a camera with manual settings. I usually set Fstop value to 22, ISO as low as possible (160-200). Exposure time will be quite long because of those settings, hence the tripod. I actually have the remote control mounted on my camera, so it is perfectly still when i press the shutter button. If you don't have that, just adjust the shutter release delay to 10 seconds. I hope I didn't confuse you too much
  13. Hey! I'm really sorry for not posting anything for a while.... I finished Eduard's spitfire with ton's of extras. If you are interested, here is the Build log, but I think you are more interested in seeing photos of the finished build. Some of You might have noticed that this build was published in Meng Air Modeller. Here they are, enjoy!
  14. gregax


    On the left is IPA alcohol... Note the change in tone of the same color - and it will end up in different (wrong) shades when it dries. I didn't take the photos of the dried paint, but the ones mixed with Mr.Color thinners were glossy and goey when pulled with a toothpick. Imagine sanding/coorecting them when on your model. The others dried matt and they could be sanded. Don't get me wrong, if You are satisfied with using them, just go for it. They might work for someone, but not me. Even when sprayed, they dry into full flat surface, which I don't prefer. I know that Le
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