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  1. Hey @Dinky , the tyres look okay on the rims - managed to get a photo uploaded on page 2 I think. Am not at the stage of putting them on the vehicle yet, as I've been waylaid with the harnesses (lack of material). Just about through that now, so should be on the final stages in the next day or so. Will post some pictures then.
  2. Wondering how you got so much material for the harnesses. I have just about enough SB-1 to make the upper and mid ones, and a single piece of SB-2 to make one of the lower (or the cross pieces to which SB-3 is attached). Did you have to get hold of additional material from Pocher, or was I missing something? I've been in contact with Stuart too, he's been very helpful, but I'm still to get a response re this issue.
  3. I managed to get the tyres on relatively easily by softening them up on the radiator for about 10 minutes. You have to use practically all your weight to get them over the wheels, but it does happen eventually, and they look impressive once done (slight adjustment needed to top left wheel, tyre not properly seated)..
  4. It's strange @Dinky, you'd have thought that because Hornby/Airfix now own Pocher, they'd have got their act together re the instructions. Because I inadvertently damaged a couple of pieces (due to the instructions being incorrect and, dare I say it, a bit of clumsiness), I called up the Hornby spares department today. The good news is that they didn't have any issues with asking for replacement parts, although there's a long wait post-Christmas; the bad is that they had no idea the instructions were so lacking, so not sure if that will change in the foreseeable future. I've been building Airfix kits for the best part of 45 years now, so have masses of experience there, but this is in a league of its own given the incorrect sequencing, wrong part numbers, lack of detail, etc. However, as I say, as long as everything is "dry" fitted first, screws loosened in their holes prior to fitting, etc, then it's definitely doable - the actual parts are of a very high standard, the casting is accurate and they fit together extremely well - no lining up issues as yet (touchwood) - and the paintwork is superb. And, as you say, it will look so sweet, even the wife won't complain (not so much, anyway). Also ordered the display case, seems like an even longer wait there, but definitely worth the additional expense.
  5. Hey @Dinky, I'd say it is worth the money, despite the problems. The trick is to test fit everything first, "dry" fit the screws in the holes, think about the order of things, (e.g. if I assemble this first, will I be able to fit the related components?), and just generally take your time, not forcing anything, just easing the parts in. I ordered the kit almost a couple of years ago, waited patiently for it, and was probably one of the first to get it (at the original, lower price, thankfully!), so the instructions clearly haven't been tested, and often, they simply don't provide enough detail. I would imagine that Pocher (/Hornby) will be revising the instructions quite quickly to eradicate the issues, so perhaps it's worth waiting for that to happen. Given how stunning it'll look on completion, I wouldn't hesitate to spend the money all over again! And, to be honest, overcoming these issues is part of the enjoyment, if it was just a matter of screw and glue, then it might be a bit boring :)!
  6. Been building this since just after Christmas, and have found many of the same issues that @andymyn has, the wrong part numbers shown in the instructions. I just noticed that parts DC-11 and DC-12 are clearly swapped around as well (page 27), and it occurred to me that perhaps they've been laid in the packaging incorrectly, that perhaps the instructions are correct, but that we're picking the wrong bits out of the box - this is the only reference to the metal part numbers. Couple of other points, hopefully saving someone some time (and pain!): - Page 5: @andymyn's comments about the reverse part numbers are correct - the exhausts do fit the way the instructions indicate, with some fiddling, but you end up having to take apart the entire assembly to resolve (wish I've have seen this post sooner!) - Page 5: I believe the parts are incorrectly manufactured, no idea what's happened here, but it does appear that N-11 and N-7 are correct in the instructions, as everything aligns later, but the rectangular holes are the wrong way around (please correct me if I'm wrong) - Page 6: couldn't fit K screws in A#3, had to use D screws - Page 24: not sure about @andymyn's comment re K-6 being swapped out for H-6 - mine appeared correct as per the instructions - Page 24: do not glue parts DC-37 onto the discs until the callipers are screwed on, otherwise you're in a position where you can't screw in the callipers and you can't put in the disc assembly because it's an impossible angle to fit with all other components - General: when screwing into holes such as those in DC-23 and DC-25, test fit the screws first, which also serves to loosen the screw sufficiently for actual fitting - I'm now in the unenviable position of having sheared a screw in DC-23, so have to either drill out or obtain a replacement part Hope this helps, bound to be a lot more to come!
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