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  1. Hi Jesse, Wow , what can i say but,"what a beauty mate!!!!!!!!!!" Brendon
  2. Hi J, It wasn't me who removed it, it was the administrators. I got a email last night about it. I just thought that, since one of our members wanted to know what it look like, i would scan it to show them. It wasn't my intention, that could bring the site to a copyright infringement notice from the company concerned. so im not here to upset the apple cart, now i will be careful what i post from now on. Brendon
  3. Hi Jesse, Just sent decals off today for you. should get them a couple of days after xmas Cheers Brendon
  4. i Heard a story, when the F-111 was new in Aussie service, the USAF sent a Sqn from Mountain Home, of an exercise, Needless to say the Aussie's decided to an extra O tho the tail code (MOO), the night before the returned stateside. Brendon
  5. Aussie_superbug

    Revell C17

    Who Said Australians Don't have Humor , so to all the Brits if we win the next ashes series, you can keep the urn.......... We'll take the C-17 instead. Brendon
  6. Aussie_superbug

    Revell C17

    I put mine on order on Friday just gone, as they aren't over here "Down Under" yet, so it will be here after Xmas. My wife brought it for me for Xmas, what a lovely Girl she is, At the asking price of $57 Aussie dollars Brendon
  7. Hi Jessie <Image removed due to copyright infringement concerns> Here is the decal sheet from the Minicraft kit. none of the colours have been altered from the scanner. Myself im going to be doing a RAAF herk. Brendon
  8. Hi Jesse I just recently brought the Fat Albert Kit, the kit itself looks really good, except the engine nacelles. the decal is printed by Cartograf of Italy. i will post photos of it shortly. Brendon
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