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  1. Thanks Gary, i was thinking of a 1:48, I just went for the little fellas because they were cheap, and if i thought "this is not for me" then no harm done. but I see your point and it makes sense.. I fancied having a go at a harrier; any recommendations in 48th scale? And Noelh, it was always whisky, but I hate to admit it but since moving out here i'm developing a taste for the stuff with the extra "E" , goes down really easy... too easy!
  2. Hi All, I recently joined britmodeller, and completed a cheapy little 1:72 hurricane, rough and ready no doubt but a way to get the eye in so to speak. i got the occre bounty launch from my mother in law for Christmas ( no idea where she got the idea but a lovely gift anyway) I've never built a wooden model, ( nor any model since I was a kid to be honest) and I had a quick search on here to see if there were any logs to follow, but no luck. does anyone have any knowledge of this kit? is it a good kit for a first timer? should I stick to airfix? that kind of thing.. any help or advice would be most appreciated. if there is nothing I'm more than happy to post some pictures of the contents if anyone is interested I'm not expecting to turn out anything of the quality I see on here by the way. i am well aware of my limitations and have set my expectations at a moderate level. so no pressure on me or you guys to reply Many thanks Mulla
  3. thanks everyone for taking the time. At this stage I am REALLY not trying to get anything historically accurate. just want to enjoy the process at the moment and end up with something that might not look too silly shoved up on a book shelf somewhere. I always had something to do with my hands, but we've just moved back to Europe and are in a rented house at the minute, so there are none of those little jobs to keep me busy... unless you count drinking scotch and smoking tabs. I'll have a crack at another 72nd scale and see where we get. thanks again
  4. First attempt done. I stuck some pictures in ready for inspection for what it’s worth
  5. White tak ey? It’s going on the shopping list... gunna need a bigger bench
  6. One other mistake I made was scribing the panel lines! i realized that 100% concentration is needed on every step! Even the smallest error is magnified... well 72 times
  7. I’ve ordered some new paint and a few bits and bobs and will make a start in number 2 shortly.
  8. Ok so here it is, first build since childhood and I’ve got to say you guys make it look easy! Lots of mistakes and lots of lessons learned, but I have to say I thorough enjoyed it, and the end result was encouraging enough for me try another. mistakes: decals in wrong place (walkways) broken aerial scratched the surface-lots blue tsk masking left residue canopy painted freehand
  9. Lovely stuff! That’s some rate of output with you working too! Word of thanks to you and all front line workers
  10. Awesome! Thanks lads! I’m getting a little excited! Let’s start with the hurricane! I always loved an underdog!
  11. thanks Lads, I fully expect to give the first models to the nephews to run around dogfighting with.. like we all did as kids. I was thinking of doing all three at once, so the practice on each area will be more focussed… crazy idea?
  12. Hi All, I was recently given an unused airbrush set from someone's garage ( cheapey from ebay that was bought and never used). after I had it I thought what am I going to do with this....? so I thought i'd give it a crack on a model kit.. so here I am, looking that gift horse in the mouth, and going to try something I haven't done in 30 years.. maybe you could give me some advice right out of the gate... i bought 3 1:72 airplane kits from different manufacturers to practice on and see if this might be worth pursuing... which would you recommend i tackle first ? Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk.1B Revell Hawker Hurricane Mk.11c Tamiya Spitfire Mk.Vb I fully expect them to get chucked when i'm finished so went for what i hope are simple kits to practice on..
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