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  1. My stash is 8 1/32 kits and even when over the years I built 1/72 then 1/48 I never really had a big to-do list. I tend to have ideas and my go to is predominantly ebay. I'll put kits in the watch and then sit on it. If I want it I'll bid but mostly I'll forget about it, which shows me I probably wouldn't have built it. Boring I know, but it works for me.


    *viggen, 2 x Tornadoes, Lynx, Buccaneer, Mi-24, 2 x Hawks and a Hunter.


  2. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment. There is actually not much out there about the Brit Js’. I purchased a couple of magazines for the snippets referenced and even one of my RAF years books had a piece but nothing meaty. Website and the usual search engine and zooming in, which I suspect we all do. Even my wife has asked "why is it blue" and then when I found a website including 50 shades of blue, there was a raised eyebrow!.


    The parachute comes with the bag and an option to purchase the lines which are carbon rods. I had problems gluing the rods to the parachute as there was not enough contact patch, so i sanded back the ends of the lines flush to the parachute. They then glued and stayed connected. The parachute is quite soft and will flex in handling. My main problem was gluing the carbon lines to the main rod. I kept ending up with a Hay bales that looked like they'd been tied by hand. So the second attempt was wire locking. I used very thin gauge locking wire that we used to use on fire extinguishers on aircraft and that brought everything together and superglued. The small parachute is paper mache moulded over the end of a rounded pen. At low speeds this deflates to a hanging pose.


    Anyway I used these sites








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  3. I also hope it goes well, but alas with the different world we live in it will not be familiar. Basil will probably be spelt with a Z and Fawlty will be autocorrected to something less negative. But we've got to give it a chance. Anyway flowery twats, I'm off to count the tiles on the roof.




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  4. I crashed our 2wd Sierra. It had 365bhp and accelerated like a stabbed rat. I owned it for 5 years and I too think I'd still have it. Big lump in my throat seeing it in the compound banana shaped. Fasted I ever went was 135mph which was enough for me, however my wife drove it much faster as she passed a friend (who thought it was me driving) said he was flat out at 135 and I just disappeared. That was a conversation the following day...





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  5. See the way i see it is accept the kit for what it is or be prepared to modify the kit to make the wrongs right. Now how much you modify is your choice either effort or cash (making it an expensive kit). I've seen many a kit at shows over the years and some are great unmodified. Choices choices. I think you should sell it to me for £15 for the greater good of modelling. I'll send you photos when it's done.


    Alan P will be along and offer you £20 and he'll build it in 2 weeks.




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  6. So these blow in doors are spring loaded and they let extra air in depending on what flow is demanded by the engine. When the engine is shut down the upper most through to the side doors will hang down fully or sightly by gravity. The lower ones will remain closed. So in the above photos you can see engine running or not. The optical illusion of the picture with 713, they look closed but are actually open.




    Hope that helps and you can position your to how you intend to display the model.







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