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  1. Some work done on the underside. tried to show the wear and tear by a revised leading edge, and some primed panels. positive chipping still needs to be done!
  2. Some progress made last week!
  3. No the inspiration is the Werner Streib crash at Venlo. This is the exact composition of this, but I still need to make the base of this
  4. Thanks sir!!! this particular aircraft had a lot of wear and tear the last days before the allies captured this airframe and sprayed it Red. There were a few parts swaped and changed during the war in the field also. This is a very interesting werknumber to make. There are a few parts which are still in the red primer as well underneath the wing. But these are yet to come .
  5. Thanks! It’s the Revell kit! Made some progress yesterday in wheatering and chipping.
  6. It’s very hard to explain and show how I work when making wrecks. it al starts with a study on the pictures of the wreck which I want to create. Meanwhile I start the riveting, and try to get a visual view of the end product, and start to cut and saw, and make it realistic as possible. But the most important thing you need are books! Books with the technical drawings and which are showing the construction of the particular aircraft you want to make.. I will show some in my topics in the future for sure!
  7. Thanks everyone for this huge amount of awesome comments!!!!
  8. Good evening all, New in this forum here, and couldn’t find any right topic to post some recent work from me. Hereby some work which I did the last year...
  9. Dear all, New here on this forum, and starting off with this build of the Focke Wulf 190 A8. I used the eduard Brassin sets for the engine and cockpit, and some photo etch for the flaps. Please enjoy the pictures!
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