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  1. On 05/02/2022 at 17:20, bootneck said:

    As the header states, I'd like to paint my srs II Land Rover kit in Marine Blue colour; however, I only have Vallejo paints,  Is there a matching equivalent or very close match?




    Hi Mike,


    I Land Rover marine blue colour code is 006. If you ask someone like Zero paints, they’ll mix the right colour for you airbrush ready. Links below:




    Zero paints


    Hope this helps!




  2. On 24/01/2022 at 20:38, Spiny said:

    How long did you leave it in the bleach? And what temperature was it?


    The reason I ask is that I've found that bleach is very dependant on temperature - I've had it almost compeltely fail to touch chrome overnight yet strip it compeltely within the hour when I put the same bleach container into a bowl of hot (nto boiling, you don't want to damage the plastic) water.

    That’s interesting, I found sunlight does the same thing, could just be because of the gentle heat then

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