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  1. Hi John, picked it up again last night as it happens! It's been sidelined whilst I do man work on the property. The front bedroom is finally being decorated and upgraded so that the lady of the manor has more room to stash her clutter! Anyway, coat of lacquer went on last night, so some decals next. Watch this space...
  2. This was hard! Might need to gently scrape away some of the paint.
  3. Damn, I never thought about cutting the masking tape in situ. I've done the horizontal bits, as shown in the piccy, so I was going to do the verticals next, masking them separately and hoping it wouldn't pull the paint off. Hmmmm...... Yeh, been thinking about something like that. Any recommendations?
  4. Tiny masking job, my eyesight ain't up to this kind of scale! First coat of dark green. Wonky donkey!
  5. @limeypilot @dnl42 Thanks for the hints 'n tips, it's most appreciated. In this case, the mis-alignment was caused mainly by haste and naivety. I just glued it, put it together, all felt good, didn't even think to check the alignment. It's a lesson learnt. I'm building this one primarily to practice masking, painting and using micro set/sol more when applying decals, so I'm not going to lose too much sleep over the misalignment issue More pics of the build coming later.
  6. Big thank you to @Skodadriver Dave for sending me replacement decals to fix my clumsy bottom mistake.
  7. I have sanding sticks a plenty, but thanks! Which seam are you referring to? I thought it was part of the intake.
  8. It's all gone a bit brown. That's 3 coats of brushed on colour. Never gonna be as good as spray gun, but you make the best of what you have First attempt at getting a nice sharp line between the top 'n bottom colours. Whisked off the masking type straight after applying the paint. Really wish I hadn't cocked up fitting the wing assembly.
  9. Wheels on and underbelly given a quick coat of light green. The wing assembly is slightly misaligned with the fuselage assembly, as shown on the photo just in front of the small air intake. School boy error, not really much I can do about it now. Close up of the landing gear compartment.
  10. I didn't know that, and I can't even remember where I got it from it was so long ago
  11. Oh, they sound good. Something for the next one
  12. Cool, tag away! Really enjoying this one, it's more my level. What are "PE ones"? I've put the seat in now so it's a little enclosed by the fuselage. Might be somewhat tricky to get anything in there now.
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