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  1. 2 minutes ago, Beardie said:

    I might really be able to kill more folks with a fiddle bow than with a bow and arras.

    My son was watching the Proclaimers musical "Sunshine over Leith" the other day and I was totally struck by the clip / song "Oh Jean". The song was beautfifully matched by the slow and stylish "Gay Gordons" dance in the background! Not "Gay" as in the current understanding of it.



    More power to yer fiddle bow!

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Beardie said:

    I've re-strung my bow as well but now I can't find my fiddle or I could kill thousands with the sound waves!


    I can well understand where you are coming from @RobL We may be technically 'first world' but there are plenty of people here who are not nearly so lucky in their situations and this is made painfully obvious in situations like this virus outbreak. There was a story the other day of an old fella who crashed into a car driven by a nurse as he had been forced out of his self-isolation by a need to get food and with no family or support. He believed he had the coronavirus and apparently collapsed at the wheel causing the crash. The nurse involved stayed with him for hours as he was taken to hospital where he has since died. If only people like him had the support of local community or friends and family then he might still be alive. There are an awful lot of holes in our society's safety net.


    I'm confused Beardie, did you quote the correct item?


     Mine was a joke about airguns, 15 YO daughters and S10 Respirators...


    No joke is she does actually have my old S10...            :worry:


    2nd No Joke: Having used SLRs, SA80s, Gimpys, Charley Gs, AR15s, M79s, 66mms, and Rardens, I'm a criminal if I have a .177mm Air Rifle... Which (of course) I now no longer own!         :phew:

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  3. On 3/27/2020 at 8:08 AM, Rick Brown said:

    Now where's my S10?

    Found mine in my 15 year old daughters bedroom...             :frantic:


    Live in Scotland so pretty much anything stronger than a fart has been denied us. Airguns are re-classified as "Firearms".


    I've restrung my bow.   :wicked:

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  4. 5 hours ago, Beardie said:

    Alexandria (the one in Scotland)

    Where I live. AKA, "The Vale" as Daughter Unit calls it. Well, she pronounces it "The Vayo".


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  5. 3 hours ago, bar side said:

    Once drilled out I have put super glue in the holes.  Should dry quite opaque and let light through, with leds fitted behind.  Just a few leds, not one for each ceil8ng light.

    Try the nail varnish wimmen use. A wee dab in the hole (with a toothpick, okay?) often works beautifully as it dries very clear. Just try not to let it contact the paint if it is acrylic or better still, seal the paint first.


    Another useful item is UV glue, comes in a tube with a needle and the UV "torch" that sets it on t'other end of the tube. Usually sets very clear too.

  6. I once lost the 3" long, very red, tail rudder from a 1/32 Revell BAE Hawk in a room in MIL's immaculate house, which had some furniture and a bright blue carpet. Could I find it???? Nope.  Finally, in a rage I scratched a new one.


    Months later - after the kit was built, I found the original stuck to the bottom of the kit box with a wee dod of Blue-Tack.      :angry:

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  7. 30 minutes ago, patmaquette said:

    I still have a lot to learn about using acrylic paint and I know the potential was there to make it look really good. Nevertheless I am quite pleased with how it turned out......



    That looks pretty bloomin' good to me mate!!!  Lovely job.





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  8. 2 hours ago, phildagreek said:

    But why all the toilet roll?

    From my old Regiment's bolshie and dreadfully satirical ex Squaddie's website:


    "Cos when 1 person sneezes, 100 others removed themselves!"


    Apols Mods and Mike!


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