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  1. Hello Kirk, thank you you for your advice, and I will certainly plan on bearing it in mind. i will start a new thread on the build once i begin ( got to finish the PT109 for my 8 year old first) hopefully I will also have the new fuselage by that time also. if I could produce a model that is acceptable I will be happy, the people on here are just amazing to turn out examples like these.
  2. Good evening all, I’m new to this model site and am trying to get back into modelling as a way of managing my PTSD, I am just starting this model myself after digging it out of the loft. The kit kit is okay, lots of flash and on opening missing the entire fuselage, air fix sent a replacement today but it’s missing a large chunk behind the cockpit which I hope will be replaced by Airfix. For the time being I’m starting in the engine and wings etc. there is mention of a droopy wing, just wondering how this is solved? sorry if I have posted this in the wrong are
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