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  1. Finally finished. Not sure what antenna cables suppose to look like.
  2. Sorry, looks like some kind of problem with a server ((
  3. Fixed. At least I hope so ))
  4. OOB build. I decided to do almost no weathering and present her as a freshly cleaned aircraft. Lovely details, excellent fit, but the decals (not Cartograph in my case) are tricky to work with. Sorry, no pictures
  5. I can totally understand you! The kit is beautiful, fit is perfect and details are exceptional. I think you will enjoy it! Just be careful with the old decals ))
  6. NSR500 Mich Doohan 1998, bought 12.11.2000, completed today! Decals Shunko Models, paints Zeropaints, front folk TopStudio. Construction report:
  7. She is almost ready to race! I had a major problem with decal when I tried to mask the area with the race number. The decal just disintegrated, so instead of green 1 it will be red 1 )))
  8. It is really a challenge to find a right combination of paints to depict this glorious 2T pipes )))
  9. Hallo fellow modeller, A brief update: decals went on surprisingly well. All the sponsor logos exactly match the colours of the model. Next steps - clear coating, controls and exhaust pipes, windshield.
  10. Gradually she is getting in shape. Tamiya kit is really a joy to work on. Wie immer )))
  11. Front folk is aftermarket from TopStudio and it's EXCELLENT! Way better than plastic part and you do not have to paint it. Highly recommend!
  12. As I said before decals are useless to replicate big Repsol logo of yellow and red, they are too stiff and do not react at all to softening solutions. Luckily I managed to mix the colours so that the smaller decals and big logo match together
  13. Hallo, this is a kit that I bought many years ago and had no courage to start. Originally it should be build as MoviStar machine, but I managed to spoil the decal, so it will be Repsol's bike. Aftermarket decal is from Shunko Models and it is absolute trash. Avoid it! On the positive side is Zeropaints set - absolute joy to work with ))) VG K.
  14. Great work! I am new to motorcycles and only dream of the result like this. Chapeau! BTW, can anyone advise me how to paint these red BREMBO letters on brake calipers? I ran out of ideas ((( K.
  15. Thanks, but no, it's 1/48 "old" kit 8172.
  16. Construction report: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235049531-fw-190a-7-heinz-bär-rot-13/
  17. This build is complete! Very enjoyable, nothing to complain about but my very own lack of some skills. Several mistakes were made, but this is what learning is all about. Anyway I want to thank Eduard for improving their already very good kit. Next time I'll stick to a new one, probably with some resin pats thrown into the mix. And thanks for all encouraging comments that helped me along the way! MFG Kibar
  18. Well, I hope that next post will be in "Ready for inspection". Kit is not that difficult to assemble and the value is great. 99% out of the box build with the exception of cannons that I managed to broke. Very enjoyable, Eduard is the best!
  19. It's really a shame to hide BMW under the cowling Unfortunately I have to! Next time I build Würger I invest in some Eduard'd Brassin parts. Ans I'll take a "new" kit for sure, this one is needlessly complicated. I mean these complications do not effect the end result at all.
  20. BMW 801 D-2 and a little bit of dirt )))
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