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  1. good evening everyone

    thank you for comments and likes


    day 24 putting airbrush demons to bed


    at long last i have sucessfully used the airbrush twice, and got decent results, i like Tamiya paints, i hate vajello primer 


    Hospital ships of the era were painted white and Military hospital ships were also identitified with green bands , i may have used too dark a green but it will be staying like this (for now anyway (not tempting fate)

    Hospital ship - Wikipedia


    a small amount of touching up to do



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  2. good Morning everyone


    Thank you for comments and likes

    day 23 forward well deck cargo hatches


    the Britannic had a very different fwd well deck to the Titanic with raised cargo hatches up to the height of the focastle,

    between these hatches are doors, so i am at present still trying to work out whats was in there, possibly access to ladders to the holds


    titanic kit,



    the hatch covers, and vents and winches are from the KAMK1 kit the rest is scratched, temp colours for now to illiminate lightr bleed


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  3. 16 minutes ago, Ray S said:

    I have just caught up with this and am totally amazed at what you have done so far. That lighting system too is staggering. There is lots of inspiration going on with this build.


    You don't tend to do 'small' do you, this is another massive build!



    maybe the most amazing thing will be that one day i will finish something, its been a while since i completed a ship

  4. 1 hour ago, Bertie McBoatface said:

    Yipes! This has moved on since I last dropped by. Very sound work there Kev

    with the hull being one piece, foredeck and poop with the mainm sides tit builds up very fast with minimal amout of bits, value for money wrt the amout of plastic, the kit is over priced, especially considering how badly it has been designed

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  5. Good afternoon everyone

    thank you for comments and likes


    DAY 18

    Portholes, i dont want to spend several hundred pounds sorting out the rivets and portholes, but i can make a couple of changes so some of the kit widows are being filled in to make her look a bit like the BritannicIMG_4739.thumb.JPG.be200cba2cd913168b2d7IMG_4741.thumb.JPG.cb5271d75d8b52ff41e43IMG_4746.thumb.JPG.b6516a0cf24ce24ffa33bIMG_4732.thumb.JPG.00f1618e30c3e79e87798

    internal decks are haing PE windows fitted

    lighting is ongoing


    preshading, i hate airbrushing but i want a dirty hull, so the top coverage will not be perfect


    revisited the enclosed after deck and sorted the hatch truckways and the new 2nd class gymnasium



    also on the top deck is a childrens play room this still needs work, im not happy with it at allIMG_4783.thumb.JPG.fac5bb271bffee36f132aIMG_4785.thumb.JPG.4e26212e71a75adad6865IMG_4786.thumb.JPG.4cc1f8b17b170f861b3ac


    i think some primer is requiredIMG_4792.thumb.JPG.5268db6d3ed067ff0d778


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  6. 3 hours ago, Killingholme said:


    No worries Kevin. I've studied Titanic pretty extensively over the years and have a decent reference library. My knowledge of Britannic is rather inferior (as I suspect is that of most Titanic scholars) but don't hesitate to reach out if you've got a sticking point in your build. I might be able to dig out a reference to save you the bother of buying some rather expensive books! ("Titanic-The Ship Magnificent", for instance, is currently fetching about £75 per volume!)



    good evening Will


    the Britannc is quickly becomming a hot topic of debate, but i do open myself up when posting on social media (Facebook) in some of the deicated groups, 

    I will not be buying every upgrade kit there is, i could easly spend  another £1000 on this, and i dont want to do that, i have a new wooden kit coming onto the maket for that price around the end of the year 

    i have the KAMK1 upgrade set and i will purchase the cranes/davits from Shapeways, which means the rest will have to be scratched, that creates by biggest issue with B&C deck windows  I dont think i will be able to resolve that issue, 

    I discoved that night that the hatch issue on the after well deck was trunkways i need to correct that

    Today i made up the extra after deck, but not quite finished so will update my log tomorrow

    i have the books you refer to , Titanic-The Ship Magnificent" they are very good even though most of the photos refer to Olyimpic 

    "The Unseen Britannic: just bought for £4 on amazon

    BUT i was pointed out this yeaterday, and is brilliant in did cost me £12 through Steam 

    Britannic: Patroness of the Mediterranean 

  7. 3 hours ago, Killingholme said:

    Hi Kevin,


    The two rearmost cargo hatches remained in the same place, but an additional hatch coaming was created through the new 'awning' deck that spanned the previously open well deck on Olympic/Titanic. On Olympic/Titanic the after cargo hatches were 'trunked' from their openings in the (C) deck wells all the way down to the holds themselves. I don't know on Britannic if this trunking was continued all the way up to the new (B) awning deck. I suspect not. I suspect the hatches on (B) would be a simple openings with the hatches below them on (C) remaining the weather-tight hatch coamings as per O/T. I follow the principle that the designers would make the fewest changes possible to achieve the desired result- i.e. covering the aft well deck while still allowing ease of cargo handling and not compromising weather tightness. My gut instinct would be to build your after well deck as-per the Titanic kit instructions, and then simply add another couple of simple hatch coamings to the new (B) deck 'awning' deck that you have created.


    Also worth noting that the centre pair of the three sets of aft cargo cranes were raised one deck, bringing them in line with the rearmost pair which on Olympic/Titanic were already seated on B deck (poop). I am less certain about the steam winches and warping drums situated on O/T in the shelter (C) deck wells, but I would be all but certain that on Britannic they remained on the shelter (C) deck- there's no practical gain to moving them up a deck, and plenty of serious structural/handling complications in contriving a way of doing so.


    There aren't a lot of references out there specially focused on Britannic, but the best I've come across is "The Unseen Britannic: The Ship in Rare Illustrations" by Simon Mills. 


    Hope that helps. Continued to be excited to follow the project. I only wish I could afford to build the 1/200 Titanic kit out of the box; the thought of following a Britannic conversion is very exciting!



    Will thank you so very much indeed, fully appreachiate yr reply and time taken

  8. good afternoon everyone

    thank you for comments and like


    day 9 after well deck

    Britannic had lots of changes made to her, as a result of the titanic loss,, the after well deck was one of them

    it was decided that 3rd class passengers needed somewhere to smoke and protected from the elements

    to achieve this they removed the hatched to the after cargo holds (but at present i dont know where to)



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  9. 8 hours ago, Killingholme said:

    Wow that's quite an undertaking, even before you consider the scratchbuilding required! It'll keep you going for a while! Any plan for the changes required- 3d printing or classic modelling skills?


    Oh and I guess it's probably a bit too late to tell you that Britannic had a large number of her portholes painted over at the time of her use as a hospital ship... 



    good evening Will

    i will have to puchase the cranes from Shapeways, the rest i will attempt to make, other than the KAMK1 upgrade, i am not planning any other PE, however i may purchase the stern plate set, after attempting it myself, its quite a large area with nothing on it, but there is a cheaper option than the brass set

  10. good evening everyone



    day 5 of the project


    between portholes a lot of the raised detail has been removed in prep off the wooded decks






    new better slower drill required for the small portholes, not impressed though, so much play in the drive, plus a cheap mini chuck IMG_4587.thumb.JPG.cb162928757f577b702be

    for effect i build up the next section of superstructure, still using my dog walking leds



    the inside has been primed in yellow to stop any light bleed


    the internal bulkheads are presently being used to support the LED light strips, i may split this to three sections, as it will be not be possible to remove after the well decks are secured in place






    much better with warm white LED

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  11. 1 hour ago, Killingholme said:

    Wow that's quite an undertaking, even before you consider the scratchbuilding required! It'll keep you going for a while! Any plan for the changes required- 3d printing or classic modelling skills?


    Oh and I guess it's probably a bit too late to tell you that Britannic had a large number of her portholes painted over at the time of her use as a hospital ship... 



    the project is evolving all the time, i will update later

  12. good evening everyone


    day 1 hull - portholes


    i dont quite know how many portholes there are, but they seam to be taking a while to do. i was originally going to do them by pin vice, my hands were never going to manage that, so the electric variable speed power drill came into use, the pin vice was put into the chuck for the very small size drill bits


    i may have undersized the holes by using 0.6, 1mm, 1.5 and 2mm



    i placed a white led in the hull to see what effect im going to get and quite happy with the result





    although not ready for this the kit i purchased from a friend also had a set of internal bulkheads to keep the shape right 









    made the stand up, wrong name of course




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