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  1. good evening everyone

    thankyou for comments and like comments

    day 48 tween deck transverse beams

    a lot of progress made in the last few days

    i decided to make a lot the internal decks and deckheads in modules i have found, for me it works very well, and allows me to get all the longitudinals quite straight, also allows painting a lot easier


    lots of transverse beams ready for fitting these are for the stbd side midships




    engine room lower level



    ready for paint



    tween decks level nearly complete, looks sqiffy due to the fact the decks are just placed on, and not slotted into position





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  2. good evening, everyone

    thank you for comments and likes

    let me know if you are getting bored with my posts, please

    day 43 tween deck box girders frames 54 to 99, upper deck transverse beams port side 17 to 54 painted cargo hold deck and bilge tanks

    Kevin’s shipyard paint schedule - machinery spaces green decks

    customer requirement – green decks in all cargo holds forward of the engine room and machinery spaces (this is just as well as I painted them wrong)

    the transverse beams are attached to the longitudinals but not the box girders 

    Day 44  tween decks box girders made upto frame 99,  all lower deck cargo bulkheads made up


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  3. 33 minutes ago, Steve D said:

    Hi Kev


    ive just caught up with this thread. I LOVE it, the size, the detail, the fact that it is card, the fact that most of the detail is lost, everything.  Well done for starting over and for building the whole ship


    ill be following along, this one is too good to miss.  

    if only it were in brass :hmmm:





    i hoping the detail where possible will be shown as sections will remain open

    if it was brass i would be looking for handouts lol and it would be far to heavy

  4. good evening everyone

    thank you for comments and likes

    day 41 engine room levels

    as the port side will be fully enclosed i started putting in the engine room levels for that side

    everything seams to be lining up so far

    put some paint down as well today green and white for machinery spaces, grey and grey with white box girders and deck heads for the holds

    i had some decent outside photos of the engine room until i realised i had put the i had put the flat level in the wrong position,

    oh and the boi wanted a mention


    lol couple of the better photos from today with the engine room level in the wrong position


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  5. Good evening everyone

    day 37 stern build up continues, and a wheelie bin

    3 days since my last post, and not much to show for it, life got in the way

    the stern build up is now mainly complete, i just want to add some paint to the hard to get to places before the frames go in, i will do that next to prevent any damage occuring

    the white painted section is the steering gear flat, it will get a green deck before the longitudinals go back in




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  6. Good evening everyone

    thank you for comments and likes

    day 34 box girders and crocodile clips

    the after peak has been fitted and stands up quite well on its own, however the more support i can give it the safer it is

    the box girders are now starting to line it all up, no glue has been used since the last post

    i have no intention of passing the forward engine room bulkhead for a while with intentions of staying with the after part of the build



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  7. good evening everyone

    this build seams to have attracted some attention, so i had better make a decent job of it, and finish it this year 

    Day 32 engine room tween deck module and after peak 

    been doing some garden work the last couple of days but yesterday i varnished 12 sheets of card on both sides to allow more cutting out 

    personally i have found it easier to work away from the kit rather than on the build itself



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  8. good evening everyone


    yep sorry its me again


    day 30 engine room bulkheads


    taken me most of the day to build these two and get them in place, when i say most of the day, perhaps 4 to 5 hours modelling, meals, dog walking hubby doos all adds up

    but, im happy with the progress, very happy indeed, means now i can set the engine room up and see in i can convert the 1/16 engine to 1/70

    next will be the engine room levels girders, which will straighten up the bulkheads


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  9. good evening everyone

    thank you for comments and likes


    day 29 shaft tunnel


    rightly or wrongly, i build this up as a standalone, so that it could be painted separately, all the decks in machinery/non cargo spaces within the hull will be green i quite like the colour i found, the white is just primer, the port side will not be seen so i left it unpainted so that i can see the frame numbers

    the after cargo hold bulkhead is next to be made up and then fitted as a large section

    some of you will recognise me having done this in January this year


    working on the shaft tunnel number 48 


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  10. 1 hour ago, Bertie Psmith said:


    Isn't paranoia when a person is scared of things that aren't going to happen? I'm afraid the card warping happened already, way back when you applied the modgepodge. It's not going to straighten out on its own.


    Is there anything you can do to straighten out the rest of the sheets before you cut the parts out? Can you iron modgepodge soaked card?

    they will sort them selfs out as the rest of the build goes on, i post lots of photo's during my builds, not just the finished bits,

    all my builds tend to be long term  the paranoid line came in from the the comments relating to a photo which others would not have posted  it, im not concerned about it all all, 

  11. 4 hours ago, Bertie Psmith said:

    And this was a simple model for firemen!


    I've never seen a card model of any size under construction before. It's certainly a complex building method. I notice that almost all of the pieces are warped to some extent and wonder whether this gets straightened out as the build progresses. I should have to patience to wait and see but that may be quite some time yet.


    My condolences on the loss of the first one, and congratulations on having the fortitude to start over.

    thank you for your comment, yes a piece of card that has multitude notches will take on any shape it likes, but pulls out when everything else is in place


  12. Good evening everyone

    day 25 midships and stern joined

    over the last couple days perhaps put in about 4 to 6 hours work on the build, but very little to show for it

    the vets trip and visitors yesterday limited getting into to it that much and the visitors we had yesterday were the first in six month and we had a brilliant time, possibly first time i have laughed this year, so today was bit of a downer, 

    anyway i have joined the midships section to the stern as there is some over lap in the double bottom frames, and as you can see, it has become well, big, 

    hoping over this Easter weekend to get most of the tank tops put on (with the exception of the exposed viewing area)



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  13. 5 hours ago, tony007 said:

    Sorry Kevin I did not take any pictures, working on them was enough. When we were 1st year apprentices, part of our training was to build a cardboard double bottom section. It showed how strong the structure was, our instructor got the biggest lad in the class to stand on it. There was no buckling at all! I think this model may have its origins there.

    I remember the Fire service wanting diagrams etc of the ships structure, so they knew what they were facing in a emergency. I think it was one of the architects who designed this model to help them.

    Most of the important structure is in the model, but it also is a simplified version of what was actually there. A example is where the frames(longitudinal stiffeners) in the double bottom sections (and most other parts of the ship) go through non watertight bulkheads, they never touched the bulkhead. On both sides of the frame there was a small gusset plate welded between the frame and bulkhead. This allowed a bit of movement in the ships structure, otherwise structural failure happened.

    That`s all for today`s shipbuilding lesson.


    Thank Tony

    yes a lot of that information is part of my opening post, esp about the emergency services, and a forward section being produced, and from there the whole ship being produced as a kit


    i have rec'd posts from people on facebook groups that were not aware of anything inside a hull, other than an engine (mind boggles)

  14. 17 hours ago, tony007 said:

    Nice work Kevin, brings back a few pleasant(unpleasant) memories. I used to work on these in real life at the shipyard where they were built. The model is very true to the original, but you missed out the 3 run fillet welds at the bottom of the bulkheads.(only kidding)

    do you have internal photos as i will be adding detail inside at some time 

    im not into rivet counting, but seriously if you see something that could be added, please let me know

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