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  1. This is a hell of the job! Would you recommend this kit?
  2. At this point I can finally say that the bodywork is done! It was like a cat and mouse game - fill-sand-prime-scribe-fill-sand-prime... After more than a few sequences, I'm satisfied and can move to next step, which is a paintjob. Airframe is primed with Mr.Surfacer 1000 and 1200 (top coat). Aires didn't provide one of major engine frame pieces which rounds cylinders between the rows. For that reason, I decided to produce it as my own photo etched part and in few steps show that to you... Before any start it is needed to draw a shape of the piece. I did it in CorelDraw. Shape printed on graphic foil and 0.1mm brass plate is a start. Protective foil is applied on the polished brass plate and it is illuminated and developed (whole process is made on both sides, perfectly matched). Now you see exposed brass as a final shape. Next step is application of very thin layer of tin, which will protect brass from etching fluid. This is done by electrolysis. Now tin represents the shape and visible brass is an excess. The process ends by etching and now it looks like some real photo etched part. I could remove the tin, but it is not necessary, so I just polished it with P1000 sandpaper. I made five variants at once only for a reason not to repeat the whole process for shape corrections (one will work). Piece is detached and bent before painting. As you probably concluded, I also pushed work on the engine. Cheers
  3. Thanks man! Colour is yellow zinc chromate, and paint is Gunze Mr.Color 352 - Chromate Yellow Primer FS33481
  4. Hi folks! Two weeks have passed and here is some update... I've painted and installed wheel bay and gun bay: Did some basic bodywork and made some corrections: - I made this balance tab from some PE sprue and just placed it between two halfs of the right wing, then all is glued and filled with CA glue and ofcourse sanded - elipse marks the trim tab which is filled because it was present only on the left wing I have cleaned all of the engine resin parts (don't know how to make some of them alive through the build I drilled these two 3mm holes on intake front section: Also learned how to repair broken thin resin area. I did it with paper and CA glue and I sanded it just a little bit when it cured. Everything is primed with Mr.Surfacer 1000. Now I have a nice uniform surface which will further work make more easier. Now it looks like this (there is some more bodywork to do before putting it together): Engine is in some kind of initial phase of the build.
  5. This is my new project, which I started this week. Base is Hasegawa kit, which looks just fine. Addition will be a large set by Aires: cockpit, engine and wheel bay; also pitot tube and Browning 0.5 machine gun barrels by Master and wheels by True Details. First step was, of course, cockpit. It is finished and ready to be installed into the fuselage. Another thing I did was the preparation of airframe parts. It considered some surgery to cut plastic parts, and then a lot of scraping plastic and resin parts to make them compatible. Also did laminate some edges to look more realistic.
  6. Thanks mate! My favorite is ‘99. I also have one 2005 WRC in the stash and will build it some day.
  7. Thanks to all... Here is comparison to 1999:
  8. After one from 1999, I made this one. It is also a very nice Tamiya kit painted with Zero Paints World Rally Blue (Subaru 02C) color and finished with 2k gloss coat. There is also Scale Motorsport PE and carbon fiber and MFH seat belts.
  9. Very nice kit from AFV Club with Aber PE of simiral quality. Also my first attempt of making base with grass and mud.
  10. Complete cockpit with canopy is combination of resin and PE by CMK.
  11. Thank you, guys Colour is the same as the one in the cockpit - Gunze H335 Medium Seagray BS381C/637.
  12. Airfix kit like a base and many aftermarket for improvements (CMK interior, exterior and undercarriage, QuickBoost control levers and antennas, Master pitot tube, Two Mikes intakes and decals from Italeri).
  13. Great business, mate! How do you pack it to avoid any damage?
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