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  1. Dave's closing words on the Alfa.....


    "The point of this model was to finish off my series of straight-twelve engines.  The Alfa 12 is the result of combining two straight-eights into a straight-twelve.  The chassis is lengthened slightly.  The front wings are from the RR Sedanca kit."


    Last pics...enjoy.....




    A great 'finale' :)


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  2. 33 minutes ago, Totally Mad Olivier said:

    Indeed, Ron, I look forward to see if both seem to be at the same scale.


    Like you, I had been totally amazed when Manu had shown the head of his Pietro Bordino (the Fiat 806 driver).

    If, like Ron seemed to suggest, it is a prepainted face like the one I just ordered, then we're dealing with real artists. Btw, if I decided to order the prepainted version, it is because for now, my skills don't allow me to get such a result.

    Sometimes, you must be able to delegate...


    Anyway, thanks to all for your interest to my project.


    Cheers, O



    Just so you both (Olivier and Jochen) know...and without wishing to cause controversy or ill feeling with Manu...the 'suggestion' that it is in fact a pre-painted head for an action figure is for Manu to either confirm or deny.

    All I will say is this...I myself was a figure painter for over 40 years and...believe me when I say that I personally never reached such dizzy heights of realism in my pieces...and know of very few who have...the best being Koreans...although not exclusively so.

    What is more important to me personally is...we each choose a solution that we are comfortable with...be it to use or commission the work of others...to be used in our pieces.

    It never mattered to me if the clients claimed my work as their own.


    I am enjoying your work Olivier...and will only comment from a personal perspective in future.





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  3. 5 hours ago, Totally Mad Olivier said:

    Hello chaps,


    Sorry if my build (already very slow) is delayed by the crazier and crazier project that sprouted in my head, but I'm now focused on the characters that could take place in my "diorama" (if I may use this term). Why "characterS"? Just because I wonder now if I could not add, in addition to my mechanic, the Repsol driver Marc Marquez. Indeed, while researching the Net for the mechanic, I found several 1/12 Minichamps figures. Pity, among the latter, no figure of Marquez but an interesting one of Valentino Rossi testing his bike for the 2010 GP:




    I also found Casey Stoner figures, but the head is not helmeted and, anyway, the suit is also different from Marquez one...

    I decide to order this Rossi figure.

    Now about the mechanic, the ebay seller replied quickly to my questions:




    Remains the question of my mechanic size. I will quickly build the Tamiya driver (see above), not to use it but to make measures and have an idea of the over scale mentioned by Ron. Ron that I thank warmly for his very useful contribution...


    Cheers, O


    Edit a bit later:




    Well, Ron, this figure doesn't seem to be so over scale. 

    On the other hand, the head of these figures (as well the driver than the mechanic) is very big, even taken in account that Tamiya gave them a pretty thick hair (these figures were created in the 70's 😉).

    I measure approximately a head size of 74 mm. Even keeping only 64 mm to take in consideration the thick hairs, 

    64 x 12 = 77 cm head size!! (I don't have a big head but for me, it's 59 cm).

    Now as I will change the head for Kitano's one, this won't be a problem...


    Edit even a bit later: The Kitano head and the Rossi figure are both ordered. I may come-back to my build for now...




    Looking at the picture...he does appear to be less of a 'hulk' compared to the mechanic...so yes...if you find him acceptable/workable...have at it.

    It will be interesting to see a comparison with Rossi when he arrives.

    I would keep in mind that in today's pits...and indeed in recent seasons...the mechanics seem to favour shirts and trousers/shorts...as opposed to all in one coveralls...just a thought 'O'




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  4. 13 hours ago, silver911 said:

    Your welcome O :)

    If you refine your search...you can find pre-painted versions at just a little more cost...very lifelike finishes.


    Just be aware...the Tamiya figures are considerably 'over scale' for 1/12...I had intended using the standing mechanic with my 312T build...but he was huge next to it !...one of his legs almost as wide as the seat 😱




    You marked my reply with a 'confused' face Olivier...so let me clarify what I said.


    Pre-painted refers to the heads you can buy...in that they come ready painted/finished...which is the case with the one Manu used on his figure...as opposed to the unpainted one you found.



    Over scale refers to the actual size/proportions of Tamiyas figures...in that they are closer to 1/10...which may require some careful adjustment to the figure when fitting the new head from Ebay.

    As I said...for my needs...the figure size/proportions issue was too noticeable next to my 1/12 Ferrari 312T (I used a MFH figure of Nikki Lauda instead)...however...it should be far less obvious next to a bike such as yours.


    Hope that helps?



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  5. Your welcome O :)

    If you refine your search...you can find pre-painted versions at just a little more cost...very lifelike finishes.


    Just be aware...the Tamiya figures are considerably 'over scale' for 1/12...I had intended using the standing mechanic with my 312T build...but he was huge next to it !...one of his legs almost as wide as the seat 😱



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  6. 54 minutes ago, Bengalensis said:

    There is so much nice work here to draw inspiration and ideas from. Master class!


    I have always enjoyed gathering ideas from the work of others...so it naturally pleases me that others find useful ideas to use in mine.

    Your kind words are genuinely appreciated Jorgen.

    Thank you.



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  7. 56 minutes ago, Toftdale said:

    I'm beginning to run out of ways to compliment your painting skills, but that is truly a masterpiece - thanks for the inspiration - Andy

    I am lucky...in that...having worked with colour every day of my working life...and every hour of my modelling time...I was blessed with a high perceptive value for colour in my painting.

    If others find my work 'inspirational'...then I have achieved far more than just building a kit for my own pleasure...and received the best possible reward for my efforts.

    Many thanks Andy.





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  8. Just a quick update on the engine/gearbox.

    I made an 'executive' decision to assemble the main bulkhead to the engine now...as opposed to the kit instructions...that would have you fix it to the main body...and then assemble the engine to that.

    I reasoned that...this gives me a better grip to handle things...as I assemble the rest of the bits and sub assemblies to the engine and gearbox...some of which are awkward and fragile to work with...let's hope it was the right decision 😱

    Most of the added bits are obvious kit additions...a few are self made following ref pics.

    There are a few more details I would have liked to add...however...due to the way Tamiya have conceived and engineered this kit...it simply was not possible without scratching most of the rear end.

    I will let the pics speak for themselves.....




    With some decisions regarding the next stages of assembly needing to be made...in order to avoid parts fouling each other...a lot of thought will be needed...simply to avoid mishaps and breakages!


    to be continued............


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  9. 1 hour ago, Bengalensis said:

    I'm seriously lagging behind in following this master piece of work, I have quite some catching up to do.

    On the other hand that means I have much ahead to enjoy...

    I take my hat off and bow to salute the skills and patience displayed.



    Thank you for such a huge compliment...it means a great deal to me :)


    I hope you enjoy reading through the rest of the thread...and please...if you spot anything that needs attention...or that I have missed...feel free to nudge me.





  10. 17 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

    Definitely worth it Ron , it looks stunning and all you need to do is add fuel!!!



    Nice of you to say that Chris...always appreciate your input :)


    Fuel will have to wait for prices to drop! 🤣



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  11. 14 hours ago, Vesa Jussila said:

    Looks really good. And there is always something to learn from you.


    Many thanks 'V' :)


    I am really pleased you find my work helpful...it's nice that we can all take something away from the work of others...as I have done when looking at yours.





  12. 16 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

    Oh wow that engine is fantastic, a masterpiece in fact.  Great work on all, love the injectors and trumpets.   

    Cracking work 



    Thank you for kind words Chris...pleased your enjoying the progress on the engine and find it realistic...I am pleased with the results on the injectors and trumpets...fiddly...but worth the effort.





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  13. On 6/19/2022 at 10:10 PM, Redstaff said:

    Hi Ron

    Your updates are always still welcome mate. 

    The engine looks absolutely superb  as is to be expected, need to have a proper read through of  the site as I've been away for a week or so, so much progression has gone on all over

    Ian 😁


    Many thanks for taking the time to look and comment mate...always much appreciated Ian :)


    Enjoy your catching up.



  14. Not sure if updates are still of interest to others...but work is still progressing.


    First up...the rear radiator stone guards.

    In the pic are the three iterations...1 (far left) too big in scale and size...2 (middle) better scale but too small in size...3 (far right) good scale and size.....




    Then it was time to get all the bits and fixings onto the sub frame...including the above stone guards.....




    Another area to receive detailing/modifying...the rear wing stays.

    Instead of using the plastic stubs (moulded onto the gearbox for mounting) they now have proper bolts as per the 1:1...and the kit plastic cross brace has been replaced with metals and end fixing bolts.....




    Along with the above...work continues on the engine/gearbox assembly.

    I had to revise and remake the brake lines...the first attempt interfered with the wing stays!...ooopsie.

    The first of the metal tie bars are bolted in place...along with some added cables and wires.....




    Still a lot more to be added...but beginning to take shape.


    to be continued............

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