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  1. Thanks for all new comments guys ...am into bulding next french railgun ,this one is somewhat easier as it has gun enclosed so less work to do. Barry.
  2. Couple of months on average depends on complexity of model.
  3. Hi Steve sorry for delay I have a few books on railguns with two having line drawing also found some original plans on line but most are built from photos sourced on line. Barry Posted some a while ago.
  4. Hi guys finished latest scratchbuilt railgun , Saint Chamond built eight of these very large calibre 400 mm howitzers fielded in the summer of 1916 they were very effective. The model is in 1 72 scale, 12 inches long hand painted in the usual French patterned camouflage figs are from W D models.
  5. Hi Steven have a railgun book with drawings in but I use a .lot of photos for detail work . Some photos taken side on can be used after scaling down or up to 1 72 scale . I have drawn my own for one or two guns .
  6. Hi guys have started my latest 1 72 scale railgun a French 400mm mle 1915 howitzer it was one of the French army most powerful artillery pieces. After printing off dozens of photos off the net I am ready ,you can see from pics there is a lot of work on the barrel before anything else. And photo of what it should look like when finished ,will send more pics as I progress.
  7. Hi guys been looking for a kit of this flak gun in my scale, could not find one so decided to convert a sd.kfz half track to one, all the armoured cab and rear was scratchbuilt using plans found on line. the 88 gun was a zveda kit converted to a flak 37.
  8. Hi guys pair of 1 72 scale halftracks a revell and a hasegawa not bad kits but changed the pak 40 on the hasagewa kit. Due to small size of models decided to have both on base with Ceaser figures.
  9. Thanks Alex l have taken photos of all of them last year will sort them out and post them for you.
  10. Hi guys latest railgun finished after three months work , this was one of four super heavy railguns the British built using 14 inch naval barrels and saw action in France in the last months of the war this one was named BOCH BUSTER. The model is 14 inches long scratch built to plans found on internet the barrel is turned in aluminium .figs are from w w models altered arms etc. it was painted in the three colour dazzle pattern separated by black lines and this alone took two weeks.
  11. Hi guys long time since posting, I started this dio before I went into hospital five months ago for open heart surgery have recovered now glad to say .The bunker was made from plaster over a foam former ,the wading gear on both tanks were scratch built ,figs were from Dan Taylor and milcast , hope you like. I have also competed my latest 1 72 railgun the British 14 inch mark 3 ,BOCH BUSTER and am starting the daunting task of painting the three colour dazzle pattern.
  12. Hi guys saw photos of this full size conversion and could not resist building it, the 251conversion needed three kits ,half track ,pack 40 .and a Sherman for calliope and then a lot of work cutting body and fitting it all in almost forgot the Stuart tank. hope you like. Several AFV wrecks with at least one 251 without its right track are used by the American 743td Tank Battalion, 30th Inf.Div.7th armoured group in the area of Muchen-Gladbach (south of Germany near Holland) in February 1945 to serve as a mount of the Calliope rocket launcher (60 tubes of 6.4”). The calliope is placed queer in the vehicle. The levitation of the rockets normal on a tank turret and gun) is done by a Pak 40. Michel Eastes posted a message on George Bradford’s AFV board: My father was a member of the 7th group. A breakout was anticipated and captured German track, all of which had to be towed into position, were modified. When completed these vehicles were, still towed, in company of a Calliope unit, to a place across the river Ruhr, where a suspected German buildup was developing. On command, all rockets were fired and the Americans skeedaddled. The German halftracks were abandoned in place.
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