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  1. 2 minutes ago, Thirsty said:

    It's cheap as chips for what you get. I paid $130ish aussie dollars - about 70ish pounds I think. It's a bargain as nobody seems to want this kit. The CB1100R goes for hundreds of dollars same as the CX. Don't know why.

    Yeah it is not my favourite bike but I want to build a 1:6 Tamiya bike and as you say it is considerably cheaper than the others I have found. 

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  2. 20 hours ago, Andy J said:

    Weird.....nah allow me to explain. You will need ; 1 pudding bowl 🥣 

                       4/6 jammy dodgers 

                       1 can of birds custard

    Place jammy dodgers in the bottom of the bowl and cover with custard. Microwave for 1 minute remove and stir then Microwave for another minute. Retreat to cave grap your spoon from the stash and tuck in 😋👍

    I have a feeling not a single spoon in your cave has paint on it... ;) 

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  3. 10 hours ago, Paul H said:

    The Cobra 427 is pesumably the decent ex Monogram 1:24 one, that Revell have issued several times in the past - if so, good to see it back as it is much more accurate than the 1:25 289 kit they currently have available.  Not a surprise though that there aren't any new tool car kits listed this time, given the recent run with the new tool Jag E Type, VW T2 bay window and impact bumper Porsche 911, all of which are already available in two variants.  However, I was expecting perhaps a T2 panel van, given what they have done with their split screen tooling and the Porsche looks like there are parts for future variants on the sprues (not including the USA federal spec headlights & bigger rear bumper overriders, which are presumably for the USA market boxing).  It will be interesting to see what the VW & Porsche tooling may become in the future (the Jag is unlikely to have other variants, except perhaps a racing one, as the Series 2 & 3 are sufficiently different to require major surgery to the moulds).


    The chrome spray certainly looks intriguing, especially if it is as good as that article suggests.  I've not used Alclad as I don't have a airbrush, but the previous spray cans I have tried have not been good, unlike Molotow pens, which have been excellent.

    Aren't new tooled cars usually released in the second half of the year? We probably have to wait until January 1st for that announcement.


    Also I am excited about the 1/8 Trans Am.

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  4. 12 hours ago, JeroenS said:

    I have a Scalemates account and I manage a "Wish list" there and every now and then I re-evaluate what's on there with "Am I really going to build that?". I have been saving up for our version of Telford which is in 2 weeks, but as I said earlier I don't know if that's going to take place. I'm now thinking of moving that money towards a little Silhouette cutter to be able to make paint masks. 


    I use Scalemates too to keep track of kits I want I think that is my problem I get a constant reminder of what kits I want instead of forgetting. But perhaps the real problem is I never re-evaluate I only add more and more...

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