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  1. Are Fujimi and Alpha Model the only ones still releasing Ferrari kits? Real shame we are missing out on many good kits.
  2. I hope they do a road car next.
  3. Unfortunately it looks that way. I am sure it will be a great kit but building and detailing the engine/engine bay is what I like best. But since it is a Mini I will most likely get one anyway,
  4. I think this is the case for many of the old big scale kits from Revell/Monogram. I have a few in 1/12 that are the same not exactly Tamiya level. I knew this before buying them though. As you say it is up to us to add the detailing. But if you are not aware of this I can understand if you get disappointed when you open the box.
  5. Awesome builds, what car is this?
  6. Just put clear on it now and you have a winner.
  7. I can imagine it is not the most desirable 911. I like the rather simple design and that it is not extreme in any way. The latest 911 generation looks really good too, saw one for the first time IRL the other day. Wish it was available as a model kit.
  8. I like this generation of the 911, have the coupe as well.
  9. Same here. But eventually I had to give in because I really wanted some american cars that were only available in 1:25. I try to stay away from 1:24 when it comes to american cars from say pre '80s. For everything else I prefer 1:24.
  10. What about 1:25 cars? Do you put them next to the 1:24 or on a separate shelf? I have them mixed and it looks a bit strange.
  11. I would say Revell kits are generally pretty good not Tamiya level though. But the kit I am building was unfortunately not molded correctly as you could see in my build thread and the chassis was twisted. But I have never had such problems with a Revell kit before.
  12. Great presentation and build. Even Lego mini figures build kits quicker than me.
  13. Found the Ebbro kits at a very nice price compared to what they usually sell for look like real nice kits. The Heller Mini was 50% off, I was always curious of the size of a 1:43 kit and it sure is small. I made a comparison to other Minis I have in the stash.
  14. This arrived today: I plan to put the tires and wheels on the Cobra kit below. But at the rate I am building kits it probably won't happen before I retire in about 30 years. I hope this place is still around so you can see the result.
  15. Beautiful build yellow looks great.
  16. I tried not to buy another kit but at that price I had to get it. Not often I find a good deal on ebay anymore (in this case the Swedish version).
  17. Found this for around 15 GBP. Never owned the Austin version but it is probably 99% the same as the Morris one that I have already built.
  18. Latest addition to the growing pile of unstarted kits.
  19. Thankfully it was a long way from Dalarna. I will check out that group.
  20. I hope it was not close to where I live and I didn't know about it. Hard to find a better deal.
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