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  1. Didn't buy any kits in September but I bought a 1/1 house instead. It is a quite big house and I don't have enough furniture for all rooms so in order to avoid the echo of an empty room I need to buy more kits. Got two today and more is on the way.
  2. How about two month? If I can get the replacement part this week then it should be doable.
  3. I won't make it I can tell you that (what a surprise). This time it is not all my fault though. I still don't have a replacement for the missing/badly molded part. But it is not the only problem I have had...
  4. Last purchase in August and hopefully in a while.
  5. That is a good deal imo, usually go for more here in Volvo-country.
  6. I want one but prices are always crazy when I find one. Hope you got a good deal.
  7. Got to try some Vallejo then. I guess they don't smell much? I try to move away from smelly paint. Recently got some Revell acrylic paint which worked just as good as enamel to brush and no smell.
  8. The only way I have managed to avoid brush marks is to thin the paint like crazy. Means I have to apply many coats and as Jeroen said have patience.
  9. Yeah would definitely have to do something about the shine.
  10. Any chance you can show the tires included in the kit?
  11. What? No machine gun? I found this kit a while ago (also second hand only the engine was partly started) but managed to stop myself from buying it. Based on your experience of this kit during the build I might go back and get it after all...Great work so far.
  12. Almost two weeks with numerous versions I am starting to come close to a version that fits. Lots of parts that need to line up correctly. When I am happy with the design I will send the stl-file to a friend who has a resin 3d-printer to get a better finish.
  13. Think it is the third time I buy this kit. The previous times it turns out they were out of stock even though the websites said they were in stock but I am happy I finally got one looks like a nice kit.
  14. Excellent build wasn't sure about the color at first but it is growing on me.
  15. Don't know what's in Revell's paint remover (I have never used it) but Tamiya's paint remover seems safe, forgot 4 rims in it for about a week and they were fine. Or is it the plastic in Airfix kits that is the problem?
  16. I think we need a room tour when it's finished.
  17. Had the opportunity to buy that 1/8 Corvette for peanuts about 10 years ago but didn't because I wasn't into big scale kits at the time. Wish I could go back in time.
  18. I didn't notice the bearings before, look very real well done.
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