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  1. Have you checked gravity paints maybe they have something close enough?
  2. Instead of thinning what you are going to use on a palette everytime are there any downsides to putting aqua color mix directly into the paint jar the paint came in from the store? I don't remember how much room there is for thinner in a new jar though.
  3. I only have a few Hasegawa kits but always thought they were real nicely done apart from always (almost) lacking a proper engine.
  4. Turns out the E-Type is 1:43 https://uk.airfix.com/products/small-starter-set-jaguar-e-type-a55009
  5. Very interesting, if it is a new tool I will buy one as long as the scale is not smaller than 1/32.
  6. I have a feeling not a single spoon in your cave has paint on it...
  7. Suddenly I don't think I have a problem anymore. Unless having too few kits is a problem.
  8. Aren't new tooled cars usually released in the second half of the year? We probably have to wait until January 1st for that announcement. Also I am excited about the 1/8 Trans Am.
  9. I like the color scheme. I remember trying to mask off the gutters when painting the roof on the Tamiya version it was a h*ll and I eventually gave up. You did a great job on yours.
  10. I use Scalemates too to keep track of kits I want I think that is my problem I get a constant reminder of what kits I want instead of forgetting. But perhaps the real problem is I never re-evaluate I only add more and more...
  11. I want the Impala but I ask myself do I need more kits?
  12. Have you bought Tamiya's 1/12 version yet? It's on my to-buy list (that list is pretty long).
  13. Tamiya's Porsche 911 GT3, at least I hope the wheels are the same size for both kits.
  14. Excellent work. I barely have the patience to apply one decal I am very impressed.
  15. As I suspected this arrived today: It comes with a second set of wheels which I have a plan for. Unfortunately in order to realize that plan I need to buy another kit...
  16. They just keep arriving at my door I don't know how.
  17. LANCIA DELTA HF INTEGRALE 16V - 1:12 - COMING SOON https://www.italeri.com/en/article/803
  18. Sink marks have been the biggest issue I have seen lately, both on the new E-Type Coupe and 911 Coupe. Also the E-Type was badly packaged making the hood not fit the body anymore. Thankfully Revell's customer service is very good and quickly sent me a new hood and body that fit nicely.
  19. Looks like a lot has been removed from the list compared to when I looked at it a couple of days ago.
  20. At a Swedish store that only ships within Sweden unfortunately.
  21. Hopefully last purchase this year. Already have the BMW and Judge (older reissue which is not 2 in 1 I believe) but they were 25% off of an already good price so I could not help myself.
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