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  1. thinking about a comeback as I can't face playing computer games anymore........

  2. Looking good Sean. I will get those pictures uploaded as soon as I can. Rick
  3. HI Sean, Thank you very much for the offer. I would definitely be interested in the book and decals as I intend to build a Burke class destroyer. I was actually luckily enough to be in Portsmouth Harbour on the day the USS Winston Churchilll arrived last year (and she's a Flight II ship). I have some pictures somewhere if that would help you with the build ? I also saw the book on Amazon for £35 and the other one you mentioned for £45. I had thought of looking on Ebay for it as well but as I don't have a kit yet I will wait for yours to become available :-) All the best, Rick
  4. Great photos again Jason, I recently saw an Osprey flying at RIAT along with lots of other jets. I'm sure I posted a thread somewhere here. The osprey was impressive along with the F-22, F-35, F-16, F-18s. I'm hoping to get to RIAT next year as apparently the theme of the show will be the 75th anniversary of the US Air Force, so they should bring all the heavies over. Rick
  5. Nice photos of the Hogs and am I right in thinking that the 4 engined plane is an RC-135 ? I recognised the Hercules from the photos. Rick
  6. I have decided to give this series another go from the beginning. I am currently downloading it on sky. Sean, can I ask which kit this is you are building and also whether the decals include the numbers for the Nathan James, whether you are getting the names done etc? What is the book you got and where did you get it from ? Thanks, Rick
  7. I agree, you are doing the Burke proud Sean. Like Thom, I watched the series for the 1st season and then stopped watching it during series 2. Keep going Sean, I am enjoying watching this build. Rick
  8. I will check out that You tube channel. I found this kit had some fit issues when I built it, but she still takes pride of place in my display cabinet (which is full)/
  9. Nice job Lee, I have never built this kit myself, but always liked the design. Yours looks great with the lighting. All the best, Rick
  10. Hi Lee, Can I say you have done an amazing on this build. I built this kit myself but didn't light it, however seeing yours I wish I had now. All the best, Rick
  11. Well done. She has done an amazing job for her first build.
  12. Very nice, love the weathering and the sea Base....Looks the business....
  13. Quite interesting to hear about the new trek models. I didn't rate Revell's enterprise as it has a very poor fit. Besides if moebius's iron man models are any example they will be awesome new kits as the Mark 3 Iron Man I built is the best Iron Man kit I have ever built (done 2 Dragon and 1 Moebius. Will have to look out for more details as this happens.
  14. Hi MM, Thanks for the info on the 3d printed parts. I don't know if I will be adding anything to this kit as I normally leave them OOB. Rick I haven't made a start on this kit yet as I have been having a break from building for the past year and can't for some reason get my head back into it. Rick
  15. Nice pictures there Paul, I saw the F-35s, Black Cats and A400M when I was up at Fairford for RIAT on the Sunday. It was a great day. Can't believe how muddy farnborough was. All the best, Rick
  16. This project will be starting again as soon as I get my desk sorted out for model building. I will be creating a different thread as this one is in a closed group build.
  17. Well done Chris, Your Typhoon looks HOT..... It came out so much better than my Revell example. Rick
  18. Thanks Pinback, I will see if I can find some photos as I think I got quite a few more :-) Cheers, Rick
  19. Hi Everyone, This was my first visit to RIAT and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My wife and I were going to go to a different airshow, but decided we would try RIAT out. As soon as the show finished, I said to my wife that I would like to go again next year especially as the theme is 75th anniversary of the USAF. I hope they bring the big bombers over including the B-2. I couldn't believe how many members went to the airshow this year, I wonder if I saw any of you without realising it. My wife and I were sat to the right of the P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft all day and had a great view of all
  20. I will be watching this closely as having always like the Arleigh Burke class DDGs.
  21. Amazing images, AD210. Your images from Sunday definitely put mine to shame. You look like you were more towards the departure end of the runway rather than the centre of it (near the P-8 Poseidon) where I was. I will post some of mine but definitely not as good as yours or Radleighs. RIAT was my hopeful kick in the behind to reenter the world of model building which has been in long term shutdown since last year....probably a lot of very dusty kits in my cupboard (including my hopefully undamaged finished builds). Rick
  22. Great images there Radleigh, What kind of camera/lens combo do you use ? I thought my images from RIAT on Sunday came out well, yours put mine to shame. I will post some of mine as a gentle nudge back into posting on the forum before I restart my builds. Rick
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