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  1. I only know about the 748F.... the rest is not so interesting for me..... I see many many Cargolux leaving and approaching LUX every day
  2. hi, found this: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Hersteller_News/Revell_News_2014.html#table0 so far there have been speculations about the possibility, now it is reality! (first Quarter 2014) as a Luxembourger, this is a MUST!
  3. hi all. today, I finally got an E170 from Hasegawa. I directly started to build it. AND: it nears final assembly right now! It will be finished this week! SUCH a great quality, PERFECT fit (NO need of putty or anything else....) the greatest kit I ever built (oh, and yes, it will not remain the only E170 in my shelves.... it is definitely worth its high price!) why aren't they brining more great airliners in 1/144? (I mean, they do the MD11 in 1/200, the 767, 747, 787, 737-700 / 800 ...) greetings from a very happy aircraft modeler ATPer
  4. as everyone says that, I never ordered from them, but I must say they have the nicest decals that have been released for a long time....
  5. hah. Last week, I built my Sukhoi Superjet 100,.... in standard AFL livery,..... BUT wanted the 90years special livery....
  6. I don't know if there is a conversion kit for the 717, but you can buy a FULL B717 kit from contrails (seems to be a very good kit!). The only thing, there are no decals with the kit, and not many decals available (Hawaiian and Boeing H livery....) I would like to suggest you custom made decals for a Volotea version (the soon-to-be-only-European-operator of the B717) (I flew with them btw!)
  7. could you maybe send me those drawings? (can't find them anywhere, and going on by seeing pics is quite challenging....) good that I recently built 2 737-800 without winglets, so, 2 pairs to convert to real sharklets.....
  8. I saw, everything of the CS100 its for me the baby-dreamliner (like "when I will grow up I want to be a Dreamliner, like you daddy" LH took 30 + x options (don't know the exact number...) mainly they are for SWISS European (to replace all Avro RJ100s) (so, I will see them 3 times per day at my home airport, Luxembourg )
  9. the Canadair Regional Jet is appearing at Authentic Airliner Kits, Welsh Models (resin) and Braz (resin kit to put together with Revell's Canadair-biz) there is a market for a new CS100 kit, as even the Sukhoi Superjet 100 got "his model" ( Have two of them, 1 finished today ) next to it, a CS100 would perfectly fit.... ^^
  10. hi everyone. Looking at the first pic of the new CS100, I was disappointed about it. Now, looking at more and more photos, I really like that "small Dreamliner- CS100" It is currently in paint, and my question is now: when and from which manufacturer will come the first kit of the CS100? I mean there is already the A350 approaching our seller's shelves, the Sukhoi SSJ100 was also quite fast there, why still no CS100?
  11. when you build something, you always know "there should be this and this, but it is not there" but with the time you forget it also but the milliput-overhead bins is a good idea!
  12. that's exactly what I meant but, the only thing that worries me is, they provide front and rear, but nothing to hide "the hole" that is built when doors opened and you look backwards (from front) and frontwards (from rear) ...?
  13. thanks, have you any pics how to do it? (as they are a lot to less high and other shape,....
  14. hm, I once saw somewhere a kit for the A320 to convert it into a diorama (overhead bins, seats etc.....) but isn't it difficult to get it fit nicely etc?
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