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I'm using AOL and I'm having problems

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Posted 11 November 2011 - 12:21 PM

If you're an AOL customer, the chances are you might still be using their browser. If you are, you're likely having problems logging into Britmodeller, and/or viewing the forums. This is due to their non-standard browser, and you should get yourself an alternative to use, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome or some other widely accepted browser.

AOL customers also can't receive emails from a lot of people, myself included*, so any requests for help using the supplied email addresses on our website might not get a reply, although I am aware of this fact and try to reply using my alternative email address.

Sad to say, AOL isn't referred to as AOHell for nothing... they're a minefield of inconsistencies when it comes to how they work, which is kind of surprising in this modern internet age. My suggestion would be to consider moving from them if you can, and to tell you that these days switching provider is pretty easy - you just get a MAC code, and 7-14 days later your internet goes off for about an hour, then you plug in your new ISP's details. I do it almost every year :)

* AOL automatically refuse email from servers that don't fulfil their strict requirements, regardless of their location in the world. My email server doesn't fulfil this unusual requirement, so any mail I send to an AOL user just bounces back after about a day :shrug: