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  1. Where can I get 1/32 wire wheels?

    Most of us call him Peter Sarsons but you'll have to guess why<G>. And he has stopped doing them because the CNC machinists couldn't work that finely. So they told him to go elsewhere. I know as I introduced him to them. In fact I introduced him, Graham Poulton (GP Miniatures) and Penelope Pitlane to them. Pendle seem to have found someone else to use up their way from what I can work out. Penelope Pitlane's stuff was all, unfortunately, sold off to Pendle Slot Racing. They sometimes re-stock, but more and more they claim that they are "Out of stock" on most of PP's old stuff. RS Slotracing do Mitoos wheels and tyres and a range of their own tyres for smaller ones which would suit the 32nd scale models needing 15" wheels. Mitoos are about £16 a set of four or 19 with tyres. They have a clever half etch to them which makes them look like layers of spokes. RS also do 19" skinny wheels with p/e spokes in 36, 48 and 60 spokes available for pre-War cars, like Austin 7 Ulster and Amilcar which they make and they are set to make p/e wire wheel inserts for their own 15" aluminium wheels, to suit the Lotus Elite, AC Ace, Ace Competition and Aceca., with they also have awaiting production. I make all RS's masters, so I know where they are with things. Cheers, Martin
  2. MASERATI 250F Scratch Build

    Lovely stuff, as always, Frank. You gotta be brave to cut louvres, freehand like that! I always use a knife and a graver. Dremels make me nervous, but clearly work for you. So glad you sorted out the nose<G> Martin
  3. MASERATI 250F Scratch Build

    Frank, your wheels always look superb. And that spring would make Bazz smile. You know he made a new one for Fangio's car at Steve Hart's just before he left. He was something of "the spring King" while he was there. Mr. De Dion! I seem to be back on here. Not sure what I did. But I can't put much Vincent stuff on as Photobucket is just too slow for a man with no patience! Cheers, Martin
  4. DH Hornet Moth interior color

    The Hornet moth at Felthorpe has a varnished wood and maroon leather interior. Cheers. Martin
  5. 1/6th Vincent Black Shadow

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes this will be a kit, albeit a rather expensive one I imagine. I'm just doing the master! Alas, the Photobucket thing is SO slow that I doubt I'll be keeping it going on a very regular basis, but will make posts when there's a fair bit of progress. Cheers, Martin
  6. Hi, long time since I ventured forth here. I have been asked to make a master of a Vincent Black Shadow in the huge scale of 1/6th. This will be largely in brass, with a few parts in Ureol (Renshape), where the brass work would be too long winded. Finding a real bike to measure was a nightmare as these bits of tin are now worth so much that people don't want to admit having one. But I found some at a local show and that led me to a private collection not too far away, so with that I was able to make some drawings and make a start. I hadn't thought about doing a build log on here, so a lot of stuff has already been done. And that, until I have a LOT more bits done is all I'll be putting up as the interminable faff of using Photobucket makes this completely untenable nowadays. Martin
  7. MASERATI 250F Scratch Build

    Lovely stuff, Frank! You always find a way! Martin
  8. Lightning F1 in 1/48th...foil finish

    Hi Rob, here's a few pics of the Vincent model so far. mainly brass, but tank and seat and the bulk of the engine in Ureol. Tank and seat will be resin. Engine cast in w/m in silicon moulds, made with no heat. Damn, I can't just load a pic from my computer and I only used to use Photobucket, so how do I now attach a picture? Other forums I was on you just load from pootah. Martin
  9. Modelling in Wood - discuss!

    Lime, or Swiss Pear are the best carving woods. Balsa and its family are too soft and open grained. Martin
  10. Lightning F1 in 1/48th...foil finish

    Only just managed to get back on here. As I said above, I don't do any of this sort of stuff in the Winter, so Spring is when it'll come out again. Getting some railway stuff done at weekends now and during the week, I have been doing a brass master of a Vincent Black Shadow in 1/6th scale. Cheers, Martin
  11. Lightning F1 in 1/48th...foil finish

    Hi Rob, yes the garden stuff was duly done, but of course you never finish with garden chores. I've done a bit more, but the shortening days and worsening weather makes me turn in on myself and start getting back to railways and scenery. The airyplanes won't surface again now till Spring. M
  12. Modelling in Wood - discuss!

    I agree with everything John says. I have had to stop making my Moths for a while, because an old friend is asking me to help him with a 1/6th scale model in brass, of a Vincent Black Shadow/Rapide. Now that, even if I say so myself, DOES require some special skills that do need a lot of practice, but carving wood (I use steamed pear, but lime is nice) or chemical wood (Renshape or Ureol) is relatively easy and achieved just as John describes and needs just a little practice. The most important tool is a "good eye". If you haven't got that, go play golf, because you'll never have the self criticism to throw it out and start again. But, most people have a better eye than they think. If you've ever said to a chum or yourself, "that looks like sh*t", you probably have a good enough eye. Give it a go and be fulfilled and never complain that the manufacturers don't do what you want any more. Cheers, Martin
  13. Info on 1/8th scale bike kits.

    Hi all, I was recently lent three 1/8th scale model Vincents built from kits, to help me with my making a 1/6th scale master. I assumed the models were all from the one basic kit/one set of masters, but today I looked again and found that one of them is an altogether more refined job, except for it having photo-etched wheels. Now I am aware of this model being done in this scale and in white metal by initially, Big 6 Classic Replicas at the behest of the Vincent club. It was also subsequently done by Bellini, RAE and Classic Motorcycles at least! But was it one of these companies that had a new master made? Certainly old man Bellm (of Bellini) could afford to, without a moment's thought, but as RAE cast his little model cars range (for which I did about 20 masters) AND marketed the Vincent, I assume that Bellini's version would have been the original. Classic Motorcycles is not know to me. Can anyone cast any definite light on this subject for me? The "better" model has more detailed seat dampers, bracketry, twist grips, seat, name plates, etc. Plus those 'Orrible p/e wheels. Tyres are also very different. TIA, Martin
  14. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    I don't blame you at all for doing that, but my Dad would not forgive me for paying money to the government he served to learn about his short service history! He hated authority and never paid full price for anything if he could possibly help it, avoid it or do a deal. He was, after all, born whilst Bow Bells were actually ringing! I feel it incumbent upon me to honour his life long attitudes and the legacy of mind he left me. Maverick could have been our middle name. Martin
  15. Houchin kit supplier in UK?

    The Houchin kit arrived today, well packed. Already built using superglue. A few bits of excess resin had to be cleaned off the bottom of the main casting and then the chassis was glued to it and the wheels and tyres cleaned up with a file following their removal from those huge blocks resin people use in the model aircraft world. I removed them from their components with a piercing saw and side clippers, followed by a Swiss file. Took an hour in all and I'll consider painting it tomorrow as today is a bit sunshine and showers. Very well recommended piece from VideoAviation in Italy. Martin