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  1. Scratchbuilder

    Best primer for using with airbrush

    I use a self-etch primer for everything. OK I use a spotting gun, rather than an airbrush, unless I'm putting on Zero paints, but self-etch is easy to mix and oddly if kept in a sealed tin or bottle doesn't activate until sprayed again , when it will stick to resin, brass, aluminium, all the things it was meant to etch in fact. I also make patterns from Ureol tooling board and it goes on that very nicely, although Ureol can benefit from a sealer coat as it is really a self skinning foam, albeit very dense. Self-etch goes on plastic just fine too and dries in a few minutes. When I do a slot car restoration I can repair, self-etch, top coat in cellulose, decal and clear coat (Lechler Akrifan) in a day. It also takes masking tapes well. I did a large narrow-boat in three colours, masked and they were fine (Zero on top), finished with a coat of Akrifan clear one shot. Martin
  2. Scratchbuilder

    What kind of modeller are you?

    I rarely, if ever, buy a kit, I tend to make everything, but I have been gifted odd kits of kites I like and then I go at em with gusto. I have a Contrail TSR2, a kit that everybody tells me is unbuildable. Ha! Not when you have a lathe and sheets of styrene it in't. That's my kind of kit. The Airfix Lightning, however, gets foiled with 4 or 5 different kinds of foil and enjoyed for the accurate big lump that it is. To go with it, a nice Italian kit of a Houchin compressor trolley, so we have a mini set-piece. But to go with a 1/43rd scale model car, for which I made the master patterns many years ago, I am making a 1/43rd scale De Havilland Hornet Moth for another set-piece. I don't bother with anything that can hardly be seen, like instrument faces, etc. Mainly though I make the master patterns for other peoples' kits. Martin
  3. Scratchbuilder

    Percival Gull Six

    Thanks, Roger, but damn, as I have an inability with colours. I have to be able to buy them as they should be because when I mix they all turn out like what we habitues of boat yards call Ship brown! Unlike light, mixing colours always makes a kind of browny peuce colour depending on how much red is in there. I don't actually like turquoise anyway really! So that saves me the hassle. Pity it's not a known aircraft colour, but I think Zero are indeed more car than aircraft. I prefer a pale blue if I'm honest! Cheers, Martin
  4. Scratchbuilder

    Percival Gull Six

    Any further movement on this colour topic, gents? Like a Zero paint match or even a Vallejo, if we must! I am a Percival fan having had my first ever flight in a Prentice at Southend airport 48 years ago! Cheers, Martin
  5. Scratchbuilder

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    When I was in hospital an old boy got wheeled in and when the nurse had gone he shouted across to me to ask if I was Rainer Bruinhaus, the German jazz pianist. I'd never heard of the guy. He then went on to tell me all about the recordings of said ivory tickler and his mate Eberhard Weber, the bass player. When I got home I looked them up on Youtube and yes, I am frighteningly similar in looks to Bruinhaus and I loved his piano style, but Eberhard Weber blew me away. I am a huge fan of good bass playing and Weber makes a very special looking bass do stuff that basses have never done before. So, I have been listening to his album Pendulum, when the ads on Classic FM get too much and the kiddies who now populate Radio 4 have wound me up just too far with their "Polyspeak" in their pathetic efforts to sound posh and knowledgeable. Martin
  6. Scratchbuilder

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    No worry, found it under Images. Martin
  7. Scratchbuilder

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Nope, I cannot get Len Whalley's aeroplans to come up on a googly search. Any hints? Martin
  8. Scratchbuilder

    Tigger models list

    I've just noticed that the Blog was last updated in 2012! Do they even still exist? Martin
  9. Scratchbuilder

    Tigger models list

    Ah, that's where I went wrong, I thought that was just a gallery of some models, rather than the whole list! Many thanks for your time. Alas, all foreign and /or military. Oh well, back to the bench. Cheers, Martin
  10. Scratchbuilder

    Tigger models list

    Not sure if this is the right section, but I can't seem to find a list of Tigger's vac-forms on their blog/website. Am I missing something to click on? I'm intrigued to know what he does in case a chum of mine decides to go for vac-forming some kits, now he has a vac-former. I see he does a 32nd. Chipmunk and would like to see one. Is there a readily found catalogue somewhere? Martin.
  11. Scratchbuilder


    By the looks of this lot above, Rule 1, Don't build kits.! I have a jewellers' apron fixed to my bench which saves me saying hi to the tile monster. I put the solvent bottle (EMA Solvent weld) BEHIND the vice, so I can't knock it over without first at least bruising myself on the vice. But since the words "model making are in the first post, my rule 1 is always push your sleeves up when working at the lathe. Martin
  12. Scratchbuilder

    gravity colours?

    I was also intrigued by Gravity paints, but was told very recently that they'd gone broke in Europe which had been hived off from the mother company. Can anyone clarify? Martin
  13. Scratchbuilder

    Hello, I’m Nikolay!

    Welcome, Nikolay. Very knowledgeable and helpful people on here. I don't do military things, but I am foil covering a 1/48th Airfix E.E.Lightning. I do love the Cold War British Jets in bare Metal. Any problems, just ask. Cheers, Martin
  14. Scratchbuilder

    Aircraft, car sets

    It already is, if you mean the Ulster, but currently is a slot car. It has a resin chassis to take an HO Cube motor and a Shadowfax guide. I've driven mine and it was entertainingly quick, even on O rings as tyres. Martin
  15. Scratchbuilder

    Aircraft, car sets

    The one we have at present is the Ulster in road trim. It can easily be made into a TT version. Martin