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  1. As you all know, I made a pattern for just such a model years ago. I showed pictures of the pattern on here and everyone got keen. Then the original customer got ill and sold it and the current owner has done nothing with it for whatever reasons and now, we have this sorry situation. The new one, looks to be a nice job with extras.. My deal was to include a percentage from each sale and three kits. I shall not now get those, so I'm not fully paid up or very happy and I still haven't heard from the owner. meanwhile, the model sits on MY shelf waiting for somebody to contact me! Mar
  2. I was kindly given some red ones by John when we met at Newark museum, but I don't know if he still sells that sort of thing. Martin
  3. Yes, fine, perhaps on a model aircraft skin, but quite useless on the monocoque of a racing car where they were clearly seen proud half round rivet heads. No matter, all done now. Martin
  4. Rubbish. Very thin coat of self-etch and the damned things are invisible. Perhaps they are for going OVER the last coat. Maybe that's why they're silver. I ended up doing them with aliphatic resin glue. I bought some for wicking into balsa aircraft joints and the one I got was thicker than PVA. Useless for wicking, but ideal for model rivets as it was thick. Did the trick and the Czech things are forgotten already! Martin
  5. I'm about to go and peel the film off, having checked out a couple of youtubes. I'll report back after a very thin finishing coat of self etch primer, which is how my patterns end up. Cheers, Martin
  6. Thanks, Dan. I have a pack of Archers somewhere, but Gawd knows where, so I tried to buy another and couldn't find them on Historex, which was where I got the original pack, so gave up looking and went for the Czech ones, as everything Czech is (normally) excellent. But these are weird. Am I supposed to peel the clear carrier film of the individual rivets? The instructions don't say clearly what to do. Martin
  7. No, or any other suitable section I can see, but I knew rivet decals were used on some aircraft models. Martin
  8. Hi all, I have to get rows of rivets on a model of a Matra MS 80 slot car. I'm doing the body pattern for resin moulding and having put three rows of the above on, I can't feel them at all. The weird system of application seems to have resulted in them being "inside out". Can anyone help here? I have no idea where this topic should go, I'm afraid. Cheers, Martiun
  9. The new brass engine master is done and has now gone to the third caster in a row who said they could do it and then cried off. Let's hope this one can do what he says and pulls his finger out. Fortunately Richard was able to cancel his stall at the show when it became obvious the model wouldn't be cast in time. The cost of a stand there was horrendous! Cheers, Martin
  10. Hi all, I tried using an ancient, but never before used Paasche air eraser today, both with the Paasche Aluminium hydroxide powder and with recommended baking soda. But all I got, even on the big compressor pushing 50 psi was a little tiny patches of clean brass (trying to remove fire scale) and with the soda, nothing at all. In the end I made up some new pickle from hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar and left the pieces for an hour or so till the pickle went slightly green then scrubbed them with Vim , which did at least give them an all over shade of brassy yellow, if a little irregularly
  11. The one at Felthorpe, which is green and gold is also a lovely maroon red leather, with polished wood IP. I'd say go for the deep red. It does look very nice. Cheers, Martin
  12. Sounds like either a Black Prince or a Black Knight, Graeme, both of which are planned as models as the chap behind the kits has had decals put on the sheet to cover those versions. Immediately after new Year I shall start remaking the engine casings in brass, so nobody else can destroy the patterns.. Cheers, Martin
  13. Hello Jorge, I am the man making the master patterns for the 1/6th scale model of the Vincent Black Shadow. Production of the model was going well, until Griffin Moulds destroyed the masters for the engine casings. This has put us back considerably. I am now remaking the masters for the engine in brass, which should be done in January. If we can find a trustworthy company to cast them in deeper moulds than usual, the model should continue as intended. I don't think a version of the early model is intended though, although you could perhaps use parts from a Black Shadow to make an e
  14. Hi all, the De Havilland DH89a master I made for Hubert Boillot which he was unable to produce due to health and family problems is back with me for a small repair and is lined up for being bought by a British company who wish to produce it. I have high hopes of this actually happening. No names, no pack drill yet. That's his job when he's ready. Cheers, Martin
  15. He's a complete newbie to this game, apart from previously (and still) being an avid collector of the rarer kits. He can't make any prices public until he know himself and two suppliers have not yet finished and delivered invoices. I am just organising it all for him so I know what things are costing and I'm glad it ain't me producing kits like I used to many years ago! Martin
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