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  1. Totally different. The UK vehicles have the Marshalls loadbed on all versions - some even have the HIAB crane. I guess each country got a bespoke design, based on a common chassis
  2. Does anyone know of any kits of the MAN trucks we have? Looking to make at least one of each type.
  3. Hi, I have discovered a set of grubby decals in a stash I didn't know I had - I think it's from a 1:72 MiG-29 that I've never got around to building. Apart from the mild yellow-ness, they appear to have got grubby as well. Is there any way I can clean these up, without fundamentally destroying the sheet? - or is it a wasted effort? http://s661.photobucket.com/user/willroney/media/IMG_1978.jpg.html
  4. ...or even Model Alliance..!
  5. I am building an early 25 Squadron Tornado F3 (from a MD101 Sheet), and am using an Airfix Club kit as the base. But there are no stencils / standard markings (to any great extent). Are there any sheets showing early stencils, or can I search for current ones. The only aftermarket ones I can find are the ones for Op. Telic (Xtradecal, Hannants)?
  6. I have a Modeldecal 101 sheet and am starting a build of a Tornado F3 (ZE858 FK / ? ). MD101 references MD058 for the 'F' & 'K' of the Tailcodes. is there a current equivalent to MD058 that I can source the tail codes from?
  7. I remember also the pin in the end of the glue tube... What a set of replies. I'm slightly overwhelmed with the information, thankyou for them all. I think a try-out with VMC to begin with and see where that gets me is what's in order. Am I right in thinking that once painted, rather than simply slapping on the decals, it's a coat of varnish, then the decals, then some sort of further decal fixative?
  8. I am currently working up to starting my first kit in a great number of years, and I've noticed a lot of talk about how good/bad the paints are these days. I used to use Humbrol enamel tins back in the day (1990s), but it seems from some comments that they've changed the recipe and gone downhill. As my first model I'm looking to build an ADV Tornado in 1:72, so lots of shades of grey. I don't have an airbrush so the paint will be manually brushed on. Has anyone got any good recommendations - I am prepared to ditch Humbrol forever if there is a decent alternative.
  9. Slight hijacking of the thread, but I'm looking for some 1:72 F3 / ADV serials - the small white ones on the fin. Any suggestions on where to look for a bulk-decal sheet?
  10. Thanks for this. A prototype F2 will be part of 2017 I think.
  11. I'll have a look at that one. Thanks for all the help you've all given me.
  12. Thanks for all the good suggestions. Does anyone know if there are any overseas units represented. I found a RSAF 29 Sqn set in a folder yesterday during a search, but I don't recall seeing any for the Italian ADVs that were borrowed from the RAF?
  13. I've recently rejoined model-making after a gap of about 25 yrs and have noticed that some of the decals I'm looking for are either too old, out of stock or discontinued. I'm particularly looking for Tornado F3 decals in 1:72, so Xtradecals, Model Alliance and Modeldecal. My aim is to eventually represent all units that flew the ADV. I've tried Hannants, eBay (cough).... am I looking in the wrong places?
  14. Just a short description of why I'm here. I started Ted making Airfix kits (and others) about 30 years ago. Always planes, and for some reason all in black, despite what the colour should have been. My favourites were UK aircraft starting with the Lightning, up to and including the Tornado. After a gap of about 25 years I'm back making kits, though this time I'm concentrating on Tornados only. Any help gratefully received, and if there's anything I can do just ask.