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  1. There was a Model Alliance sheet - https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MLO-32701?result-token=ftdYi - 29 Squadron Lightning F3 XP705/L
  2. From what I've got, they look properly done and equal to anything other decal manufacturers produce. From what I can remember, the whole thing cost about £11-12 which included the postage from Russia. The person who produces them has aspirations to produce other 1/48 Tornado F3 silk-screen decal options - worth getting in touch via the website..
  3. I've just ordered these https://uprise-decal.ru/tornadoadv/novyy-tovar for my 1/48 Tonka. It took a few weeks, but they look just right - four 1435 Flt Options, but you will have to use the Revell stencils etc for the rest of the decal fit.
  4. will2017

    Paint Racks

    I hadn't thought of either of those options. Thanks for that.
  5. will2017

    Paint Racks

    I'm looking for a vertical paint rack that will hold a variety of paint pots - Humbrol tins, Alclad (small / large), Xtracrylix As I appreciate budget suggestions, is there a vertical paint rack that I can get that will accommodate all of these? Currently they're all in a shoebox and I need the bench-space. Thanks.
  6. This may (or may not), help. http://www.fradu-hunters.co.uk/history.html
  7. I didn't expect that detail of information. Thanks for all of that - I can now finish off my research successfully.
  8. I'm researching a P26 build (with a hope to follow it up with a P12), and was wondering if anyone knew what paint to use for the Yellow / Blue schemes? I've sort of a zeroed in on RLM04 for the Yellow, but have not managed to decide what the right blue is. Is there anyone who can help me?
  9. Thanks for all of your help - I had thought that I'd want to steer clear of batteries, this has confirmed it. Probably going to be white lights, my disco days are long gone.....
  10. I've managed to get hold of a Detolf cabinet, and am starting to fill it up with old models that I'm gradually refurbishing. Has anyone got any suggestions about LED (or other) lighting options that I could use?
  11. Thanks for the advice, and the great pictures. I may do as advised and build the T55 as a Saudi or Kuwaiti one, and find a Sword T5 for the RAF version.
  12. I've managed to find a Matchbox Lightning T55 Lightning, and want to build/paint it up as a RAF T5, I know that I've got to find a pair of straight wings, but is there anything else? And is there a step by step conversion I can follow?
  13. Thanks for all your suggestions; I may have to start haunting model shows for hints, sniffs of P1a heaven.
  14. I might find myself trying to convert an existing kit..... I'd love one of the three mentioned, but they're like hens teeth clamped around unicorn eggs. Thanks for the help.
  15. I can see lots of different ideas for those, who like me, want a Lightning P1A to build. I've seen excellent conversions for large scale (i.e >1:72) Lightnings, and obv the Whirlykit option in resin at 1:72, though I'd have to save up for that one. For the benefit of the uninitiated (i.e me), what are the options if you want to model the P1A in 1:72 - I'm quite happy to hack up a base kit, just that I'm not sure what I need to do then..
  16. Not my content, but Thunder & Lightings have a cockpit section of XG331 in 1997. It might give an indication of previous paintwork. http://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/lightning/survivor.php?id=540
  17. These are both excellent answers; in fact the X72-092 option hadn't twigged. I've emailed Hannants this morning, and they've said that in addition to all of this, they're adding a reprint of X72065 to their website - should be online in a month or so. Thanks for both your answers.
  18. I'm about to get stuck into a pair of Lightnings, using Modeldecal MD078 and note that they've skimped on the underwing serials - suggesting that I use MD035/037 instead. Alternatively, I could use Xtradecal X72-065, all three of which appear to be unavailable anywhere. Is there an alternative decal sheet I could use, or is the only option self-printing? If so, is there a preferred font?
  19. thanks for all your help. This is great.
  20. I recently found myself in the RAF Museum at Cosford, looking over the Bristol 188. Apart from the Olimp resin model, (and there appear to be few on sale), does anyone know of any plans that could be used as the basis of a scratchbuilt model - any scale, if that helps maximise detail? Just something with plan views, reasonably accurate cross-sections - that sort of thing? I have a copy of the Barry Hygate book, but there's only limited cross-section information there.
  21. I'm having a lot of ideas at the moment. The latest is to build a DIY spray booth, (for when I've sorted out an airbrush), but what concerns me are the electrics. Assuming that I've got the right parts - bathroom extractor fan, 3-core, on/off switch and 3-pin plug, does anyone have an idea on how to wire these things up? I only ask, because I'm a simple mechanical engineer and can attach bits together, but have always seen electrics as a bit of a black art.. Any advice would be appreciated.
  22. Thanks for this advice. It's certainly given me food for thought as to the next step. I quite like the idea of white paint marker on the clear decal sheet. I'll give that a try..
  23. I'm currently attempting to build a selection of post-war RAF aircraft (Tornado F3, Lightning, Phantom FGR2, F4(UK), but due to a combination of events I am lacking stencilling, particularly for the Tornado. I don't really want to have to search for (non-existent) decal sheets with walkways / NO STEP / Funny upside-down hooks - or rely on well-known auction sites to overpay for stuff. Is there a way to cleanly produce white stencil markings in 1:72? I'd prefer if I could do this, whilst retaining some sort of calmness, though prepared to make a bit of effort if I can see the end result. I did think that the combination of white ink / draughting pens, and a master decal sheet, I could transfer the markings to a clear decal sheet, cutting, sealing and protecting as much as I can. Am i heading in the right direction, or is there an alternative process I can follow?
  24. I'm keen to model the units that an individual aircraft (in this case a Tornado F3) has been in from inception to disposal. Is there a way of finding this information out? I've sent a couple of emails to the RAF Museum at Hendon, to their heritage section, and so far nothing.. Are there any other ways to collect this info?
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