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  1. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Dear Harvey, it's a been long time since I had not come on your thread. I was very busy with my 806, Chevy Bel Air and Yak 3 "ready for inspection".. What you show here is really amazing, from the beginning. It is a kind of model making that I would be definitely unable to do today. Go on like that my friend, you're on the good way, I will try to go on looking at your thread despite that I will be busy with my new build and thread... Congrats Hannes for your new Protar 806!
  2. "Missouri Armada" P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    I have just bought, to complete my 2017 Eduard P 51 interior set (for Airfix) a one Eduard made for Tamiya in 2002:
  3. Hello to all, After the amazing saga my last build has been (a vintage race car, the Fiat 806 Corsa at 1/12 Italeri, see if interested the summarize here: https://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=6&ved=0ahUKEwif_vra5cnXAhUGuhoKHYo9BJIQFgg4MAU&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.britmodeller.com%2Fforums%2Findex.php%3F%2Ftopic%2F235028933-fiat-806-corsa-112-a-true-to-original-replica%2F&usg=AOvVaw35SjHJwOHWiadD7NM-4lu3 ), I begin a new build, very different (I am used to alternate a vehicle and an aircraft up to now). Of course, many builds have ever been dedicated to the Tamiya P 51D Mustang, especially on Britmodeller... I saw particularly the Squibby one, begun very recently and very nice, that will be definitely a source of inspiration. But as every build is different and personal, I decided to dive again in the Brit bath! I must precise too that I will take a good part of my inspiration in the great Juan Manuel Villalba DVD, for which I made the translation in french for the subtitles. Juan is a very famous modeler and a real gentleman, who learnt me a lot in model making and photography, he is a master and a friend, even if we couldn't meet up to now (we live far away one to the other one, pity...). Before beginning the build, a word of history: John Brooke England was born in 1923 at Caruthersville, Missouri. His service number was O-739263 and he joined the 362nd FS of the 357th FG in April 1943 as a 1/Lt meaning that he was part of the original cadre that left the ZI in November 1943 for the UK. He was promoted to Captain and then to Major. He took command of the 362nd FS on 25 August 1944. He served two tours with the 357th FG for a total of 108 operational missions giving a total of 460 hours combat flying time. He was the second highest scorer in the 357th with a total of 17.5 victories. England finished his second tour and rotated home on 26 January 1945. He remained in the service after the war and was killed in an F-86 crash in November 1954 in France. I began my build logically by preparing the parts of the section 1 and some other ones, placing them in a box with compartments, that I got in the Italeri's kit (one of the best part of this kit, defintely ): N.B: I just made the photo, so the cockpit is ever begun... I must precise now that, differently with Juan, who made the radio by total scratch (amazing), I used the very recent Eduard photoetched set for Airfix kit (ref. 49853), that I will have to adapt to the Tamiya kit: N.B: here too, I just made the photo, some parts have been removed and ever used. After the parts preparation, I began the cockpit by removing some details to replace them by new ones (arrow 1, and the radio). I didn't use the Eduard P.E part 47, too thin, and replaced it by 0,3 mm thick tin wire (arrow 3) The screws on the side were made from very small portions cut in 0,2 mm thick tin wire (Juan cuts in stretched plastic). The tabs come from another Eduard PE set. N.B: I had to adapt the A 17 Tamiya part to the Eduard 42 one, smaller (for Airfix) and accidently, I cut a portion of the floor and radio support. Of course, I will do the necessary correction...
  4. Squibby, you made a fantastic job on the inner bays and on the cockpit, bravo! I am beginning a new thread (less than 1 month after you) on the same Tamiya 1/48 kit. Your work will be very inspiring... All the best Olivier P.S: I could have posted my pics on your thread, but I thought it was maybe a better idea to open a new one. I had a quite bad experience previously on Brit in such a situation...
  5. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Dear all, I have the pleasure to inform you that I opened a new thread, dedicated to my new build: "Missouri Armada" P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48. All the best Olivier
  6. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    First of all, Roy, glad you feel fine and were just busy. I began to worry about you and was about to write you on P.M to get news. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Like you, I think I have still improved my model with the corrections done after the Hyères Maquett'expo, especially applying a brighter red, on improved surfaces. Your suggestion about the ZM is very tempting, but: - I had the 1/48 Tamiya kit, that is more simple but very good though - JM Villalba used the Tamiya kit in his DVD and I wanted to use it to improve my skills, especially by making rivets with the rivet wheel. - I have ever ordered the decals sheet from Eagle cals to do the same version than Juan, and also Eduard photoetched sets... In other circumstances, I would certainly have bought the ZM kit. I have never built a kit from this brand, but I know they are exceptional... All the best Olivier P.S: did you take a look at my "ready for inspection" gallery? A summarize of this amazing build...
  7. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    No Sam, I didn't do anything more to my grille. As I explained above after the same comment from southpier, it was very difficult to get exactly the same bending of the grille 0,4 mm steel bars. They are parallel on a frontal view, but there are little bending differences on top view. I wouldn't have got such a problem with a flat grille, as Robin Lous did, but I chose the most difficult challenge. Kindly, Hannes said about that "defect" last november 3: "The theory of esthetics says that there must be some small defects or irregularities before we consider an object as beautiful . A completely symmetrical face is just dull even if it´s components are well shaped"... Even if I agree with this artistic point of view, to be honest, I have to admit I would have however preferred more perfect grille and frame, but this work (reshaping the frame and respoking the grille with bended rods) was a real challenge, especially as I was the first to do the job. Maybe some of you will improve that on their build, finding a better method (3D, bending machine??). I could have avoided posting top view pics, hiding so the "defect", but I have ever explained many times that my build is not perfect, it is a craftwork, I assume that to 100%. And this is the same for the driver... P.S: I must recall too that it was my 2nd generation grille, I had to redo the first one because it had been found that the dimensions of the kit's radiator case were wrong... The problem of being a pioneer... Maybe my first grille, using 3 rods/ line, instead of bending (and so using only 1) was better from that point of view... My first generation grille (I have no top view but I suppose it would have been better than the 2 nd generation, done more simply, bending rods). Of course, on the other hand, the proportions were wrong...
  8. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    My last comparison photos. I have replaced the frontal comparison by the one below, much better (the cardboard was visible on the sides of the photo). P.S: I have maybe found the great pro photographer I was looking for... A good friend of mine (not modeler at all) recommended me this photographer. I'll let you know...
  9. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Thanks a lot, CC! I love it too, all the "surgeries" - we talk between health pros - done on the top of the rear body give a very realistic look of sheet metal. But I don't dislike the light on the driver's face on the frontal view too... I am finally not so unhappy with my figure... P.S: did you have a look at my "ready for inspection" summarize? I admit it is maybe a bit too "heavy", but it was difficult to do shorter without forgetting truth aspects...
  10. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Thanks a lot dear Harvey! yes, it is one of my character traits, I am a warrior (against myself!) and a perfectionnist, always trying to improve my work. It is so that you can get better results and improve your skills, in model making as in photography as in my pro activity... In this case, I must thank again J.M Villalba (sorry... ) who gave me the good hints that allowed me to get such pics, not as good as the great pro photographer Hannes called for his Mef but not so bad however.
  11. Hello to all, When I bought and began the construction of the Fiat 806 "Grand Prix" 1927 Italeri kit at 1/12 scale, in july 2016, I was very far from imagining to where this would lead me... I am not a specialist of vintage cars (even if I made indisputable progress these last times) and I didn't know this car, but I loved her design, and the very nice Italeri box-art had aroused in me the desire to build that model. Opening the box, and looking at the sprues, I have to say my enthusiasm decreased a bit: the kit was far from the actual quality standards of Italeri's production, except the decal sheet and the photoetched part. The reason? I found it out on the net, where I began to make researchs. This kit was in fact a reissue of an old Protar kit, what Italeri had forgotten to precise on the box, announcing on the contrary "a unique model in terms of technology and accuracy" (sic). The 2nd disconcerting discover was that there were very few documents available on this car, just a few black and white photos, 2 blueprints, both being contradictory, and a few drawings. I had to learn that this race car did not exist yet for a long time, as it had been sent to the foundry by an incomprehensible order of Giovanni Agnelli, the Fiat boss, a few months after her birth, as pity her elder sisters 801 to 805! (despite our researchs on the exact circumstances and precise moment of that order, it is still not very clear, but it was definitely before june 1928, maybe after the dramatic accidental death of P. Bordino april 15th, but maybe before). But, among these disconcerting discover, I made a much more positive one: Britmodeller, and a thread dedicated to the Fiat 806: the Gangshow... I had never up to now taken part to a thread, just reading sometimes, but I was so impressed by what I saw on this one, especially what Little Andi and vontrips could do, through others, that I decided to join the team. It was september 7th, 2016. At this time, I could not imagine how wrong the Italeri kit was, I thought there were only problems with the poor quality of the moulds, and so, I began my build normally, following the steps, trying to improve it of course, but thinking this build would be probably over in december, allowing me to write an article in Tamiya Model Magazine, as I had done for my Chevy Bel Air Convertible 1957 previously. But small and small, it became obvious that, if I wanted to get a quite true to original replica, there would be a lot of corrections to do: the grille was made of thick rods (what the box-art could not let imagine, thanks to a nice Photoshop work...), the steering wheel was very far from the real one and unrefined, and so for the wheels, and so for the tyres (Italeri had provided the Mef tyres, probably because they did not find the Protar's moulds!) etc etc. Of course, I was far from being alone discovering these problems, but small and small, 2 conceptions of model making, though as respectable one as the other one, began to create tensions on the Gangshow thread: some modelers considered that we (mainly Hannes, Roy vd M, CrazyCrank, Sharknose156, vontrips, NickD and me) were in a "purist logic", very "boring", and "hijacking" the initial thread. This led to the creation of a new thread, initiated by Roy: "Fiat 806: research and scratchbuild" and to the closing of the Gangshow to further replies. It was november 11 and 12th, 2016, nearly 1 year ago. It is difficult to tell here the enthousiasm and the incredible profusion of ideas, debates and discovers of the first weeks in the new thread. It was sometimes even too much for me, I could not go on my build, especially since the new discovers questioned it! In the research aspect, Roy was particularly motivated and effective. A book could be written on the amazing saga this thread and my build have become from that moment. Later, we found out, bought and read the beautiful Sebastien Faures book: "Fiat en Grand Prix: 1920-1930" (E.T.A.I editor), that would be fascinating and would bring historical and technical precious informations. More, I took contact with the author, that was very interested by our research and partial scratchbuild project, and who helped us a lot, bringing infos and new docs. Later, Roy would find the moving documentary of the Monza Grand Prix (4/9/1927), the only one to which the 806 took part (Milano G.P) and in that amazing movie, the first frontal view of the car, showing definitely how wrong was the radiator case and the grille on the kit... Later, I took advantage of a travel in Florida to visit the great Naples Rev's institute (go and see their internet site...) and could then take contact with Paul Kierstein, responsible in the research section, who would bring us him too very interesting documents, in particular the blueprints of our Drawing 2, dated, showing this version, with a longer tail, that had inspired Protar, and so Italeri, was in fact an evolution (that would never be born) of our car, and not a previous version, as most of us thought. Later, Roy would discover accidentally, while he had left us to begin working on its Delage project (go and see his thread), the first profile view, pity not in HR, but so important to get the good shapes... Later, I would go to Torino, to the Fiat Centro Storico (by appointment), and would look to the archives, finding very important infos and docs, and discovering their wrong big scale model (however better than the Italeri’s one) and the museum with the Fiat Mefisto, that should be my next build. All these months, I spent my time doing and redoing, cutting here and there, "shrinking the shrimp", as joked CC. A real pioneer work, that Hannes was doing too. Hannes... he has been so important for my build, as CrazyCrank, the other french modeler of the team (see his amazing thread on the Pocher Bugatti T50), as BlackNight, as Harvey, as Sharknose (Sam, hope you'll get back your photos lost due to Photobucket, I look forward to read your Mefisto thread...), as Roy, as Robin Lous, as vontrips (even if the Protar's tyres are a bit too large and too thick imho, they are anyway much much better than the Mef's one!). A dream team! But Hannes... always pushing me to go further in this quest of truth. We had so many debates (sometimes very lively!). So, this build is of course mine, but I have to thank here all people without whom I would clearly never have been able to build what is definitely, to this day, the most accurate and realistic replica of the Fiat 806, this legendary and beautiful vintage race car. I regret deeply that the editor in chief of TMMI did not understand all that and renounced to my article because I had shared on an internet forum my photos, techniques and ideas. But a 7 or 8 pages in a magazine would have been anyway just a little summarize of the 187 pages of our thread (without mentioning the Gangshow...), so I don't see the problem. Pity... If I don't find anyone interested by editing anything on this build (pity, I have many photos and had begun writing the article...), I will just do a personal book, that I will read with pleasure, when I will be too old to practice model making, this fascinating hobby. And to finish, before the photo gallery, I can't forget (I hope I didn't forget anyone...) to mention my master and friend, Juan Manuel Villalba, who has followed all my build from the beginning to the end, regularly encouraging and so nice, and giving me so good hints. Thanks to him, I have improved a lot my photos (he is not only a great modeler - very famous in the aircraft modelers community - but also a pro photographer). I forgot: My model over (in fact, there would be still some corrections later), I have decided to build OOB the kit (thanks again to Roy...) to show the many many differences between the Italeri kit (nice however) and my true to the original replica. This OOB was built in less than 3 weeks, while the PSB (partial scratch build) has needed more about 14 months! I don't say that to discourage people of goodwill, but you have to know in what you put your feet... That said, if I rebuilt this PSB today, it would probably take less than 6 months... I also want to say that: 1) my kit is definitely not perfect, there are some wrong details that I couldn't modify without taking too much risks. And we are still missing photos of the engine compartment and cockpit inside 2) Harvey has begun the challenge, go and see his thread: H's 806... on Britmodeller, of course! and Hannes is going on too, and when I see what he did with the Mef, a real piece of art (he should publish very soon a "ready for inspection" topic too), I imagine the result... Well, sorry to have been so... talkative, there was so much to say. All the best to all and sorry for the ones I forgot to mention, who, at a moment or another, have brought me (us) help, like square, Jnkm13, Propeller etc. Olivier P.S: Thank you anyway to Italeri that gave me the opportunity to build this unique model. Despite the many defects of this kit, it does exist and we have so few vintage cars at this scale... P.S2: And many thanks and all my loving to my dear Pascale, who had to be so patient during all these months. Being the wife of a passionate model maker is not a present! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now the pics... finally! As you know, OOB means built out of the box, PSB will concern my partial scratchbuilt version... Photoshop was used only to get good photos parameters, but not to cheat (no correction done except to make disappear the left bonnet on the profile view). I begin with the profile view, photo 28 in the thread (Roy's discover, lately and "accidentally", looking for Delage docs!): My partial scratch version without the left bonnet (erased with Photoshop, many thanks to JM. Villalba who did the job): And with the left opened bonnet, in TIFF format (VHR): ((N.B: pity, this is the only photo I could put in TIFF format, great but very heavy, because the other ones are more than 25 Mo, and Image Schack, that I use to export my photos, doesn't accept them. )) Comparison original/ OOB version/ my PSB version: the Italeri kit is too height, giving a massive perception, the tail is too long, and so for the cockpit... and of course, the wheels are wrong in every aspect (tyres, spokes...): ---------------------------------------------------------------- This frontal view (photo 12 in our thread) is a screen capture of the documentary, due to Roy too: comparison with the OOB: it doesn't seems to be the same car... and with my PSB version: the radiator case had to be completely redimensioned, and the grille too. The thick plastic rods of the kit's grille were removed and replaced by 51 thin steel rods (0,4 mm), that I had to bend a bit because the grille is not flat. The front and rear axle were wrong, not long enough, I had to modefy this too. All these modifs have many consequences on the build, in particular decreasing the body in height... ----------------------------------------------------------------- The photos in our thread have been numbered according the moment of their discovery. The photo below, numbered 1, was one of the first photos we got. The profile view above bears the number 28 because it was discovered lately... ---------------------------------------------------------------- As the photo 1 above, the photo below (our photo 2 in the thread) was done when presenting the car, that is not yet painted (and the exhaust are still uncovered) and some rivets are visible on the fairing, that will be totally erased before the race. This photo 2 is high quality, giving many informations on details. The angle of view is slightly different from the photo 1, and the driver is missing. Comparison photo 2/ OOB: Comparison photo 2/ PSB: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Other HQ photo taken the same day, our photo 3, very interesting 3/4 rear view: let's compare it first with the OOB: and now with the PSB: ----------------------------------------------------------------- The same with our photo 4 in the thread). With OOB: and with PSB: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Our photo 9: this photo was very interesting for us, because it was taken the day of the race (after the race in fact) and was HR. It is the only one that shows that there was an asbestos wrapping on the exhausts. Pity, this photo HR is protected by a copyright, I can reproduce here just a LD version (the original was 1,2 Mo, this one is only 369 Ko) but you can however see the wrapping, wet because of the rain: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Our photo 25 in the thread: notice the very low body (the mechanics around the car are however probably not very tall): ------------------------------------------------------------------ Top view: we don't have any top view of the original car OOB and PSB comparison on top view: OOB and PSB in frontal up view: and in rear view: ----------------------------------------------------------------- And now let's focus on details, beginning with wheels: The wheels have been completely respoked, there must be 72 spokes by wheel (0,4 mm steel rods at 1/12) instead of 36 plastic thick ones in the kit. ---------------------------------------------------- Cockpit, windscreen, exhaust, fairing and fuel cap on the OOB: and on the PSB: ----------------------------------------------------- Fuel cap, louvres, exhaust, brake cable, wheels, digits etc. on the OOB: and on the PSB: ----------------------------------------------------- Engine compartment OOB: notice the very thick ignition wiring and connectors provided in the kit, the unrealistic screws on the radiator case and the body, the thick plastic hinge, the thick brake cables (the kit provides a big spring to represent them) etc. and PSB: the hinge has been scratchmade, so for the ignition wiring and connectors. The brake cable is a 0,38 mm braided wire from RB motion. ---------------------------------------------------- Brake cable and tensioners on the original car (photo 2): on the OOB: and on the PSB: ----------------------------------------------------- And finally the Sir Lawrence figure (Minichamps 1/12) from which I made my driver Pietro Bordino. I had decided indeed to represent "Il Diavolo Rosso", the Fiat and tifosi golden child in the 20's. This transformation was another challenge... ---------------------------------------------------- New photos, done on a black cardboard, giving another perception, with a very nice contrast red car/ dark cardboard:
  12. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Dear followers of this amazing thread, I was not supposed to post again photos, but I was not totally happy with my previous photos done on a white cardboard. I recall that I had chosen this white cardboard because it seemed to me that it was the one that respected the best the red color of my model, and also because the one I had done previously on a black cardboard seemed to erase details. What I had not taken in consideration is the fact that, meanwhile, I had modified a lot the settings on my cam (Manual, RAW format) and begun to use Photoshop (Lightroom 6), that allows to make many corrections and actions on many parameters. I decided to bring back home my Fiat and made these new photos, trying to be inspired by the amazing pro photos of the Hannes Mefisto. Tomorrow, I will bring back my OOB to make the last comparison photos, on this black cardboard. And then it will be definitely time for me to open a new modeling page... All the best Olivier P.S: for these photos, I did not try necessary to get the same angles of views than our docs, this has ever been done, I was more in an "artistic" approach... P.S 2: I will add them to the ever "heavy" article "ready for inspection" I made about our car...
  13. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Thanks so much Hannes for these kind words that go straight to my heart. Sure we will meet again...
  14. Yakovlev Yak 3 Eduard 1/48

    Hello to all, after the vintage race car Fiat 806 Corsa 1/12, my last build, and the american classic car Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible 1957 1/25, I am happy to present here a very different model: the nice Yakovlev Yak 3 Eduard at 1/48. The decision to build this kit comes from my indescriblable enthusiasm for the great Juan Manuel Villalba's "Guide du maquettisme aéronautique" (Histoire et collections ed.), in which, through others, the famous modeler dedicated several pages to a wonderful Yak 3 (everything this man touches turns to gold, imho). My build began in april 2016 and finished in july of the same year. I decided to follow the steps of the master, and came in contact with him (he is not only a great artist, he is also a delicious man, of an extreme kindness). He replied patiently to all the questions I had (and I had many...), and with the book and his hints, I learnt a lot. I would like so much to meet him, we are regularly in contact by mail, but pity, we live so far apart... To be honest, I must say in this build, most of the ideas were not mine but his ones (he would say the contrary, and that definitely, it is my personal work, he is so kind...). I was most of the time just trying to reproduce what he had done before me. I am not ashamed to say that, Woody Allen was also influenced by other directors, before finding his own style (I am a fan). Well, let's leave Juan (he is so modest, he would be embarrassed if I go on...) to see the pics: I will begin with a few photos, screen captures from videos found on YouTube, of the real aircraft, on a restored version: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and now the build. My pics will follow logically the steps of construction. Just a word about the kit: except the decal sheet, of quite poor quality, this Profipack Eduard kit is excellent. I have been so critical (rightly) about the Fiat and the Chevrolet, it is fair and important to say too when a kit is very good... Of course, if there are questions, I will reply with pleasure...
  15. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Every story has an end, my contribution to this thread is over. Sharing here has been most of the time a real pleasure. I thank for the last time all of you. My next build will not be the Mef (after the pioneer work that required a lot of will and energy, I need a more "simple" one). It will be the Tamiya P51D Mustang at 1/48, for which I will take inspiration mainly in the JM Villalba's DVD, to which I had taken a little part, assuming the french translation. I wish all the best to all of you, especially Hannes and Harvey who are "on the bench" to get a very convincing Fiat 806 and who have always been encouraging and of a strong support for me, from the beginning to the end. Olivier
  16. Fiat 806 Corsa 1/12: a true to original replica

    I didn't imagine having more "likes" on the Yak 3 (article published just yesterday) than on the Fiat 806 (article published 7 days ago). The main reason is probably to find in the largest number of aircraft modelers... Of course, we don't do model making to get "likes" on Brit, but it gives an interesting indication and it gratifies our self esteem, it would be hypocritical to deny it. I was a bit surprised and to tell you the truth disappointed not to get any comment or "like" from prominent members of our thread. I however admit they had ever many times expressed very kind comments toward my build on our thread "research..." Maybe they were just too busy these last 7 days... Anyway, my decision is taken: my next build will be an aircraft. So, I will go on building in alternance a vehicle and an aircraft...
  17. Yakovlev Yak 3 Eduard 1/48

    Weathering on the red cowling: if I remember well, I first applied a base coat of Tamiya acrylic red thinned with X20A, the Tamiya thinner. Then I applied with my airbrush (1 bar) on the structure lines a mix of XF10 and XF1, thinned a lot with 96° alcohol (paint 10% thinner 90%) to get a shadow effect. Then, I applied in the structure lines a wash (mix of enamel mat brown and black thinned a lot with Tamiya X20 enamel thinner). Then I used the Giotto Mega silver pencil (all that on JMV prescriptions) for the chippings. Wheel wells: Here too, apply first a base coat in the same conditions, then apply the shadows with Tamiya acrylics thinned a lot with alcohol, then add the lights with a paintbrush and Vallejo acrylic paint (base color lightened) on the reliefs. You can, this is facultative, emphasize them using a fine graphite pencil (0,3 mm). Hope this will help.
  18. Yakovlev Yak 3 Eduard 1/48

    Thanks to all for your kind comments. I insist on the fact that I followed the JMV steps, always very logical and thoughtful... By the way, I have decided what will be my next build. After the pioneer work that has been the vintage race car Fiat 806 (187 pages on the "research and scratchbuilds" thread), I wanted just to have fun with model making and improve my skills. Yet I had done the french translation for the subtitles on the last DVD of JMV. This DVD, a pure pleasure, that I recommend it to anyone interested in model making, is dedicated to the P 51D Mustang. The Tamiya kit is used, and the version is the Missouri Armada (357th F.G). I don't know yet if I will open a new thread about this build, but it is quite probable. All the best to all
  19. Italeri, FIAT 806 ... 1/12th

    Dear John, you are here on Little Andi's thread, not on mine... Very funny, this confusion! That said, I suppose your compliments were for Andi...
  20. Don't worry, Hannes, I had very well understood! I think I need indeed to charge batteries. Maybe a small build could be a good solution before a bigger challenge from this point of view... How is your puppy? Thanks! I know I can count on you.
  21. I really don't see what you mean, Hannes... Well, I promise I will think about it... I must also take in consideration personal aspects. Without going into details, my wife begins to saturate. All this time and energy, not only on model making, but also on writing and sharing with my friends, for months and months... And after the huge effort that was the 806 build, I needed myself a little break before a new project. I took advantage of this break to present in the "ready for..." not only the Fiat 806, but also the Chevy Bel Air and the Yak 3. I was glad doing that job, especially for the 2 latter. It was a kind of therapy... As an actor who got involved too much on a character for months, there is a kind of empty sensation now that all is over. And maybe a kind of anxiety difficult to explain. Now, I would like to work, as no one (neither editor, neither anyone) seems interested or concerned by publishing (it is maybe better for me like that...), and before a new build, on a personal photo album, as I ever mentioned above somewhere... Many greetings Olivier
  22. Dear Hannes, we had the privilege to see the stunning photos of your Mef on our thread "Fiat 806 research and scratchbuilds". The build is excellent of course, and more, the pro photographer you found is also an artist. The combination of your both talents give incredible pics. How to dare opening a new thread on the Mef after what you and Sam have done? Sincerely, I am not sure at all I will. In the 806 case, there was a good reason to create a new thread, as no one up to now had been so far in the search of truth. In a pinch, I could post pics in the "ready for..." section, as you do now, when my build will be over... All the best the artist your friend Olivier
  23. Fiat 806 Corsa 1/12: a true to original replica

    And now, my Yakovlev Yak 3 Eduard 1/48 is also visible in the aircraft section...
  24. Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible 1957 1/25 Revell/ AMT

    For those interested, I made an article about the Yakovlev Yak 3 Eduard 1/48 in the aircraft "ready for inspection" section... Hope you'll enjoy. All the best Olivier
  25. Hello to all, I made this model, the Chevy Bel Air 1957 at 1/25 scale, from july 2015 to march 2016. I wrote an article about it that was published in the french edition of Tamiya Model Magazine in july/ august 2016 (n°249). You can order it on the T2M site for more informations about this build. For this model, I used as documentation mainly the videos that resellers, american generally, do and post on YouTube. Making screen captures, I could get photos, then zoom on details, and so, making a pics library. The kits from where my model was built are the Revell (US, bought on internet) and the AMT, both at 1/25. I bought first the AMT, but when I saw how poor was this kit, I tried to find a better one. The Revell was better indeed, even if it had to be improved a lot too, to get a convincing model. However, the AMT engine was better, that is why I decided to integrate it in the Revell kit. What a lovely car! I was inspired a lot by this light- blue one, that Jeri Drager (Dragers Classic) showed on YouTube. Jeri, very kindly, authorized me to post pics of his Chevy... Jeri shows us the interior of the car: I won't represent the belts, that did not exist in 1957. The other main difference with his car concerns the rear bumper... Revell, unlike AMT, gave me the choice of 2 bumpers: the classical one (the one of Jeri's car) and a stock-car version, like we can see on this very nice red Chevy. I chose this option... Alclad chrome on gloss black base was used to get a shiny spare wheel cover. Of course, a good preparation with the Micromesh is necessary to get a very good state of surface... ------------------------------------------- Drybrush technique to get a more realistic aspect of the carpet. The foot gearbox was full scratchbuilt. --------------------------------------------------- Hood: this screen capture will be my reference to improve the Revell's part: Among the 2 kits, only the Revell gives the opportunity to represent the car top down, what is definitely my favorite choice, for obvious esthetic reasons. More, this solution allows to see all details of the dashboard. The hood requires however to be improved a lot (folds, buttons, sewings in angles): I had bought as a precaution 2 ex. of the Revell's kit (the shipping was nearly as expensive as the kit's themselves...). So, I could do this pic that shows the hood before and after corrections. ---------------------------------------------- Enlargement of the speedometer: the decal had not the good size and was quite poor, I chose to print in HD at the right scale this photo. The same was done for the 2 other dials... -------------------------------------------- The steering wheels were unrefined, especially the AMT one... A very delicate job was done to get the slender look of the original. Bare metal foil was used for many details, especially the edges of the sunshades: ----------------------------------------- I made from scratch the fuzzy dice, that was present on the Jeri Drager's Chevy. The antenna is an aftermarket part (Hobby Design ref. HD07-0056). The rubber joint around the windscreen was done with matified Bare Metal black chrome. The windscreen wipers were subject to a special care (see below) --------------------------------------------------- Windscreen wipers: indeed, as the steering wheel, the original were very slender... too much to be made from polystyrene... while the Revell's ones were too thick: I used 1/24 windshield wiper set A from BNA world, very thin: ... getting so a much more convincing result. Notice that I applied a very light coat of blue on the windscreen, to get it bluish... Notice too the little nipples of door opening... ------------------------------------------------ Wheels: the original, very nice! The 3 arm star is totally missing on the Revell wheels, and the black notches too... I scratchmade the 3 arm stars... ... and created notches with a bur, to get more convincing and esthetic wheels: ------------------------------------ Rear mirror view: ----------------------------------------------- Engine compartment: the original, very inspiring: On my build at 1/25: ----------------------------------------------- Underbody: the original: happily, Jeri is very thorough, and made a video of the underbody of the Chevy he was selling... I could so represent with many details the underbody: Mr Surfacer was used to get rough surfaces... --------------------------------------------