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  1. This will be my entry for this GB: I won’t be starting it just yet as I've another GB project to finish first. I will hopefully post some photos of the contents of the box and a bit of information about the actual tank itself soon. Kind regards, Stix
  2. Sexton 11 25 PDR

    The paintwork and decals look great and it looks like the stowage will really add to the appearance. Kind regards, Stix
  3. Gator - Part three of the trilogy

    Well I have to say I am extremely saddened to hear of Julian's passing. I was just coming to check on his progress with this project only to find that a true gentleman, an exceptionally fine modeller and someone who was always extremely helpful and supportive has died. This is a very sad afternoon. RIP Julian. Condolences to his family and friends. Kind regards, Stix
  4. Meng Panther A Late

    Hi Lloyd. I'm not too sure about this kit. I don't understand Meng's decision to use the colour plastic they have (as with most of these current ones - I assume it's to represent the original primer), it looks a little over-engineered to me and I cannot understand why they didn't have the Zimmerit moulded in place - I know some modellers feel it limits their choices but I'm sure many more would go for the more straightforward option of having it already there - I would. I've got some of Dragons German armour with the Zimmerit moulded on and, to me, it looks great. Having said all that it looks like it builds into a nice version of the Panther and I'll be interested to see what you do with this kit. Kind regards, Stix
  5. Miniart 1/35 AEC Mk1 Armoured Car

    That's good looking progress Rob. That engine looks nicely detailed. But I'm afraid I cannot help with the colour. Kind regards, Stix
  6. Hi John. Hope you are well. Thank you very much for your very kind comments. The Mossie vignette does seem to have been popular and, as I have mentioned before, it was a really fun project to do. Kind regards, Stix
  7. This year I decided to try and build more kits outside GBs - as it happens I've only managed one so far with another which may get completed before the year ends. First completion of the year was in the Mustang STGB: North American Mustang IV No.112 Squadron, Italy, 1945 Kit: 1/72 Airfix Starter Set Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch all applied by brush Extras: Tamiya tape seatbelts, styrene for the control column and aerial WIP: Here RFI: Here Next completion was in the 70s NATO vs Warsaw Pact GB: T-64 Main Battle Tank Mod. 1972 Cold War Vignette: Waiting and Watching Kit: 1/72 Modelcollect - includes a metal barrel and L&L tracks Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch - all applied by brush Vignette base: 4mm MDF, household filler, a variety of turfs, tufts and trees from Woodlands Scenics, Greenscene and Army Painter WIP: Here RFI: Here Vignette photos: Here First build of the year outside a GB: Tamiya's 1/35 Panther Ausf.D - Sd.Kfz.171 The version I have decided to finish mine as is No. 445 - Pz.Gr.Div. - Großdeutschland - Kursk in August 1943. Kit: Tamiya /135 Panther - Ausf.D - Sd.Kfz.171 AM: Tamiya individual track links, grill set and metal barrel Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch all applied by paint brushes Mud: Mig - European dry mud WIP: Here RFI: Here Another STGB build next: Mosquito FB Mk.VI MM417 EG-T No. 487 Squadron RNZAF Based at Hunsdon, Hertfordshire in February/March 1944 MM417 EG-T served with 487 Squadron from 29 February 1944 to 26 March 1944. On the 26th March she was lost while leading the attack on coastal defense emplacements which were under construction at Les Hayes and was hit by flak during the mission. Wing Commander I S Smith was forced to crash land back at Hunsdon. The crew survived but the aircraft was wrecked. Kit: 1/72 Tamiya De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI/NF Mk.II Extras: Eduard Zoom Set SS137 Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylics - all applied by brush Base: Zvezda Snap-fit German Howitzer and a Wilko's picture frame WIP: Here Lots and lots of RFI photos: Here Vignette base photos: Here Shaky YouTube video: Here Photoshopped photos: Here I was actually quite pleased with the base for this and thought the little Zvezda snap kit and crew really looked the part: 1/72 Zvezda Snap-fit German Howitzer Vignette base photos: Here More tanks next - 3 this time in the From Russia With Love GB: Russian Tank T-34/76 Model 1941 (Cast turret) Kit: Tamiya 1/48 T-34/76 Model 1941 (Cast turret) Extras: Stretched sprue aerial (although I hadn't fitted it when I took the photos below) Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch acrylics all applied by brush WIP for the whole project: Here Diorama photos: Here Yak-3 RFI: Here Russian Tank Destroyer SU-122 – No.5234 Kit: Tamiya 1/48 Russian Tank Destroyer SU-122 Extras: Tamiya Russian tank crew figure Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch all applied by brush WIP: Here Diorama: Here Russian Heavy Tank KV-1 (w/Applique Armour) Kit: Tamiya 1/48 KV-1 with Applique Armour Extras: Tamiya Russian tank crew figure Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch all applied by brush WIP: Here Diorama photos: Here In the from Russia With Love GB I also built an aircraft: Yak-3 White 6 Lieutenant Marcel Albert, 1st FAR “Normandie Niemen”, 303rd FAD, Autumn 1944/Spring 1945 Kit: 1/48 Zvezda Yak-3 Extras: Tamiya seat belts and EZline aerial wire Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylics - all applied by brush WIP: Here Tank RFI: Here Diorama photos: Here I combined the above four builds in scene and added some figures: Road to Berlin 2 WIP for the whole project: Here Yak-3 RFI: Here 3 tanks RFI: Here Over the summer there was the Blitzbuild GB - my entry: Meng 'Toon' Sherman M4A1 This is was a great kit to build - loads of fun. Fit was mostly pretty good. Actual build time was probably about 18 or so hours. I was thinking of doing more weathering and adding some mud but time got away from me in the end. Thank you to Enzo for setting up the GB and to everyone who took the time to comment in my WIP thread. WIP: Here More photos: Here Final completed build at the moment - my entry in the Radial Engines Rock GB: Dragon M4A1(76)W VVSS - 1/72 2nd Armoured Regiment - Polish 1st Armoured Division - Holland 1944 The WIP can be found here. The RFI can be found here. As always I have to thank everyone who has contributed in anyway to my build threads - my builds wouldn't be what they are without all the encouragement, advice and support from the fine modellers here on Britmodeller. Thanks must also go to Enzo and all the hosts of the GBs - these GBs certainly help focus my modelling! EDIT: When I originally did this post I had not completed my Panzer III Ausf.L, Late Production, with Winterketten - from the Dragon 1/35 kit - but I have now! It is only my second non-GB build of the year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This was my first Dragon 1/35 kit and it seemed to go together really well. This was also my first go at a whitewash finish which I have been nervous about doing for a while but I decided I needed to get one under my belt. I opted to a really worn version which, hopefully, looks okay. As my last completion of the year I was pleased with how it turned out. WIP: Here RFI: Here Comments and suggestions welcome as always. Happy New Year! Kind regards, Stix
  8. Time to declare my build for this first armour STGB. It has been a bit of a struggle to decide what to build and I've been torn between several different scales and manufacturers before going back to my original choice. I've re-decided on Eduard's reboxing of Tasca's M4A1 (Tasca kit number 35010). I've recently completed another 1/35 build which I thoroughly enjoyed so thought I'd stick in the same scale. So this is the kit box: ..........you can also see I've recently picked up the Haynes Owners Workshop Manual for £6 Good timing from the Works! I'm going to build the kit as “Goldie”: ...which landed at Normandy on June 9th and took part in the Battle of Bloody Gulch near Carentan, France, a week later. As I mentioned above the kit is a reboxing of Tasca's kit but includes some nice Photoetch from Eduard - although the version I'm building doesn’t use all of it: Looking forward to the weekend. Kind regards, Stix
  9. 75th Anniversary Battle of the Bulge GB @15

    Thanks Craig but there won’t be a GB unless we get some more modellers signing up! Kind regards, Stix
  10. Tamiya M4 in 1/35 scale.

    I really do like what you are doing with your finishes Steve! Very nice effects. Kind regards, Stix
  11. Hi Badder and thank you. You never know I may want to play with my Sherman in the garden at some point! With PE I often check to see if what it's replacing is actually better and sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. I don't just use regardless. If you don't think it's going to really improve on the plastic and it's going to take a lot of effort then don't use it. Thank you very much beefy. Kind regards, Stix
  12. That last photo above looks very impressive Badder. Your detailing and effects so far look very realistic. Kind regards, Stix
  13. Sexton, 153 (LY) Field Regt. RA

    It will be interesting to see your's and beefy's versions in progress. Kind regards, Stix
  14. Hi John and thank you for your comments. As far as I am aware The Type 10 was designed to be a smaller tank so it could be tactically and strategically mobile. Most of Japan’s road system is built to accommodate smaller cars and trucks, and mountainous terrain often includes bridges with specific weight limitations. The Type 10 was designed to be smaller to comply with road laws and be small and light enough to cross some of the larger civilian vehicle bridges. Apparently this also makes it more suitable for air and sea transport - especially between the islands. Hi Steve. I have to say I was very impressed with it when I opened the box. Hi Craig. As I said to Steve, above, it really is a very impressive little kit. Unfortunately I didn't get time to even wash the sprues this weekend - spent too much time on my Sherman build. I may try and get them washed one evening this week. Kind regards, Stix
  15. 1/48 F-104J/DJ JASDF

    Hi Craig. I am sorry I'm a lot late to the party here. Not my usual area of GBs to look in. Anyway - your build is looking superb. The work on the cockpit is awesome - and I am especially impressed by the fabric effect you achieved for the coaming is amazing. The paintwork and camo plus all your work on the markings is absolutely first rate! Kind regards, Stix
  16. Bit of a late update. I was hoping to do some photo updates over the weekend but I didn't get chance. I have done a fair bit and made some progress. First off I decided I wanted to get all the suspension/wheel units assembled. The first photo is included to show how the three small rubber pads fit into the void at the top of the inside: - this provides some spring-back to make the suspension workable. I'm not too certain how long these will remain workable but we'll see. These are all the units glued together - it wasn't a quick job: Then, of course, I had to try a quick test fit on the lower hull: Next up I continued the base weathering on the upper hull (previously it had been given an overall thinned wash of Revell's Gunship grey) - this consisted of a very thinned Revell Anthracite wash around all the detail before an overall dry-brushing with a lightened version of the base coat which also includes some yellow and army green: That was most of Saturday's work. Next up on the hull I'm going to weather the sides of the lower hull before I attach the suspension units. Yesterday I decided I wanted to get some of the PE out of the way on the pioneer tools: It was a bit fiddly at times but most of it is now done. There was also PE to be fitted on the hatches: Also yesterday I started work on the .50 Cal and PE ammo box: So it was a fairly productive weekend. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix
  17. M4A3, CALLIOPE, 1/35

    That really looks impressive all round Glynn! Can’t wait to see it with some paint on! Kind regards, Stix
  18. US Marines Sherman M4 (Italeri 1:35)

    That really is looking excellent Nigel! All the Photoetch really adds to the appearance! Kind regards, Stix
  19. Tamiya M4 in 1/35 scale.

    Looking forward to seeing it with all the stowage and weathering. Very nice. Kind regards, Stix
  20. M31 Recovery Vehicle

    Incredible modelling as always Andy! Kind regards, Stix
  21. Sexton 11 25 PDR

    Hi Beefy. That is certainly looking impressive in it's coat of paint and camo. Very nicely done. Kind regards, Stix
  22. M10 Achilles

    That’s a great looking M10 Dennis and I really enjoyed your WIP thread. Very well done. Kind regards, Stix
  23. Hi Francis! Well that certainly was very worth your efforts and skills! It has turned out beautifully! You have created a very effectively winter weathered Panther. Very impressive! Well done. Kind regards, Stix
  24. Hi Badder. Hope you are well. Excellent progress - your scratch-building may take three steps forward and, sometimes, a couple back, but the resultant progress is always impressive. It's going to be a really great build. Kind regards, Stix
  25. For the first half of the Second World War the Panzer III Medium Tank was the main German battle tank and only started to lose that reputation after the appearance of the Panzer IV Ausf F2 in March 1942. Until then the Panzer III had been the only German designed tank armed with a gun designed to penetrate enemy armour. The Ausf L version was in production from June to December 1942, with a total of 653 vehicles being manufactured. It was in production while attempts were being made to fit a 7.5cm gun to the Panzer III were under way. The L version was armed with the 5cm KwK39 L/60, although that gun was proving to be increasingly ineffective against thicker Soviet tank armour. The Ausf L was given 20mm spaced armour on the superstructure front and mantlet, and thicker frontal turret armour. This was the first 1/35 Dragon kit I have made and, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the build. This was also the first kit I have attempted a whitewash finish on. Up until this project I have avoided any AFV builds that required this. The Dragon instructions suggest a worn whitewash appearance for this vehicle so that is what I have attempted. As I don’t have or use an airbrush I had to work out the worn areas as I applied the whitewash. I have included a photo of the brushes I used for applying the whitewash and weathering at the end of the photos. Kit: 1/35 Dragon - Kit no. 6387 Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel, Railmatch acrylics all applied with brushes Finishes: Vallejo Snow and Mig European Mud applied by cocktail stick Figures: MiniArt Extras: Tamiya Jerry Cans and lead wire for cables WIP thread: Here As usual I need to apologise in advance for the number of photos - there are a lot!: Some closer views: And with the MiniArt figures: The stippling and fine paintbrush I used to apply the whitewash and weathering: Well, as I mentioned above, I thoroughly enjoyed this project and intend to make a small scenic base at some point – probably after the Sherman STGB. I want to thank everyone who provided assistance, support and encouragement in my WIP thread – as always it wouldn’t have turned out like this without everyone’s comments and suggestions. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix