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News from l'ARSENAL 2.0


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Dear customers,
After a long silence for which I sincerely apologize, it's time now to reveal the planned future for l'ARSENAL 2.0.
As I really don't like to announce things that are still to come or due in time, I confess I didn't involve you in L'ARSENAL projects. But things are now happening! So let's make a point.


First of all, a lot of new arrivals will be released in the next few weeks. Some are available today, like accessories and many decals. Gold Medal Model also kindly granted us permission to take over some of their decal products which had been retired (Thanks, Loren). Then a few conversion kits and sets will also be in the spotlight, spread over several months.


Let's also talk about our main stock trouble, involving photo etched parts, especially since the pandemic. I've been working hard on this with old suppliers and new ones to fix this issue. I think we're now succeeding. This week we'll receive large deliveries from our now 3 suppliers. These deliveries will fill about 85 % of our PE stock. We've now multiplied our stock by 4, so in case of new international issues, we can continue to secure your orders for a while. For the remaining 15% our suppliers have announced a 2 months deadline so all references should be stored and this trouble finally solved (at least for a very large part).


At last, after lengthy researches and many tests, I can now announce that L'ARSENAL 2.0 now owns a very high quality 3D printer. New 3D direct printing accessories will soon be available a progressively replacing many resin+PE accessories from our catalog. Our masters for resin casting will come from the same machine with a great improvement regarding surface details.


The heart of L'ARSENAL 2.0 will remain resin casting, but it's also important to keep up with technological changes in order to move forward with our time. So our kits, both existent and future will now include direct printing for small and delicate parts.


I want to thank you, dear customers, for your kindness and understanding throughout these shaken times. Be assured we have done everything to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible.
I wish you a good day and happy modeling.


Mélaine, owner of l'ARSENAL 2.0


New products announcement will follow soon, stay tuned.

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