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After an hour of doing a post and then losing it and at that post unable to upload photos I'm losing it...

So a very brief resume - may well be better for being shorter.

The tiny struts from the fuselage to lower wing cemented onto body but on the wing used masking fluid

Using the jig with lower wing tack taped to body glued the lower end of the struts to the lower wing and tacked the upper junction of them to the upper wing with masking fluid.

The masking fluid kept the struts in place but importantly allowed the other struts to be placed and glued with out having that feeling of keeping ten plates spinning on garden canes.



PS the rear modelling mat isn't true with anything but serendipitously I will use that idea agin for trueness.

And the elevator will be sorted by the fitters before the maiden flight.




The EZ super fine was CA'd to trimmed back GasPatch turnbuckles prior to  the wing setting, a few have been lost but no difficult problem.

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New to this in following on inside a topic I created.

The upper wing came off and none of the struts were damaged another Yipee. the upper wing lower wing with struts attached and the fuselage with cabane struts attached have all been seperated.

The model was started about a year ago then a house move intervened and somewhere in the house move this project has got the line of construction muddled up. 

Glossing after dry fitting the kit together, glossing with the rigging in place, glossing with the struts attached to the lower wing.

Ay hum... the rear guns with the shock chord has been made with the PE  in place but a little more refinement and the magazines need to be fixed.


In my book thats not bad at trueness.

And the nearly completed rear guns



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