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1/48 - Boeing B-29 Superfortress resin fowler flaps by RESIN2detail - in progress


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RESIN2detail is to release 1/48th Boeing B-29 Superfortress resin fowler flaps for the Monogram/Revell kit

Source: https://www.facebook.com/RESIN2detail/posts/1108542982669786



I am about 65-70% done with a set of B-29 fowler flaps in 1/48. It started off with a simple idea, but boy this project was anything but simple LOL. I've pulled my hair out on this project more than any other to date.

Scan data from the B-29 kit was used to reverse engineer geometry ... oh, did I mention that the B-29 has curves everywhere?! Part of the nacelle actually moves up and down with the rest of the flap! LOL., Anyway, it has been a challenging but ultimately rewarding project so far.

Right now, I am working on the upper inner surface with all of the spars and wing supports. It is going to be one impressive upgrade due to its sheer size and visual complexity! It is precisely this complexity which has probably scared off most designers/companies from tackling a plug and play replacement set for this area of the air frame. I can't say I blame them 😬

Since most of the technical hurdles have been tackled, I was comfortable sharing some pics since the design phase has moved into finishing touches territory.

Remains to be see if this design will wait for additive manufacturing or if I will offer as a resin release -- I guess that is largely dependent on demand @ about $80/set.

Hope you like ....











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Nice one! Are the resin flaps going to be as heavy as the Paragon ones? 'Cause if so, I'd advise that the kit bring a set of four 5cm threaded rod pocher actuators in order to support the weight of each flap. I had a terrible time fixing mine to the Monogram kit, for which I had to even add some additional weight in the nose to counter the tailsitting nightmare it was after adding the flaps.

Also, the Metallic Details photoetch options was better with regard to the weight, but was a nightmare to solder together.

But as you said, the deployed flaps in a 1/48th scale B-29 kit are an excellent addition to the overall view of the kit.




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