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One of those age-old questions I imagine :P


Which colours or mixes would best match the CARC sand applied to OIF vehicles (2003 onwards)?


I have Tamiya Buff, Desert Yellow, Deck Tan and Wooden Deck Tan, as well as Vallejo Model Air Sand.


I tried the Sand, and while I've had issues with my airbrush recently, sprayed or brushed, it almost looks too...yellow. Like there's a pale yellow tint to it; if I were to best describe it, it almost looks similar to Walls vanilla ice cream. It doesn't seem to match either the faded appearance of some vehicles I've seen, or the newer coats, which look darker. The Vallejo Sand paint also seems to be slightly satin. 


As an alternative, what would be a good mix of Tamiya paint for the scheme? 


I know people mention the Model Master paint as the best match, but I don't have access to it, nor do I use enamels for spraying.


Cheers in advance.




P.S. As I understand it, Gunze-Sangyo H313 is said to be a match for the FS number for CARC Sand. However, I'm not very familiar with GS paints. Is the Aqueous line the acrylic one? I ask because on emodels this paint is named as Aqueous, but lacks the 'H' in front of the number, which I gather defines it as acrylic. 


Should it indeed be the acrylic version, and if I was to purchase, would I be able to use distilled water or Tamiya X-20A to thin it for airbrushing? I only ask because buying up new bottles of thinner for one pot would likely turn me off the idea, lol.

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