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HMS Hood Splinter Shields. 1:200


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HMS Hood Splinter Shields

Scalewarships.com 1:200


The set also includes the raised shields either side of the main turret mounting, bridge shields, bridge windows, and also replacement bridge overhangs, should you damage them whilst fitting the bridge shields.   As with the degaussing cable set reviewed HERE, this set also goes to replace the incorrect parts of the ship that are most noticeable. In this case it’s some of the splinter shields. Namely the ends of the mid shelter deck 4” gun turret shield, the aft quarter shields, and three areas of the aftermost shield, also on the shelter deck. The offending kit mouldings will need to be carefully shaved off and replaced with the PE parts, which also include the inner face supports.



This is another very useful and cheap way to improve on this epic kit, along with the degaussing cable and the new funnel set, due in time for Telford, this is great way for the budget conscious modeller to improve their model.



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